Armed Mugger Sets Upper East Side On Edge

NEW YORK (CBS 2/WCBS 880/1010 WINS) — Some are calling him “the fearless mugger.” He’s striking in daylight hours and targeting women on the well-to-do Upper East Side.

As CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reports, the crime spree started on East 79th Street on Wednesday afternoon.

WCBS 880’s Monica Miller describes the suspect and the robberies.

1010 WINS Reporter Terry Sheridan talks with residents

“It’s very frightening,” said Upper East Side resident Helena Sinnot. “I’m very frightened because I’m around alone a lot during the day.”

The NYPD said the mugger has been attacking women, striking repeatedly over the last few days.

Three of the attacks took place on Wednesday and two of them on Thanksgiving Day. That makes a total of five incidents, four of them during broad daylight.

One of the attacks on Wednesday occurred on East 69th Street when a young woman checking her mail in the lobby of her building was forced into her apartment and robbed of money and jewelry.

The building’s superintendent said residents are being extra cautious. In one case, the mugger told a victim, “I have a knife – I’m not going to hurt you, I just want your money.”

No one has been injured, and in three instances the mugger fled when the victim screamed.

The suspect is a black male in his 30s with a medium to dark complexion. He is about 6-foot-1, weighing 220 pounds. He is bald and clean shaven.

One young Upper East Sider said she drops her guard during the day.

“Yeah, definitely a little bit. You wouldn’t think you’re going to get attacked during the day, but living in New York, I guess you have to keep your guard up at all times,” Andrea Strong said.

Many residents said they’re doing just that. They’re also urged to keep a look out, and to contact cops if they spot the suspect. Friday morning, however, Aiello spotted other buildings with doors propped open. The security lapse irked some residents.

“They clean out the hallway and open the door so it dries, so the floor dries,” said Jan Burns of the Upper East Side.

The crimes have taken place in the area bordered by 69th and 93rd streets, between Second Avenue and the FDR Drive.

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One Comment

  1. gen says:

    gee thats a surprise…a black thug terrorizing and robbing….wow…

  2. kp says:

    it’s so crazy that all of you gun owners and supporters of the right to bear arms sound so angry, when you have nothing to be angry about. You are winning your argument; there is no threat of your precious weapons being taken away. The U.S. is the largest population of gun owners: 91 of 100 people, next to the second largest: Yemen 61 of 100. Nice company. So, shut your traps and allow us peaceful living New Yorkers the benefit of being alarmed by a guy threatening young women. And, I live on 79th also, but, this dude is only interested in the part of the UES without doormen buildings and cameras.

  3. DanTe says:

    Proof positive that criminals find “gun control” to be an open opportunity. Love the libturd logic here: let’s ban citizens from protecting themselves. And the criminals ill naturally not do anything illegal like owning an illegal gun. Yep. Da Huh.

    Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong your entire stinking life? You should write down your decisions and review them once a year – the only reason you haven’t killed yourself yet is that you’re so brainless, you don’t remember what you did. Conveniently forgetting all your past decisions and keep making the same ones over and over again. T ARDS

  4. Mark Thompson says:

    In Texas, we discourage that sort of behavior with a .357 magnum.

  5. NANCY MERENU says:


  6. P. K. says:

    You try to be so politicly correct just to fit in with the rest of the libs
    on the ” ues ” I hope you’re his next victim & the 1st he uses the knife on then you might in all your GREAT LIB ALL KNOWING MIND see why the rest of the country knows why it’s O. K. to protect your home & family from thugs like this WAKE UP MORON!!!!!!!!!!

  7. M .J. Leclerc says:

    Like Willie Sutton said when asked why he robbed banks
    he answered”That’s where the money is”.
    This neighborhood speaks of money and doormen private
    school ‘s.
    In any event this is not news in other less wealthy neighborhoods it’s
    a given lesson in life.

    He( because of the location and it’s attention) will be caught .

  8. Joe Forgit says:

    This is partially Mayor Bloomberg’s fault, because of his anti gun agenda. Hard working law abiding citizen’s have the right to arm themselves, it’s in the constitution of the United States. I’m willing to bet this dirtbag’s mugshot is in someone’s lineup book. He shouldn’t be hard to find, or maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll find an armed citizen willing to put him out of his misery, so the tax payer doesn’t have to pay for him to survive in prison.

    1. jbs says:

      you’re an idiot if you think THAT’s the way to solve this problem….yep…and then THAT lucky citizen will go to jail for murder. well thought out plan, joe. Also, unless you are licensed to carry a handgun, having one outside your home is illegal. what an ass you are. Right, blame it on Bloomberg, he just kept a likely law abiding citizen out of jail for shooting someone who so far is afraid of his own shadow. Bravo. AND I LIVE on east 79th street. I’m not excited to have him in my yard.

      1. Larry Schwarz says:

        Actually one has to believe their life is in danger to use deadly force,whether their life is in danger or not,its the threat as the person percieves it to be.Thats the statute.Even if the robber says he wont hurt you,that has no relevance.Sure if an unlicensed weapon is used,having that is a crime.But this guy just might rob the wrong person.

      2. Joe Forgit says:

        @ jbs,
        I’m not saying anything about carrying a gun illegally, so pull your head out of your fourth point of contact! I’m saying gun grabbers such as Bloomberg, and all the other Liberal flunkies in this state make it hard on the honest hard working law abiding citizen to even the playing field. Oh by the way, if your being robbed and you are in fear for your life, you can use deadly force to settle the matter regardless of whether your attacker is armed or not, it’s called percieved threat. Sorry you, and any other Liberal Bloomberg loving citiodts might have misunderstood my normal logical pro gun conservative thoughts on the matter.

    2. nathan says:

      Joe Forgit – just forgit it. You’re making a fool out of yourself.

      1. jbs says:

        yes, Larry, the right to self defense…and the perception that at the moment your life is in danger….you are correct….still….i wouldn’t want to be the person to shoot someone who was running away after he threatened me. cause i know i’m going down for that crime…while he’s long gone. that would be hard to convince a jury…he told me to not to scream…but i did and he ran…so i shot him…hmmmm…

        and nathan….love it!!

      2. Joe Forgit says:

        @ nathan,
        The people here in northern New York call you city slickers citiodts for a reason, and your no exception. I’m not talking about doing anything illegal, I’m talking about standing up and defending yourself. Pull your head out of your fourth point of contact, and grow some manhood. Bloomberg would disarm every law abiding citizen in this country if he could, unfortunately for him that’s not likely anytime soon. Hey Nate, go try and get yourself a pistol permit down there, and you’ll find out what I’m talking about. It took me 8 and a half months and I obviously for intelligent reasons don’t live in New Stink City.

    3. Simon says:

      lol your so stupid ranting on and on about liberals idk what all that political stuff your talking about is but it’s irrelevant and dum

    4. Simon says:

      so gtfo it’s not like any of those victims would be carrying a gun rite it would just complicate stuff loll

    5. yaxley says:

      lol another guy whining about the right to own guns. just give up.

      1. Joe Forgit says:

        Owning a gun legally is not a problem for me there yaxley, I own several. I believe in the freedoms that we have as Americans, so much so that I served this great nation for for the majority of my adult life. If you believe as an American that you you should just give up on your god given rights, then maybe you should just move to China, I’m sure you’ll love it there as there are many people who think just like yourself.

    6. Dolohov says:

      come on now, there are reasonable reasons why guns should not be allowed in certain city. did you know 90% of guns in murders were purchased legally?

  9. GeorgeL says:

    Is he bald, as in the description, or is the sketch correct?
    If he were “fearless,” why would he run away 3 out of 5 times?
    Is he a mugger or a robber or a burglar?
    Was this on the Upper East Side, or Yorkville?

    1. jbs says:

      he’s been between 69-93 from 2nd to fdr – thus the phrase UES…2nd avenue isn’t yorkville.

      maybe he’s fearless because he is approaching these women in broad daylight…but to then use the knife he says he has while they are screaming probably means he actually has some common sense, too.

      you are mugged and or robbed if your possession are forcefully taken from you on t you are burglarized if someone enters your home/office illegally with the intent to take your possessions.

      1. jbs says:

        meant to say: you are mugged and or robbed if your possession are forcefully taken from you on the street; you are burglarized if someone enters your home/office illegally with the intent to take your possessions.

  10. Mona Moraru says:


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