Union Claims Paterson Added Top Aides Amid Layoffs

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — One of New York’s largest unions said it has unearthed documents that show Gov. David Paterson’s administration has added 36 top management positions while calling for 898 layoffs of unionized workers.

The Civil Service Employees Association released the data from a state Freedom of Information request made to the Paterson administration.

The union said 18 of the jobs paid $100,000 or more.

Paterson spokeswoman Jessica Bassett said the hires aren’t new positions, but replacements.

The administration accuses the union of trying to distract the public from the need for layoffs after union leaders refused to suspend 4-percent raises or delay a week’s pay to avoid layoffs.

Paterson was ordering the layoffs be effective Dec. 31, his last day in office.

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  • Frank

    He always turns a blind eye to the issues ! Sorry.

  • John

    He’s a politician. I wouldn’t believe any of them. If they said the sky was blue I’d still go out and check.

  • otto

    Paterson has no credibility at this point. I certainly would not believe anything that comes from his mouth, his administration or his spokesperson!

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