NJ Town Mulls Dog Ban At Recreational Fields

MAHWAH, N.J. (WCBS 880) — On Monday, Mahwah’s town council will consider banning dogs from all recreation fields, and some dog owners are barking mad.

Initially, Mahwah considered prohibiting dogs in all town parks, but Council President John DePazzo scaled back to ban to include only recreation fields, reports WCBS 880’s Sean Adams.

The town has had some problems recently with dog owners taking their pets to the fields.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports

“They keep their dogs off-leash, they let them defecate on playing fields, where the kids are playing,” DePazzo said.

Dog owner Joey Burkholzer agrees that responsible owners should keep their dogs off playing fields, but she also believes a ban goes too far.

Instead, she said she’d like to see “proper signage and receptacles. There’s some very self-contained receptacles.”

DePazzo said he is willing to listen to opponents at Monday night’s town council meeting.

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One Comment

  1. Mello says:

    There are laws in effect regarding dogs being on leash and cleaning up after them. Those should be enforced – if there is a current problem, then the EXISTING laws haven’t been enforced. So it always makes sense to enact more laws. Also, many parks have huge flocks of geese who are soiling the fields. Let us hope that someone knows the difference between dog and goose droppings.

  2. Alex Wolff says:

    Maybe small dogs would be OK. Put a weight limit on them like they do in some condos. The big fear for me would be seeing large dogs running wild and not having personal foreknowledge of their disposition.
    As for chess players inside gated children’s section, it was mentioned that there were no children around at the time. I believe the reason for that was because a bunch of formerly charged FELONS got there first. There were many more areas for them to be in that park, but certain types like to take over from the weak. They most definitely should have been arrested!

  3. otto says:

    It is always unfortunate when an entire group suffers for the misdeeds of a few. Instead, how about trying to find a way to enforce the rules.

    Maybe the parks can get those commando super-cops who stormed into that NYC park to ticket those dangerous chess players this past week 😉

  4. DanTe says:

    Clean up after their sh\\tholes and they wouldn’t be banned. Lazy selfish sc\/ms.

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