Cops: CVS Falls Victim To Man’s Meds Scam

Cops: Suspect Skillfully Resealed Expired Pills In New Packaging

WOODMERE, N.Y. (CBS 2/ 1010 WINS/WCBS 880) — There is a heath scare on Long Island.

Police on Wednesday said a woman became sick after ingesting a pill from a bottle that had been tampered with and there may be more bad medicine out there.

It appears run of the mill over-the-counter medicines have been used in a scam, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

Nassau County Police said 43-year-old Rabin Prunsrian traded expensive over-the-counter medicines from CVS stores, inserted expired meds into the packages and then resealed the packages for a full refund.

“He was resealing the cardboard packaging that the plastic bottles came in,” Detective Sgt. Dennis Ude said.

Ude displayed a sample of the take and told of how a 72-year-old woman was sickened after she bought a tampered package of meds thinking it was a fish oil supplement but got a male vitamin instead.

WCBS 880 Reporter Sophia Hall with details from Long Island

“I think it’s ridiculous. People can get very sick from the wrong medications, thinking it’s the right medications,” Woodmere resident Rose Scognamillo said.

“Pretty disgusting, that someone would do thing like that,” resident Seymour Levy added.

Substituting the expired medication into the new packaging required some skill, investigators said. The suspect had to reseal the packages in an undetectable way.

“I check, but if this happens, it could happen to anybody,” Scognamillo said.

A statement from CVS said: “We continue to cooperate closely with the authorities in this matter. Customers who believe they may have purchased a product that was altered can return it to CVS for full refund.”

It’s a growing loss for CVS, which estimated it has already lost $8,000 in the fraudulent refunds.

Meanwhile, Prunsrian is facing felony charges of grand larceny and fraud, accused of not only scamming CVS with bad drugs, but allegedly selling the good drugs on eBay.

The Nassau County District Attorney has set up a public health hotline for anyone who believes they may have purchased bad over-the-counter meds — 516-870-2802.

“This was not only a financial fraud that netted him thousands and thousands of dollars but he endangered potential consumers who were purchasing his returned goods,” DA Kathleen Rice told 1010 WINS.


One Comment

  1. CO BERNIE MAC says:

    This is not the first time we’ve ever heard of pill scams.
    Israeli , Polish , Irish , Jewish , Catholic , or WASP ……… it makes no difference.
    A) If this is a crime caused by a Mental Health condition , then that’s what it is.
    B) If its a matter of a guy just trying to feed his family , not intending harm , nor being fully aware of the consequences , then that is the cause.
    As a NYC Corrections Officer , allow me to state 2 ABSOLUTE TRUTHS:
    I was watching News 12 Long Island- His lawyer said he was never arrested before.
    I go with choices A and 2.

    1. CO BERNIE MAC says:

      Excuse me , I meant choices B and 2 ……….

  2. Jenn says:

    Anything that goes into someone’s body should not be allowed to be reshelved after being returned. If that’s too expensive of a policy for CVS, than they should stop accepting returns of drugs.

  3. joe d. says:

    As a retired pharmacist I can tell you that companies like CVS take every precaution to assure the saftey and quality of the products they sell. To think otherwise is to be unaware of their or anyone’s procedures. Even the products acquired from a distributor, not fron CVS’s distribution centers or directly from a manufacturer, are carefully protected. By the way, I don’t now nor have I ever worked for CVS; I use them as my personal Pharmacy, though.

  4. hyvwwhvw says:

    you all need to calm down i know this man all of this is fault cvs should be checking the things he returns before making any false accusations so you should all calm down

    1. P.O. Pharmacy Clerk says:

      It is Cvs fault because all the retail pharmacy care about is making the customer happy. So You can return used makeup and meds because apparently the customer is always right.

  5. Sterling Archer says:

    I guess this isreali guy couldn’t cut it selling diamonds in the diamond district, so he had to turn to selling OTC on eBay.

  6. tom says:

    Huh? What kind of name is Prunsrian?

  7. Bill says:

    7 years is not enough for this POS. There must be some federal charges that they can hang on this creep.

    Just one more thing to worry about; whether the OTC drug is really what you think it is.

  8. new lamby says:

    It is so unfortunate that racism is so alive and well in american society. To read the comments on this site is pure bigotry. If this man was Caucasian, you eople would be the first to defend him

    1. ericm says:

      hey lamby…

      YOUR comment – THAT is racist!

      So far, I have not seen ONE comment on this that is even remotely racist.

      1. new lamby says:


        Did some one write “The suspects name says it all”

        Did someone comment on that “so true”

        Either you are out of it or ignorant

        Which is it ?

  9. The Good Samaritan says:

    Thr suspects name says it all/ Do the math.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

    1. C.J. says:

      So true. These people can’t be trusted.

  10. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    That boy’s sharp as a bowling ball.

  11. Diane says:

    Would it not be easier to get a JOB!!!

    1. Tell me about it and don’t blame society.

  12. BIIG RETART says:

    BBMP ?

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