Report: 9/11 Mastermind Won’t Be Tried In NYC, U.S.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The self-proclaimed mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks may not be tried in New York City or anywhere else in the United States.

Obama administration officials told the Washington Post that because of opposition from lawmakers in both congress and New York, the administration has concluded it wasn’t feasible to put Khalid Sheik Mohammed on trial in federal court.

Those officials also said that it was likely that Mohammed would continue to remain in military detention.

Earlier this week, Attorney General Eric Holder said a decision was nearing on a trial for Mohammed.

On Wednesday, Long Island Congressman Peter King urged the Attorney General not to hold any 9/11 trials in New York or elsewhere in the U.S.

“These 9/11 terrorists should be tried before a military commission at Guantanamo,” King said in a statement posted on his website.

The same report in the Washington Post stated that there was “little internal support” for a military trial at Guantanamo Bay. That option, the paper said, would “alienate liberal supporters.”

On Friday, New York Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo said he opposed holding the terror trials in New York state.

Holder originally proposed trying Mohammed and four alleged accomplices in Manhattan federal court. But the administration backtracked after New Yorkers and elected officials including Mayor Bloomberg objected to the costs and potential security threat.

Cuomo told reporters he would “advocate forcefully” to keeping the trials out of the state altogether.


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  1. Politics of fear says:

    As much as I think the trials should take place in NYC as a sign of our strength, I doubt the ability of our mayor, police chief, other leaders and media to show the strength required to hold such a trial. Regardless of the location, I look forward to KSM’s execution.

  2. mj says:

    does anyone besides me see anything wrong with basically keeping a person locked up indefinetly without a trial ? this sets a really scarey precedent

    1. Jonny says:

      Not when youre part of a mass-murdering terrorist organization. What’s scary though is your thoughts on advocating human rights towards people who do not respect other’s right to live.

      1. Raskolnikov says:

        The whole point of the court tho is to proof whether or not he is guilty of being part of a mass-murdering terrorist organization. There’s something called innocent until proven guilty, and regardless of the person we should honor that as a principle of Americans. There is no doubt that he is guilty, but there are a lot of criminals who are obviously guilty, and we give them their fair trial. This is no different; and the court system will find him guilty anyways, so there’s no problem there.

  3. nathan says:

    Funny how internet tuff guys steal others names and mock them while hiding in their mommy’s basements. When you challenge them to come out and play they dont respond. Time and place, like I said before.

    1. nathan CBS says:

      You’re the only nathan out there? Or are you finally coming clean that you’re a CBS censoring employee?

      And what’s wrong with my comments? They’re EXACTLY what you advocte.

  4. nathan CBS says:

    All of you are racists. The muslims didn’t do anything to us. It was only a few individuals. Islam is a peaceful religion. They don’t want to kill any of us. I’m sure that if we all sit down together we can resolve world peace. Group hug anybody?

    1. thomas marino says:

      The Muslim extremists killed many Americans at 9/11/01. Deal with It!

      1. MC says:


    2. Muslimnot says:

      Are you sure just a few fella? When 9/11 happened, tens of thousands of muslim went on streets in different countries celebrating the attack, Hundreds of thousands more standing by the side walk of the streets looking at the celebration with smile on their faces.
      If Islam had been a Peaceful Religion and teaching Peace and Tolerance, its followers would not be celebrating the death of a few thousand people,

      1. Rob says:

        I think you might be missing the point there.. it was Muslim,it was human,,,ahh , it finally happened to you. They ,in the Middle East, have suffered countless car bombs and other attacks since the ’70s and we never paid attention. I think they were simply you know,now it’s you too! No one has shown that they were celebrating the deaths of innocent Americans.

  5. Frank says:

    @Mike Right there with you, This fat pig should face trial in New York like any other low life thug. The Government owes New York City the right of satisfaction, we are the ones who lost the most lives. What jury is going to find him innocent? He and his collaborators should have faced the death penalty a long time ago. But it does not matter we have lost the war on terror, we squandered 10 years, billions of dollars, and our blood. Guantanamo was a pointless freak show, Iraq was an epic crime and the war we should have been fighting in Afghanistan for the past 10 years is now going to require a commitment that Americans don’t have the stomach for. If Al Gore had been president, we would never have invaded Iraq, saving blood & treasure, all our resources would have been put towards Afghanistan and we would have already put these clowns on trial and probably nailed Bin Laden, while Musharraf was still in power. Terrorism would have faded back into the shadows to be cleaned up by clandestine operations instead of a clumsy war. This is not hindsight, its wasn’t a 50/50 gamble, our leadership went to great lengths to make the worst decisions this country’s has ever seen.

  6. Mike says:

    Its amazing to see how well the terrosit have suceeded in changing our way of life. We might as well stop prosecuting drung dealer, gangsters, rapist, etc…
    They all pray on innocent victims and communities, many taking over and streets and communities through voilence and intimidation.
    I thought this was a a nation that faced any threat, domestic or abroad with great courage and valor. I guess I was wrong.

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