4 Dogs Die In Holmdel House Fire

HOLMDEL, N.J. (AP) — Authorities say a Thanksgiving Day fire killed four dogs and severely damaged a home in central New Jersey.

No one was in the Holmdel home when the fire broke out around 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

The owner later returned to the house in the Monmouth County community to find that his two Labrador retrievers and two boxers had died.

Police say the cause of the fire remains under investigation, although officials are centering on the kitchen as the likely area where it began.

Authorities say flames burst through the roof, and much of the front of the home was destroyed.

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  1. Nicole says:

    listen all of you people that are being SOOOOOOO RUDE and have no heart…THOSE WERE MY DOGS and my Moms Dogs…we were away for thanks giving dinner….That was my house…all of you heartless morons need to shut your mouth. You are so tough to comment… mind your business and dont say a word
    My neighboors did try to get them out they tried to break the glass and nothing would break because it was so hot and the house went up in 15 minutes.

  2. Robert says:

    and i don“t Care about Animals more than the Human Race.

    i care about animals more than peaces of sssshhhhh like you!!!

    azzzzzzzzzz HHHHH oooooooooooooooo!!!!! leeeeeeee

  3. Robert says:

    Master Infini yes, you kick a cat becasuse if you kick a man like me , he will beat your as up couse you are a coward, stupids like you only have corage to figth a poor cat, but you are only that!!

    a poor coward!!

  4. Robert says:

    Master Infini you are a F AAAAA S HO!!! L
    E, i am so sure you are one of those frustrated cowards that hate everything, only because you are a looser!!!

    get a life peace of ssshhhh!!

  5. Robert says:

    and the neigthboars they ain`t do nothing??? i would risk my life to save those poor dogs!!! shame on you that ain`t do shhhhh!!!

  6. Robert says:

    Master Infini you are a F AAAAA S HO!!! L
    ES LIKE YOU, STUPID, who cares?? i care stupid!! and the world is a bad place to live becasue stupids like you that exist in this world.

    I feel sorry for those dogs more than if you were the one die in that fire.

    At list those dogs care for somebady, the owners, every dog love his owner treat him bad or not, YOU DON KNOW SHHH ABOUT DOGS

    Dogs care!!

    Not like you that belive of the humans beanas a supreme bean and you not value animal life. stupid!

    1. Master Infini says:

      Cry a River, Build a Bridge and Get Over it.. Come back after you get Attacked by a Lion, Tiger, Bear or Angry Pit Bull and Tell me all about the Compassionate Animals in the World. But it’s People LIKE YOU STUPID!!! that Care about Animals more then UPLIFTING the Human Race. You People make me so mad it almost makes me want to kick a Cat.. Next time you Crash on a Stranded Island Eat Sand and Grass. Instead of a Nutritional Beast.. Good Luck in Hell or whatever you believe. I’m going eat a Chicken or Dog if it’s Cooked Right.

      1. All4TheAnimals says:

        You’re an ass and the worst part of humans. These people just lost their home and their dogs – how inconsiderate you are. This isn’t about you or what you like and what you don’t like. Grow up, get a job, and go back to school to learn how to spell and use proper grammar.

  7. Master Infini says:

    R U SERIOUS.. Poor Dogs. Who Cares. is this the only bad news that happen Yesterday. Cause if it was It was a GREAT!! day(for Us Humans).I was talking to the Dog Next to me who was Reading this Article. He said he didn’t know them but he was going to their Funeral to pay his Respects and Check the Cute Cats coming there too. what Next Obituaries for Dog n Cats in the New Papers. Don’t get me Wrong I Love Animals Cats N Dogs, Fish (yum) Turtles, Chickens (Super Yummy) whatever but they are what they are Animals. Not Humans. They don’t Mow my Lawn, Wash My Dishes Cook my Food or Pay My Bills. They Just Eat, Sleep and Shyt..they Probably don’t like half of their Owners anyway, they only suck up for Food. Little Begging Ass Animals..

  8. janet petronella says:

    those poor dogs! i say if your going to be away for any legnth of time,and have dogs cats or any animal leave them with a friend or in a kennel,its a shame those dogs died.

  9. CAPTDON says:

    Must have been a slow day at the press room. This happens when you keep you pets locked in the house . This story must have been writen by the same person who did the article about our cats and dogs were gitting fat.

    1. All4TheAnimals says:

      Most responsible people keep their pets in the house when they’re not home and cannot supervise them. We responsible folk don’t allow our dogs to roam, or leave them in the yard, the same as we keep our toddlers in the house and not roam the neighborhood.

      The guy was apparently away for part of the day spending Thanksgiving with friends or family – or both. It’s a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to him. This story didn’t even warrant any posts – why those two idiots got into a personal war up top I’ll never know except they’re selfish morons.

      The majority of the posts here were made by morons. Is that the audience that CBS now attracts to their online service? Too bad.

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