Teens Accused Of Building Swastika At L.I. Synagogue

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Two Long Island teens were arrested and charged with aggravated harassment after they arranged about 28 folding chairs into a giant swastika at a synagogue parking lot, Nassau County Police said.

Erik Bracamonte and Joseph Cianciulli were arrested Saturday night and Sunday morning respectively.

Police said the swastika measured about 12 feet by 12 feet.  A rabbi called police when he noticed the chairs.

Detective Sergeant Stephen Zeth told 1010 WINS the teens were skateboarding near the North Shore Sephardic Synagogue in Great Neck and took the chairs from the rear area of the building’s parking lot.

Zeth said officers found one of the suspects, who admitted to being in the synagogue and arranging the chairs. From there, Zeth said, the investigation “blossomed into the arrest of another suspect.”

The incident happened around 6:30 p.m. Saturday night.

Both suspects were released on desk appearance tickets returnable on December 3 at the First District Court in Hempstead.


One Comment

  1. SUSAN L.RUDNICK says:


  2. C.J. says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is.

    1. leo says:

      stupid kids, thats the big deal

  3. Jeffrey Heavin says:

    Skaters RULE!!

  4. POET says:

    jews “ROCK”

  5. Josh says:

    Not only are the 2 kids totally stupid, so are the people who make ignorant comments, some which are anti-Semitic. I guess it has become more common recently, to hear about anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim vandalism and just turn away. We don’t need vandalism against Christians to even things out, but until something happens to you, you just don’t understand what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes. Vandalism of all types is wrong, regardless of who the victim is.

  6. martha380 says:

    white supremacists just sit behind their computer hating and hating and getting sicker and sicker while others advance. What a waste of time and energy lol…………….

  7. martha380 says:

    All the white supremacists should be dropped in the ocean and let them drown there and go back to Europe where you originally came from. Jealous, envious, haters, psycho minded and ugly people..

  8. martha380 says:

    how much evil could this world take? All hatred and all bad things come the devil

  9. Rob A says:

    I just went to Lan Tau Island in Hong Kong and saw a very big statue of Budha. On the chest of the statue was a very large Swastika. Was Budha a hater of Jews? This is an ancient symbol from Egypt which pre-dates Nazis for those who don’t know their history. Everyone is getting riled up about a 2 idiot kids who noeed to have their @##$%& kicked for being stupid.

    1. Kyriacos Stavrinides says:

      i doubt these kids knew the ancient symbol of piece that adorns bhuddas on the other side of the world and even if it was the symbol of piece, what would make a couple of teenagers show up outside a synagogue and say: hey you know this would be a great place to make an asian peace symbol also known as a swastika with a bunch of chairs, all the jews would definetely understand…

  10. viq says:

    It is rude and disruptive behavior to go on to the temple property and place a symbol that represents death to the people who worship there.

    It would be like going to the white house and vandalizing it with black paint saying ‘death to america.’

    Or going to a church and peeing in the holy water everyone blesses themselves with, or going to Rome or Mecca and handing literature that says you hate people of that religion.

    It is a wrong thing to do.
    And for people who don’t think Israel has a right to exist, remember they gave the holocost survivors whose homes and property had been seized the equivalent to an Indian reservation in the badlands for the portion of ancient Israel given to them is an area with very little water and no oil, and until the people of Israel planted there and David Ben Gurion encouraged the slogan of “Let the desert bloom’ it was a poractically impossible place to live.
    That is why no one built a single city or town in the area during the entire thousand years since Rome invaded their homeland and chased them out, murdered all would be saviors and blamed them for the Romans sacrificing them by nailing their would be saviors on to crosses, the symbol of Barbaric Rome, even smashing shorns into their scalps in the prescence of their mothers, wives, and family.

    Anti Zionists are people who wanted the Jews to die in the concentration camps then claim they never existed, mostly Aryan supremisists who think 85 percent of the world’s population, who carry rh postive blood, should be destroyed. That includes Iraquis, Arabs, Aronians, Morroccans and the others who believe themselves to be a superior race to whom all others must serve.

    America is a great country because we believe all men are created equal in the eyes of the law and have a God given inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Anti zionists don’t believe everyone should enjoy those rights. It wasn’t bad enough, in their eyes, that the countries who stole their homes and bank accounts for no crime they committed tossed them into the desert, into a mostly vacant area, simply so they could keep what they had taken and be rid of the rightful owners,. isad They wawant otthvle goand

  11. CJSP says:

    emilio and O F and the others who speak against Israel are just uneducated loser idiots who deserve to be the underclass of our society. People who are LOSERS always hate someone or group because they’re LOSERS and can’t compete with the smarter, better people. LOOOOOSSSSSSEEEEERRRSSSS!!!!!!!!

  12. davidian says:

    the only ones who can give us another 9/11 are the same ones who gave it to us in the first place….MUSLIMS

  13. John Crumb says:

    Firstly,I can’t believe that this is even in the news. Secondly, I can’t believe the Morons arguing over it,and in which direction it points. Lastly,I view this as others should too. It is a prank by a couple of mischievous kids. If this is the extent of their “lashing out” I think stuff like this can (AND SHOULD BE) overlooked Don’t tell me that things like these lead to bigger and worse things. If these kids wanted to cause hurt,pain,and suffering.THEY WOULD HAVE. BELIEVE YOU,ME.

  14. davidian says:

    i read the quran it is all stolen from previous religiouns, force people to submit to muslims way of life, kill all those who oppose, where is the peace and love u are talking about… oh yeah there on the daily missle attacks into children schools in israel and sucide bombers all over the world. you have hijacked the world to belive in your bs but since we are smarter we decide to take you out on your own turf irak afghanistan pakistan iran and soon the only good muslims will be the ones with no weapons or big mouths,

  15. John Crumb says:


  16. ray chan says:

    white kids i bet did this

  17. Beurt says:

    Look again at the photo. That is not a swastika. It is a symbol common in Eastern religions. Is it now illegal to make such a religious symbol which pre-dates the nazis by a thousand years?

    1. Ryan says:

      Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? How can you even ask such a ridiculous question? It is obvious that the people who put this symbol on synagogue property were not doing it because they wanted to flaunt their understanding of the Hindu or Buddhist religions, they did it because they wanted to send a message to the Jews of their community. People like you are the reason for hatred in this world.

  18. Ronke' says:

    I always believed that folk who spew hatred feel poorly about themselves. If these teenagers read a novel or participated in more meaningful activities to elevate their minds, they would never engage in neighborhood pranks that symbolize hatred towards another groups religion.

  19. Steven says:

    Edward, youi are ignorant. The swastika you refer to seeing in Asia points in the other direction.

    1. Ryan says:

      The swastika in the picture points in the direction of the SE Asian swastika. Both you and the teens are ignorant, Edward.

  20. Pestor says:

    Drawing cartoons of a mythological fictitious character is not as offensive as spewing hate against living people.

    First of all, if you believe in the prophet, don’t trivialize Allah by thinking that he gives a damn about a cartoon. Living people give a damn about hatred that keeps them from living peaceful lives. If you don’t like the cartoon, don’t read it. You have a choice not to buy that paper. If your understanding of things came from your experience and not from what some random cleric states, maybe you would think differently. There is no excuse for hatred. There is also no excuse for ignorance!


    1. R.P. Mc says:

      To Pestor … Talk about hitting the nail on the head …. Thank you.

  21. Otto Von Manteufell says:

    Rid the world of religious fanatics and everybody will surely enjoy more peace and civility.

  22. blank says:

    You are an idiot there’s a difference between cartoons that are racist in good humor and a symbol that symbolizes pure racism

  23. Edward says:

    Anyone travelling to Asia are liikely to encounter this symbol marking a grave. It has no reference to Nazi Germany or Jews. The point is the symbol does not solely belong to the Nazis or Jews. Yes, I get the point but the world should not be held hostage to two ignorant and insenitive teenager’s prank.

    1. John says:

      it’s reversed, and not just for graves but also happiness, and enlightenment

  24. Haim says:

    So? There is a Nazi party in the USA. Which is even worse that someone building a Swaztika. You Americans are so ignorant and racists that you allow a Nazi part to exist in your own country after what they Nazis did in WW2. You present yourselves a peace lovers and justice and defenders of the wordl, yet you allow such a monster to exist in your own country. SHAME on you all.

    1. Pestor says:

      You are as ignorant as the days are short. America is built upon the belief that you have the right to your opinion. This means that you can hate whom you choose. This means you can be part of a hate group. America’s belief is so strong in this that we have what is called “Freedom of Speech.” In a free society you have to believe that the country is strong enough to survive a few ridiculous people, in saying that you may not place swastikas on private property.

      We also believe that not all speech is free in America. There is a line drawn. You can not yell fire on a crowed bus and get away with it. You can be part of the KKK in America and get a permit to march down the city street. This is America. We are a strong country and beyond your belief we can be “hateful” and still have a free nation. I have met some of those people.

      Nothing is perfect. We are better than most but certainly not the best, but darn near close to it. I bet that if given the chance you would love to try and live the “American Dream.”

      1. Beurt says:

        Um.. Pestor, if America allows freedom of speech, then why were they arrested?? And its not even a swastika!
        Answer me.

    2. jeff s says:

      shame on us? what else do we allow in the US. All kinds of monstors. Some im sure that you agree with. Shame on your for not letting someone enjoy their freedom of choices because it doesnt fit you. Isn’t freedom a wonderful thing.
      Even if we do not agree with some peoples choices we are free to an extent to make our own choices. God bless America

    3. Fred says:

      Do you really know the history of World War II or is your knowledge limited to what you have seen in the movies? The Allies committed more war crimes and atrocities than Germany ever did for your information. You will never see a movie about the 50,000 to 55,000 German nationals killed in Poland in the spring of 1939 by the Polish militia. You will never see a movie about all the rapes comitted by French, British, American, and Russian troops. You will never see a movie about all the other war crimes and atrocities committed by the Allies. If you do your esearch you will find all the information you need to reach a fair and objective viewpoint of Germany.

  25. The Real Truth says:

    Again, you’re an idiot.

  26. Daniel says:

    Not really, hypocrisy would be arresting people for drawing cartoons that make fun of Jewish religious figures, and this is not the case, this is the case of discrimination, and of supporting a hate crime, a genocide a mass murder, etc, etc ,etc.

  27. the Truth says:

    “Typical jewish hypocricy……….people get arrested for making swastika symbols in jewish premesis………whereas people who make cartoons against poropets of Islam and christianity are not touched.”

    There’s a difference between cartoons and constructing a symbol used by one of the most brutal, inhumane and downright evil governments in human history.

    1. The Real Truth says:

      My god your an idiot.

    2. lyn says:

      I see, you are not allowed to say anything against Islam but it is fine to hold prejudice against Jews. Who is the hypocrite?

    3. sk says:

      thats not true! when there are cartoons of moslems there is a whole world outcry, and we would hear about it for months! that’s another point, you can’t compare the symbol of the holocaust to a stupid cartoon!

    4. Ikram Khan says:

      Swastika is the symbol of well bieng…………it is the ancient symbol of Hindu religion.

  28. Jonathan Norman says:

    Maybe they were Native American teens and this is the symbol for peace…

  29. nancy says:

    They ought to be ashamed of themselves. And they probably have some Jewish blood in them as many Italians did and do; they just don’t want to admit it. They should be ordered to do commu nity service at a synagogue under close watch.

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