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After his performance Monday night against the Redskins, Michael Vick has been dominating the sports talk landscape and Craig has heard just about enough.  The Giants now have the daunting task of containing Vick Sunday night and Craig thinks that Big Blue is being short-changed.  He isn’t buying into the thinking that the Eagles are now the class of the NFL, or the NFC for that matter and simply can’t be beat.  Boomer points out that Vick did play great, but the Giants are a much more formidable foe than the Redskins.  The Yankees garner a few headlines themselves as Derek Jeter still remains unemployed and Brian Cashman is planning on playing ‘hard-ball’ with the 5-time World Series Champion.  So a little football, a little baseball and a lot of laughs coming your way as the guys broke in their brand new studio on today’s edition of the Morning Extravaganza…

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Plus, an update from Jerry where Craig predicts Mike D’Antoni’s demise, bogarting the basketball and the weed, Giants CB Terrell Thomas calls in, Lou in Staten Island sings the Beatles, Yankees + Jeter + Cashman + Hank & Hal Steinbrenner = a mess, Do You Know More than Paulina or ‘Blind’ Mike, Maryland’s men’s basketball Gary Williams breaks in the new studio with a visit, Craig doesn’t think he and Joe Benigno could ever be friends and Jerry’s Moment concentrates on Boomer’s need for arch support and an ‘Attention Grabber’ from Tulsa that was met with rave reviews…

dantoni B&C Show Blog & Audio: Not So Fast

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Jerry started his first update off by recapping the Knicks loss in Denver last night to the Nuggets, the Knicks 6th straight loss.  Afterwards some postgame comments by Mike D’Antoni rubbed Craig the wrong way and he called for him to be fired.  Brian Cashman, Hank & Hal Steinbrenner and Derek Jeter are putting on the boxing gloves and those ‘Not So Amazin’ Mets have dwindled their managerial search down to just four…

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bogart B&C Show Blog & Audio: Not So Fast

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Carmelo Anthony scored 29 points last night, on 8-21 shooting last night and according to Knicks analyst Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier on MSG, Carmelo was ‘bogarting’ the ball.  That led to a conversation on what exactly ‘bogarting’ is and how it pertains to smoking pot…

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terrellthomas B&C Show Blog & Audio: Not So Fast

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Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas joined Boomer & Craig this morning to talk about a plethora of topics.  They got things started recapping the Giants loss to the Cowboys on Sunday and whether or not Thomas has gotten the visions of Dez Bryant out of his head yet.  They also talked about, what could be Thomas’ future nightmare, Michael Vick who will be behind center when the Giants travel to Philadelphia Sunday night.  Thomas is a USC alum, so he gave his take on the whole Reggie Bush situation as well…

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beatles1 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Not So Fast

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Lou from Staten Island is my personal favorite caller to the Show and this morning he dialed in to give his take on the Beatles sales on I-Tunes, compared to what the rating may be Sunday night for the Giants-Eagles game.  During his exchange with the guys, Lou reluctantly sang a few notes from his favorite Beatles tune…

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cashman B&C Show Blog & Audio: Not So Fast

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After a good two hours of football talk, the guys decided to discuss at length, the contract negotiations between Jeter and the Yanks…

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paulinaw bc1 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Not So Fast

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Wednesday’s on the Boomer & Carton Morning Experience means we invite a lovely young lady in and test her sports knowledge.  These Gals are handpicked by Al and today he selected a senior at Fordham University by the name of Paulina.  She was up against ‘Blind’ Mike with a couple of tickets to Saturday’s Notre Dame-Army game at Yankee Stadium on the line…

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garywilliamsw bc1 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Not So Fast

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Just before 9 o’clock the boys welcomed in an old buddy of Boomer’s, Maryland’s men’s head basketball coach, Gary Williams.  Williams won a National Championship for the Terps back in 2002 and today he  became the first ever guest in the brand new All-State studio.  He is in town to play in the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic, which will wrap up Thursday and Friday at MSG…

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recklessmoment1 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Not So Fast

Before Jerry could get to his highly anticipated Moment of the Day, Craig stated why he believes that he will never have any kind of friendship with Joe Benigno.  Then during Jerry’s Moment we heard about Boomer’s flat feet and love for crumb buns…

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ct 011 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Not So Fast

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***Now we get to one the Blog’s most popular features, the daily ‘Attention Grabber’.  We have teamed up with the folks over at and today I am both proud and happy to present the lovely Cassandra Tan from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Not gonna find a flaw on this one folks; she is what we call ‘top-notch’ in the business…
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wfan bc B&C Show Blog & Audio: Not So Fast

***This is a compilation of all the above audio in one nice package for your convenience…So go ahead and Enjoy!!!

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See you all bright and early when we’ll do it all over again, from 6am-10am, Monday thru Friday, on Sports Radio 66 WFAN, in New York. Until then I bid you all a fond farewell…

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