Changes Ordered At Town Of Hempstead Animal Shelter

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Changes are being ordered in the wake of allegations of animal abuse at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.

Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray unveiled an 11 point plan Monday focused on enhancing the level of pet care.

Murray said there will also be expanded efforts to increase pet adoptions.

A criminal probe is underway by the Nassau County District Attorney into how the shelter is run – however in a press release, Murray stated the probe was not the result of any reports of animal cruelty, neglect, abuse or mistreatment.

Last week, three volunteers had claimed they witnessed town workers beating some animals at the shelter and leaving others to die in cages.

The following are a part of the town’s progressive pet care agenda:

Full-Time Veterinary Services – The town’s shelter will begin interviews for full-time (40 hours per week) veterinary services to be retained for animal care and emergency animal medical services.

Behaviorist – Hempstead has commenced interviews to retain the services of an animal behaviorist. Behaviorists determine whether certain animals, which may evidence anti-social traits, are adoptable or may become adoptable after rehabilitative care.

Pet Rescue Liaison – The animal shelter is seeking to hire a liaison to pet rescue organizations. The liaison will be tasked with identifying particular animal breeds or types that specific pet rescue groups have the ability to integrate into healthy family living situations. Emphasis will be placed on hiring a person with credentials and contacts in the pet rescue community.

Volunteers Welcomed – Hempstead’s Animal Shelter will commence a volunteer program in the next couple of months. Volunteers will be screened and incorporated into a pet care schedule that will include pet interaction, exercise and companionship.

“We have never allowed the volunteers to come in on a regular basis before this so this is a significant change,” Murray told 1010 WINS.

Canine Corral Pet Play Area – Officials are looking into the construction of a canine corral, replete with pet friendly synthetic turf, to augment the 16 pet running exercise areas at the shelter. The corral would facilitate group play.

Intermunicipal Research Project – Town staff has begun studying pet shelter protocols, policies and procedures at other governmental and private shelters to develop a “best practices” program.

Greeters/Adoption Experts – Visitors to the shelter will now be greeted by personnel who will help identify the breed and/or animal type preference of prospective adopters and assist them in locating pets that best match the adopter’s criteria.

Educational Affiliation- Administrators have begun preliminary talks with an area institute of higher learning that may result in animal care/behaviorist students performing internships or related programs at the shelter.

Pet Adoption Promotional Programs – Hempstead officials will continue and expand highly successful pet adoption programs such as pet fairs, holiday and summer adoption promotions that feature the waiving of adoption fees and visits to schools and scouting groups.

Trap, Neuter, Return Program – Shelter officials are working to commence a trap-neuter-return program to stem unwanted pregnancies among feral cats.

Web Posting – Expanded internet posting of all shelter pets available for adoption has already taken place and will continue to be refined.







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  1. Susanne Marin says:

    Kate Murray: You need to really pull it together regardig the Town of Hempstead animal shelter. Just like we are god’s children so are the animals. They deserve to be treated with as much care and respect as we do. I don’t think you would like to be caged with no love or no bed to sleep on or sitting on the cold floor while bleach & water are thrown in the pen to clean the floor & no place dry for you to lay or sit. What kind of person are you to let this go on for so long? Get a volunteer program started right away so these animals can feel love and a sense of being so they can be adopted ito loving homes. GET IT DONE KATE!!!!!!!!!

    1. Linda Kreuzburg says:

      I really think that Kate Murray and the District Attorney’s office should be investigating these allegations of animal cruelty and the people behind it should be punished to the extent of the law. It seems that no one wants to look into the abuse that these animals have endured at this shelter. something drastic needs to be done and as soon as possible. I used to live in Wantagh and got my cat from the Bideawee whick was right next to the Town of Hempstead shelter. It is very hard to believe that anyone who worked at that shelter would harm any of the animals but a few of the volunteers who worked there say they saw it happen. Under NY State animal cruelty laws in the Agriculture and Markets laws in Article 26 section 373a states that anyone who harms, tortures and kills any animals that includes cats, dogs, rabbits, hansters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and horses is a felony punishable up to 2 years in jail and up to 5,000 dollars fine under Buster’s Law.

  2. Christine says:

    Has anything been done yet, NO, NO, NO!!! They are still mistreating animals there.
    We have got to do something soon, but what? Any suggestions? Its amazing how many people have no idea what is going on in their own neighborhood.

  3. a laker says:

    what is being done to punish these workers. they are not deserving of any humane treatment at all. where do they live etc. someone should publish home numbers and addresses so they can be harrased night and day over this. its disgusing and anyone who allows it to go unpunished is just as bad. the press needs to be prompted to bring this topic up everyday and highlight the faces of these pigs and anyone connected to this. someone needs to follow up that action is being taken against these criminals.

    1. Peggy K says:

      This sickens me to no end; these sadistic slobs including their psycho leader Pat Horan shoud be in prison. Filthy vile monsters…..when will these pigs be fired.

  4. Kat says:

    Please take a look at this video of shelter director Pat Horan cheering on a shelter employee choking a poor little kitten. Kate – what do you say about that? This is just plain wrong.

    1. maureen says:

      I cant look at it. I think they should all do time in Jail, how sick is anyone that would do something like that. Do they have to abuse a human before action is taken

    2. Christine says:

      Does anyone know the address of the shelter where Pat Horan worked, I can’t find it

    3. Peggy K says:

      Kate Murray doesn’t give a rip; her inaction condones this abuse; she’s just as bad as the rest of them.

  5. Richard T. says:

    It’s a good thing that better programs and finally being implemented. However, I’m still keen on seeing those who abused and tortured any animals being brought to justice swiftly, and receiving the highest penalties possible. It is a direct reflection of how we, as a society, treat those who are less fortunate than we are, and this includes our kindness to animals. I am far from being a bible-beater, but they are God’s creations. I look to Kate Murray NOW to take some definitive action in this regard. Publish those names and make them pay!

  6. Felix Procacci says:

    That’s just like Kate Murray, closing the barn door after the horse has left. She is hoping that this story goes away and people don’t discover how incompetent and corrupt she is. We still have no answer to the 7.1 million dollar question. How does the 7.1 million dollars in the Town Shelter budget get spent? Come on Kate, let us know. You say you pride yourself on the Town’s transparent budgeting process (See her web page at ).

    1. video1221 says:

      C’mon now.We all know who Kate Money is! People just keep on reelecting her. The a-holes get what they ask for and deserve. The vols who said they witnessed workers abusing the animals- Why are the abusers still able to walk? Lucky I wasn’t there- there would be a lot of human blood to clean up! If Kate does anything it is because she has to.

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