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Two short weeks ago the Giants were the toast of the town, heck they were the toast of the NFL, tabbed by many as the ‘most complete team’ in the league.  Well now we sit, two weeks later, and the Giants are holding wide receiver tryouts today, as Hakeem Nicks joins the already injured Steve Smith and the Giants problems continue to mount.  As for the Jets, they have their own problems as Boomer declared that a team like the Chargers would have their way with the Jets once vaunted defense.  So some problems on the gridiron, but the problems didn’t cease there, as the Yankees and Derek Jeter continue to take their ‘behind closed doors’ negotiations to the public, as Brian Cashman and Jeter’s agent Casey Close fire some more salvos.  The Mets on the other hand appear to be ready to fix some of their problems, or at least try to.  They will introduce Terry Collins as their new Skipper later today…

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Plus, Jeter compared to his contemporaries and Jerry compares to no one, add your own caption to an Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes photograph, ‘Oh Moses’ an NBA lockout is looming, David Diehl reveals that he prefers Boomer over Craig, Craigie gets to the bottom of Jon Bon Jovi’s voice problems during his performance at the AMA’s, Boomer pokes fun at Jim Boeheim’s zone defense, World Series of Poker Champion Jonathan Duhamel joins B&C in-studio to talk about his riches, a Moment of reminder courtesy of Jerry and an Australian Super Model plays the role of ‘Attention Grabber’ and she nails it…

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When discussing the Jeter contract negotiations, the guys looked back at the deal they gave Alex Rodriguez back in 2007 (10-years, $275 million) and said the Yankees don’t want to make that kind of mistake again.  Then they run down the salaries of other prominent short stops in the league and wonder what exactly Jeter expects from the Yankees.  Then Jerry did what was expected of him and delivered a rather informative update…

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Craig came across a picture of Al from last year’s Super Bowl week in Miami, so he decided to have us post the picture on the B&C homepage to see  what clever captions, you the listener, could come up with…

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The guys talked about some comments from Billy Hunter, the Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association, regarding what he called a 99% chance there will be a lockout coming next season.  From there Craig came up with a new play-by-play call he expects Jerry to use when he calls Columbia basketball games ‘on the internet’…

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Giants left tackle David Diehl has missed the last two games for Big Blue with a partially torn hamstring, snapping a streak of 120 consecutive starts.  But you will be pleased to learn that Diehl is using his down time wisely as he joined Boomer & Craig in-studio this morning to talk about the Giants recent slide, tell Craig how he measures up to his radio partner and reveal whether or not he sleeps naked in his hyperbolic chamber…

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Craig got all over Jon Bon Jovi yesterday for his performance at the AMA’s (American Music Awards) on Sunday night.  Turns out Jon missed his sound check because he was watching the Giants game; Craig reveals how he unraveled the mystery…

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After Al appeased Boomer last week by booking Maryland’s men’s Head Basketball Coach Gary Williams to come on, today he made a play for Craig affection by booking Syracuse’s Coach, Jim Boeheim to come on and talk about the ‘Cuse…

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Jonathan Duhamel is a 23 year-old Canadian male who recently won close to $9 million after being crowned the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion.  He joined B&C this morning  in-studio, to talk about the big win that put him on the map and what he plans to do with his new found fortune…

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During today’s highly anticipated Moment of the Day, Jerry decided to remind Craig exactly what David Diehl thinks of him…

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***Now we get to one the Blog’s most popular features, the daily ‘Attention Grabber’.  We have teamed up with the folks over at and today we found ourselves an Australian Super Model by the name of Jessica Gomes.  Me oh my!!!!  Jessica is the kind of Gal we describe as Sooooooo Hot….HELLOOOOOO Jessica!!!
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***This is a compilation of all the above audio in one nice package for your convenience…So go ahead and Enjoy!!!

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