Residents Fuming Over Illegal Street Racing In Maspeth

Whole 'Fast And The Furious' Act Not Working With Residents

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It is a dangerous pastime in Maspeth, Queens that residents said has been going on for more than 25 years.

Dozens of drivers and even more spectators line Maurice Avenue and other nearby roads for illegal street racing.

“My windows rattle. My walls shake,” resident Madeline O’Boyle told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

“I always hear a lot of cars and it makes me wake up,” one little boy said. Another woman compared the racing to NASCAR.

Those residents are now demanding the city take action.

“It’s really impairing our quality of life and we need to get rid of it,” Armand Czapkowski said.

City Council member Jimmy Van Bramer and local residents want increased police patrols to stop the potentially deadly practice.

Van Bramer said the city should “make sure that people know that this is illegal and that the penalties are severe.”

A few weeks ago, the city made some improvements to Maurice Avenue by resurfacing it. While the city residents were happy with the work, the street racers loved it even more.

“Now they have a smoother surface to race their cars on. When they resurfaced it, that would have been a perfect time to put speed bumps or speed humps,” Van Bramer said.

“This is a very wide road, it’s a newly paved road, it’s a fast road. So until that changes, I think it’s just going to go back and forth,” Mary McGarvey Depuy said.

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One Comment

  1. JDM 550 horse says:

    People say wanna see accident or fire soo we stop we are here for life if someone die we are coming back to race in there memory and he would respect it and I would want the same a nice burn out in my memory if I die racing

    1. StayInSchoolJDM says:

      That wasn’t even close to making any sense. Usually, when people write, they use a little something called “grammar”. You should try it sometime.

  2. Daniel says:

    Police is just making us make our cars even faster cuz they can’t catch us.but bumps or not we are not stopping.

  3. Daniel says:

    JDM…. CAN’T STOP US ALL. Police keep on hating.

  4. Peter Scalzo says:

    I am Peter Scalzo. How long is it before my comment is reviewed by the moderator? Thank you. Pete. 954 224 4311

  5. OneFastSATURN says:




  6. Al Levine says:

    What happened to my PREVIOUS comment??????????????????????

  7. Tommy says:


  8. rose says:

    I live on the other side of Maspeth so I’m not hearing and/or witnessing these races.
    However, I must defend our police department; they always respond. They put
    their lives on the line for us all the time. To solve a problem like this we must all
    work together. To that end, when these races are happening, all the residents
    should be calling the police department NON-STOP .
    Let’s try this weekend. Get the word out that all residents should work together along w/the police. Everyone should start calling as soon as the crowds begin to gather.
    To the racers out there – why don’t you all work together to build your own track. Work together to make racing safer for all.

  9. says:

    Its easy like its been mentioned in the above comments. All we need is a race track in new york if not street racing will never stopz. And they can kick us out of maurice but remember there is a lot more places to go

  10. Its not that bad of a crime, its our cars our lives. To bad for the sucker that live there! Bunch of Cry babys.. If u really wanna help instead of being like owl at ur window .put some $ up and turn maurice into a track for us!! Cuz like the other guy said jerseys to far!!thank u D.O.T FOR THE NEW PAVEMENT=)

    1. Chris says:

      To these idiots saying things like “our cars, our lives” or “its not that bad a crime”: no one cares if you hurt yourselves. What people are concerned about is the innocent motorists driving down Maurice Ave that might get killed. You should be thrown in jail before someone gets seriously injured.
      And how dare you say “you should chip in and pay for us to build a track”; yea, that’s exactly what I should do. This ignorant and arrogant attitude is typical of the attitude you see from thugs and low-lives.

      1. Nick says:

        Have you even seen Maurice Ave? The street is wide enough that two cars could fit side by side in a single lane to line up. To get into an accident just passing by there you would have to be drunk or seriously impaired (as in, drifting out out of your lane into a racing car or into the crowd). The most dangerous time, get this, is when the cops come and people panic. There you could EASILY get into a crash or get run over, when you have 50-100 cars leaving at the same time.

        NYPD needs better things to do than mess with a bunch of teenagers and kids meeting up every weekend to race. How about actually stepping up enforcement of drunk driving? Drunks get involved into hundreds of crashes each weekend, many of them fatal. Where’s the outcry there?

      2. Chris says:

        Nick: While you’re right about the width being able to handle two cars at once, that argument doesn’t hold up when there are cars parked on the side of the road. I’ve had the experience myself of a drag racer nearly hitting my car on the WRONG side of the road (and get this, i was sober AND on the right side of the road). Also, your idea that it would be the oncoming car’s fault for veering into the racing cars falls a bit short. What’s more likely here: a car going 30 mph losing control, or one going 80, 90, or even 100 mph? Even the video circulating on the news (fox) shows a car losing control after the first few seconds of a race. Would it have been the oncoming car’s fault?
        Also, is your argument that the NYPD is causing the danger because people drag racing then HAVE TO run away from them? People would have no reason to panic if they were doing nothing wrong.
        And I have no problem with “teenagers and kids(?) meeting up to race every weekend” as long as they don’t do it on a road where people are driving. Endangering your own life is one thing; endangering others is completely different, and unnecessary.
        And, lastly, while I agree there should be more outrage directed at drinking and driving, I believe that’s a separate issue altogether. That issue doesn’t detract from how dangerous drag racing on a relatively busy street is, and how much attention should be devoted to it.

      3. Ryangtr says:

        Maurice ave this weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday 11pm you should come out and show your support. Sind everyones calling us reckless and dangerous you should all come out and see what it’s like so you can put your foots in your mouths and go away. There’s way too many roads in NYC to stop us from doing what we do. And there has never been any complaints in any if those neighborhoods so you all should just get over it. THE END

  11. twinturbo civic says:

    People are NOT going to stop racing unless someone dies… I wanna c fire !

  12. Speed bumps wontsave nothing that why we have coiloverand just raise our suspensionlol, cops don’t care they come and watch us race also!!

  13. otto says:

    I think it is pretty funny that NYPD can do nothing to stop this. Maybe if they open up a donut shop there, the cops will show up. LOL … I just crack myself up !!!

  14. jeffrey then says:

    Lol we just go and find anotha spot, but in there this fri n sat

  15. Jason Sharke says:

    This is a disgraceful indictment of the NYPD. An extremely dangerous crime goes on in the same places every week, right under their noses, and yet they’re completely and utterly unable to stop it. This harks back to the bad old days when Times Square and Bryant Park were havens for drug dealers, pimps and muggers – it defies belief that the cops didn’t just swarm those areas at all times and keep arresting the criminals until they were all locked up. Yet they didn’t and the crime was allowed to flourish. Here we have a bunch of lowlifes basically handing themselves on a plate to the NYPD and of course the NYPD would rather swarm a park to arrest men playing chess. Incredible isn’t it, that our taxes actually pay the wages of these morons.

  16. sLiiMboii says:

    Nothing is going to change; watch this weekend lol

    1. hondakidd13 says:

      lmfaooooooooooo wordd

  17. David says:

    Street racing will never die out you can only reduce it. Build a race track closer to home and they’ll come. Nobody wants to drive 50 miles to New Jersey to have 2-3 races its easier to just do it on the streets.

    1. LongIsland63SS409 says:

      Come to LI and race!

      New drag strip to be built on the old Grumman property in Riverhead.
      Street racing is illegal.

      Contact your NYC councel memebers to contact the Riverhead Town board to expedite the proposal.

      Check out lidragracing and for more info.

      EPCAL drag strip builder makes proposal

      With Resorts gone, developer wants to build drag strip at EPCAL
      Neil Rosenberg of Ronknokoma said his group is interested in building a drag strip on about 250 acres of the 755 acres Riverhead Resorts sought to buy at EPCAL.

      Just hours after Riverhead Town canceled its contract with Riverhead Resorts, the group which sought to build eight themed resorts on town-owned land in Calverton, another developer already has his eye on the property.

      Neil Rosenberg of Ronkonkoma, who was at Town Hall Friday as the Town Board ended the contract, is hoping the board will sell part of the land to his group which seeks to build a quarter-mile drag racing strip at the former naval Grumman plant property now referred to as EPCAL.

      “We were waiting for this to happen,” he said in an interview.
      Mr. Rosenberg said he was part of Rexcorp group which the Town Board considered selling 755 acres to three years ago. It ultimately decided to sell the land to Riverhead Resorts.

      Rexcorp, lead by developer Scott Rechler, sought to build a large resort featuring an oval race track, equestrian facilities, hotels and conference centers and other recreational facilities.

      “This is the older proposal on a smaller scale,” Mr. Rosenberg said. “Some of the players from that group are ready to immediately propose a smaller project.”

      Scott Rechler is not involved in the current group, he said.

      The group is not proposing residences or resorts or other attractions along with the drag strip, Mr. Rosenberg said.

      “It’s strictly a drag strip at this time and we’d want a right of first refusal on the remainder of the 755 acres. It would be dug down into the ground, and have noise attenuation, all the things a modern drag strip would have.”
      There would be spectator stands for between 5,000 and 10,000 people, he said.

      Mr. Rosenberg said his group is seeking to buy about 250 acres, at about the same cost per acre Riverhead Resorts was offering in its most recent proposal. That would equate to about $35.7 million.

      Supervisor Sean Walter, who spoke briefly with Mr. Rosenberg following Friday’s meeting, said he’s hoping to hire a planning consultant to study subdividing the land before considering new proposals.

      Those processes, along with a town site plan for EPCAL, could take at least a year, he said.

      Recreational zoning has to be investigated further, he said.

      “We’ve spent 11 years trying to do something on the recreational zoning and we’ve had one song and dance after another. It doesn’t really work there,” Mr. Walter said. “I’m not promoting any use at this point. Let’s study it and find out what works for the property.”

  18. Johnny says:

    What a great solution, install speed bumps. Speed bumps are just a band aid for the real issue of the Police not doing their jobs in enforcement. The bumps do nothing more than increase wear and tear on vehicles that use the roadway lawfully not to mention the increased time emergency services need to safely clear the bumps when dispatched.

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