Police: Assault Suspect Previously Convicted Of Rape

Police Arrested Suspect After 24 Hours Of Questioning

HAMILTON HEIGHTS, N.Y. (CBS 2/1010 WINS) – Police have arrested and charged a suspect in the sexual assault of a City College student in Hamilton Heights that occurred last week.

Lawrence Elliot, 47, was picked up by police Friday and questioned into Saturday before he was officially charged Sunday.

CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis reported Elliot has been charged with predatory sexual assault, criminal assault, criminal sex act, burglary, robbery, kidnapping, sexual abuse and criminal possession of stolen property.

Police said Elliot has attacked several times before with at least one conviction for the rape of an 18-year-old woman in Syracuse.

Police said he is the same man who was seen on surveillance video using the student’s stolen ATM card at a convenience store.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports

It was last Thursday that police said Elliot approached the 21-year-old victim at her Hamilton Heights apartment building, and forced his way into her home, where he allegedly sexually assaulted the woman.

Shortly after the attack, surveillance cameras at the Seven Seas Deli caught the alleged suspect on camera.

The arrest relieved many of the neighborhood’s female residents.

“I think it’s great. I think it’s a great thing the police department did their job and made an arrest so quickly,” Jessica Black said.

For Vanessa, who lives in the same building where the attack happened, it’s comforting to know the arrested happened so quickly.

“[I’m] very relieved that he was caught. With him being loose still, I was nervous to even walk down my street,” she told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck. “When I’d get home late from work, I’d call my roommates to make sure they were home just to make myself feel a little better.”

Elliott is a registered sex offender stemming from his previous rape conviction.


One Comment

  1. RL says:

    Raped white women no doubt!
    1000s of African men were polled with the question ( have you ever raped a woman ?) 70% did admit that they had.
    I believe twenty percent lied and said they had not.
    100% would rape a white woman with a normal sized butt.

  2. binary says:

    Sterilize him, that should do.

  3. matt lee says:

    All I see is a black man abused by the system.We dont get to have mental illness they assume we are just criminals commiting crimes when some of us really have problems.

    1. Just Plain Tired says:

      matt lee — Are you serious? That’s all you see? This guy is an animal, regardless of race, mental issues, etc.

    2. mg says:

      It’s okay to have a mental illness- but to not get help for it and let it go untreated when the resources are ALL OVER THIS CITY- is irresponsible and dangerous- clearly he needs help and arrest may be the first step. C’mon now.

  4. walakira nyanzi says:

    Forgive him, for us in Karamoja, rape is party of our culture and once such a case arises, our elders sit and forgive us

    1. mg says:

      You’re clearly in the wrong country then…

    2. Kitty Cat says:

      Yeah, right. Anyway, we are not living in Karamoja.

  5. Alan Foos says:

    Get him a public school K12 job. He can discuss technique at the admin building and get a bonus for overtime instead of a jail term.

  6. BronxJFL says:

    But he’s so handsome & intellegent looking. Who would ever suspect him or his 2 million brothers could be capable of such a terrible crime.

  7. Viktor Yuschenko says:

    Parole him quickly so he can get back to work for the TSA and continue the full body searches at our nation’s airports.

  8. david spence says:

    Castrate and release!

    1. Kitty Cat says:


  9. david Benz says:

    with a long list of crimes like these how is it this criminal ever sees the world outside a prison again? What’s wrong with these idiots who parole felons like this?

    1. fatkat357 says:

      They see the outside because we allow our lawmakers to pass laws that reduce sentences and even allow for expunging of criminal records in order to reduce spending on our massive corrections industry.

  10. DanTe says:

    He’ll just be back out on parole again. We should make all parolees live in the same neighborhood as parole board members. Than we’ll see how many paroles are granted by these goody-goody-2-shoes T ARDS

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