Report: Yankees On Verge Of Making Jeter 3-Year Offer

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — The Yankees are expected to make their first contract offer to Derek Jeter, perhaps before week’s end, reports Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

According to Sherman, the offer is expected to be for at least three years.

From the Post:

“The Yankees had hoped Jeter would make an initial proposal, but now recognize that is not going to occur. So the team has decided it is time to try to move the negotiations forward.

“The expectation is the Yankees will offer something in the three-year, $45 million range, which will create some negotiating room to climb toward $57 million to $60 million on a three-year deal or perhaps go to a fourth-year option or a straight fourth year as a way to reach a settlement.”

WFAN’s Jon Heyman agrees with the report.

“Yankees will make Jeter a 3-year offer soon, as @joelsherman1 suggested. $45 mil is probably ballpark figure,” Heyman tweeted Thursday.

Jeter, his agent Casey Close, and Yankees officials including Hal Steinbrenner got together last week in Tampa, Florida. There have been additional discussions over the past week.

Jeter is a free agent for the first time after completing a 10-year contract this season.

pixy Report: Yankees On Verge Of Making Jeter 3 Year Offer

One Comment

  1. TheFrontOffice says:

    Hey Derek,
    Stop using that “BleacherCreature26” screen name.

  2. evan says:

    whether Jeter gets 15 million a year or 20 milli8on, who casreds?!!



  4. MR MCNASTY says:


  5. BleacherCreature26 says:

    mariano is the reason? id like to argue that considering he plays a 1/2 inning every other night when jeter plays 9 innings every single night. i LOVE Mo. LOVE him. but u cannot say jeter is not the reason for the championships and Mo is.

  6. Debora Burns says:

    Fifteen mil a year for someone who is on the decline seems fair. Yes, he is the captain, but Mariano is the reason for the championships-not Jeter. And yes, he will be the first yankee to 3000 hits, but as this last year proves, even with the “intangibles” he has always been a tad overrated statistically. And I am the biggest Yankee fan around, but I don’t have this hero worship of him.

  7. Peter J. Ilberg says:

    not worth it….

  8. Scott R. says:

    you all need to stop with this working class hero sob story. the man has a unique talent that separates him from the lay-person. In this world people with unique talents make a ton of money. plain and simple and trust me, your lot in life, good or bad, is not effected by professional athletes making millions of dollars. i can’t stand how society is more concerned with who to blame for problems then how to solve them. if you don’t like your life then fix it, but stop blaming others!

    1. mari n says:

      Ok Scott, I’ll give you that and I see your point but I don’t think playing baseball is a talent worth millions. It’s still just basically a game for entertainment. And yes the salaries they recieve does effect those that wish to enjoy the game but can’t afford the exubert prices for a decent seat. It may not effect all aspects of life but i’m just referring to the sport in general. Like they say Scott S..T rolls downhill and the fans get to wallow in it as an aging past his prime player gets his overrated glory.

  9. tom b says:

    ill work for 75k a year with medical just trying to support my family. is that greedy.all the companies i interview with think it is. unlike jeter i have 32 years of working not playing a game. how great would it be to make 15 million a year. the world does not look bright for the younger people with all this greed

  10. dabooch says:

    3 years and $45,000,000 not bad for a starting point. Remember these clowns cheaped out on Damon and Matsui after the duo were key components in helping them win a World Series. 4 years and $80,000,000 is what I predicted yesterday but it will be less then that.

  11. tom b says:

    let me know if he could solve the world problems for that kind of money. he has become just as greedy as wall street. i cant find a job and these guys complain about 15 million a year. after making close to 200 million he should be playing for the fun of it.

  12. Mari N. says:

    No problem Randy. When you can think of a more witty reply try posting it. Yours was just lame.

  13. Randy says:

    When someone cures cancer or the common cold please let us know what it will cost.

  14. BleacherCreature26 says:

    3 years 45 mill? Jeter should take that as an insult. Cashman and Hal better get their acts together. Derek came into a dynasty that hadn’t won a championship in 18 years and then led the team to 4 rings in his first 5 years. he then added a 5th in ’09. His class on and off the field is truly something special. you aren’t paying him for the next 3 years, you’re paying him for everything he’s done to make the word “Yankees” be a symbol of classy champions. 5 years, 120 mill. pay up cashman.

    1. Yanny 86 says:

      BleacherCreature26 you are totaly nuts please note the yanks have already paid him 190,000,000 million for 10 yrs and now another 45million for three yrs thats 235million and you think thats an insult. How is that an insult

  15. Mari N. says:

    Is any player really worth that amount of money to be playing a “game”? No wonder the price of tickets keep going up. I could see if he developed a cure for cancer or even the common cold, but to hit a baseball and run around bases? Something is seriously wrong.

    1. tom b says:

      i agree

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