Yankees’ Cashman: Jeter Offer Is Fair; Age A Concern

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Derek Jeter’s agent have taken their high-profile contract negotiations to the New York tabloids.

Firing back at Jeter’s agent for comments made over the weekend, Cashman described the Yankees’ offer as “appropriate” and “fair.”

Jeter’s agent, Casey Close, has been vocal about what he sees as “baffling” contract talks between the Yankees and his client.

“There’s a reason the Yankees themselves have stated Derek Jeter is their modern-day Babe Ruth. Derek’s significance to the team is much more than just stats. And yet, the Yankees’ negotiating strategy remains baffling,” Close told the Daily News Saturday.

Cashman returned volley in Tuesday’s New York Post.

“There is nothing baffling about our position,” Cashman told the Post. “We have been very honest and direct with them, not through the press.”

As for the Yankees’ reported 3-year, $45 million offer?

“We feel our offer is appropriate and fair,” Cashman said. “Our primary focus is his on-the-field performance the last couple of years in conjunction with his age, and we have some concerns in that area that need to be addressed in a multi-year deal going forward.”

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Jeter is a free agent for the first time after completing a 10-year contract this season. The Yankees have also held talks with the agents for pitcher Mariano Rivera, who is also a free agent.

pixy Yankees Cashman: Jeter Offer Is Fair; Age A Concern

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  1. Snapper says:

    Let him walk the left side of our infield is immobile and very old. Let him go..lets
    get a new face in there. All players must face the reality they are washed up and
    fading..time does that and Jeter’s bat is slow and he strikes out on 90 mph
    fastballs which is wiffleball to the pros. Let him walk

    1. j.t says:

      how fast some people forget that players like jeter and mariano posada and so on took this team to where is supposed to be on top also lets not forget that he is the captain never gave this team a black eye he is the ultimate team player give him his do the yankees will look like real backstabers if jeter ever leaves as he should if they dont give him what he wants wich he truly deserves for all the good years he gave to this team then i wish mariano should leave too and then we will see where this team will be without this true yankees they have to be yankees for life for all they have done for this franchise

  2. Timmy Neuhaus says:

    I have one more opinion. Not only will Mr. Jeter be a first Ballot Hall of Famer, be the only Yankee in History to get to 3000 hits, which by the way is going to be the biggest event at the new Yankee Stadium. Now, Tex didn’t exactly set the world on fire with HIS batting average, so will the yankees say he is getting old and his performance is an issue, Mr. Jeter deserves the type of contract that Mike Francesa says he has earned.

    1. Johnnie Mcelroy says:

      For the last time he has already earned his money. 3,000 hits and a .245 batting
      average isn’t going to win us a pennant and or world series. Every great player
      has to take a hike (no pun) Montana went to the Chiefs but will always be the
      face of the 49ers. Seaver went to Chicago and Cincinnati but is always a Met.
      Derek Jeter needs to take that offer before it is too late. We are fading fast and
      if the Mets want to grab him do it but it will be another George Foster disaster.
      Foster did well his first year with the Mets then hit .214

  3. JoeyTaz says:

    Jeter will become the Revis of the Yankees if they re-sign him both good and bad. I like Francessa’s idea of the Mets picking him up.

  4. dabooch says:

    A Rod, AJ, Teixeira, Possada, Swisher, K Agawa, and Hovy…Hi priced Yankees that had no impact in the aforementioned game. Bottom line the Captain came to play when the others choked and stiffed the organization. Collectively almost a $100,000,000 dollars of annual salaries that should of been in street clothes in the stands with the fans. Cashman don’t try to cheat the jeet, because you overpaid the stiffs.

    1. Ed Hatch says:

      Red Sox Fan says this is nuts. you guys should calm down. hes not a 5 yr 100 million player anymore. give him 4 for 60 or 3 for 51 and call it done.

  5. dabooch says:

    Jeter preformed when it counted, in game 4 Jeter slammed one off the wall, a triple. Jeter’s next at bat was a double. Small sample, but it was the pivotal game that put the Yankees down for the count.

  6. Jeff Merchant says:

    Derek Jeter, and what he means to the Yankees, is NOT your typical ballplayer. Therefore, his contract negotiations should not be “typical” either.

    Just using stats alone does not tell the whole story. He puts FANNYS in the seats. He sells jerseys. He IS the closest thing to Babe Ruth since the Babe himself. No other player in his era has done what he has, or meant more to a team, both on and off the field.

    Now, Derek and his agent should not be asking for the world and expect to get it, BUT hopefully the Yankees are offering the futrure 1st ballot hall-of-famer and ultimate class act what he deserves.

    1. Satch says:

      Jeff, I agree but the Yankees have already paid for those qualities and then some.
      Now you think they should pay him even more than 45 million for 3 years? Jeter
      if fading fast. There are lots of class acts out there and lots of guys who put fannies in the seats. You think he deserves more than 15 million a season?
      The man hit .265. I don’t understand why the Yankees are supposed to pay him
      for what he has done in the past..they already paid it! Every great player must
      realize they will fade…Derek Jeter is a fading superstar it is that simple and for him
      to walk away from the initial offer is that smart?

      1. j.t says:

        how about last year if that were to be his walk year would you pay more then he had one of his best years and won another world series

  7. Steve says:

    As a die-hard Yankee fan, I am grateful to Derek Jeter – he has given Yankee fans so many happy memories, including his key roles in 5 World Series titles, going back to 1996.

    However, in this case, Brian Cashman is right to negotiate. The World Champion Yankees of the late 1970s (Reggie Jackson, Ron Guidry, Craig Nettles, etc.) maybe didn’t realize the urgency of “replenishing the farm” – making way for young talent – and that oversight resulted in a terrible drought (all of the 1980s, first half of the 90s, etc.). While the Yanks have some great young players like Cano, Joba and Hughes, they’ve got to replenish the stream of talented youth!

  8. Chuck McManus says:

    Tim with all due respect you conveniently leave out key facts to even remotely
    validate your suggestion. Pete Rose has over 2000 more hits than Mr. Jeter.
    3000 hits is not nearly as big a deal as it once was just as 500 homers is not
    a lock anymore for HOF. So lets see you feel he deserves to be overpaid for
    the following: Captain of the Yankees, Gold Glove winner (which means nothing)
    a career .315 average and yet he hit .265 this year the most respected baseball
    player of all time and the most popular Yankee of All Time. Wow…you’re right
    all these things win ball games how? This is NY!!! It’s what have you done for
    us lately not what you did in the past!!!! He’s a moron for not taking the original
    deal. I’d let him walk!!!

  9. Boomer Balookowich says:

    Mr. Jeter’s bat has significantly slowed down and the proof is in him almost breaking the record for the most ground ball outs in one season. Jeter struck
    out nearly 100 more times this year than last year and 50 of those strike outs
    were looking. He hit a paltry .265 this year in the lead off position..his production
    other than runs scored was down in every area. Hmm…so lets over pay the daylights out of him and pay him for everything he has done in the past (which
    they already did) and make sure he stays a Yankee. The 45 million over 3 years
    is an insane offer and Jeter is a nitwit for not taking it. He is in a steady decline
    and should be batting 8th or 9th in the lineup.

  10. Tim B. Neuhaus says:

    First lets compare Mr. Jeter to the all-time hit king Pete Rose, If I am not mistaken Rose has a lifetime batting average of 305, Mr. Jeter 315, he is also the Captain of the team, only Yankee who will get 3000 hits, and is the best short-stop in the American League, hence the Glove Glove just received. To me this is way too much AMMO not to give him his due. Not only will he go down in history as the most respected baseball player of all time, but the most popular Yankee of all time, he deserves to be the highest paid Baseball player in the Major Leagues, why not.

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