NY Town Faces Fines For Sewer System Problems

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (AP) — A town in upstate New York is facing nearly $38,000 in fines, unless it can plug the problems with its crumbling sewer system as demands increase.

Niskayuna Councilman Jonathan McKinney says the state Department of Environmental Conservation sent a letter to the town’s supervisor about the problems.

McKinney says the town could be assessed $7,500 for violating water flow regulations. It also faces $30,000 in penalties if it failes to submit a plan by Jan. 3.

McKinney is a member of Niskayuna’s Water and Sewer Committee.

The town is about six miles southeast of Schenectady.

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  • richard

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  • Dan Thrapp

    Recommendation on town’s plan to submit a remedy course of action by Jan 3, 2011 should read as follows: Dear Sir, I direct you attention to the Federal Government offices of Congress and the US President. Seeing that such named parties have apply supplied slush funds and bail out moneys in the past months consider our fines paid in full. In the coming days said town will submit an expense billing to be paid by the above named parties. In the event said parties fail to comply with full payment within 10 days said town will cease all Federal taxes until said expenses are paid in full. All fines, interest, & penalties will continue against the Federal government until payment is made in full. Do to the risk involved and the amount due said town will not accept a check from the Federal Government seeing that the past record of overdraft has been reported by collection agencies warning local government to only accept gold not checks or paper money! If we can be of further help and advice please feel free to attend a local meeting. PS….no Federal Government Attys are allowed on town property due to terroristic past actions of said Attys.

  • nuhu turaki


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