Regulators Want New Dress Code For NYC Cabbies

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s taxi regulators are planning a new dress code for cab drivers that requires them to “present a professional appearance.”

Taxi and Limousine Commission chairman David Yassky tells The New York Times that proper dress can’t be enforced easily. He says the new code is an attempt to communicate standards.

Currently, cabbies can be fined for violating the dress code. It bans tube shirts, tank tops and bathing trunks.

The revised code doesn’t mention specific types of apparel.

The New York Taxi Alliance’s director, Bhairavai Desai, said she’d be concerned if the “idea of professional attire is left to the naked eye to decide.” The alliance is an advocacy group for taxi drivers.

The new code is expected to be approved next month.

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One Comment

  1. reminder says:

    Attantion, I think every one over here is smelll like racist therefore I think every one is braking a law.
    #2: I think we need dress code of all workers. workers mean. president, mayor, musicians, gay, lasbians, limo drivers, your mother, sistera and unlimited fathers. every one must wear uniforms.
    #3: every must present an ID to Cab driver before riding a cab
    #4: every must stay straght in back seat and wear seat belts.(No Sex, No blow jobs, No sucking.
    #5: all coverstation must be recorded.
    #6: All cab drivers must keep their pertitions close all the time.
    #7: All rider must be ready to pay the F==ing fare before reaching their distantion.
    #8: Any one who know his/her real father they can ride in cab, otherwise if you dont know your real father than you must not ride in a cab.

  2. CHARLIE says:


  3. B.A. Cretini says:

    One of their old tricks is to scratch the plexiglass where
    the TLC picture and hack license go ,this way you don’t
    see the photo of them and their name easily.
    I have yet to find one that is readable.

  4. Larry Schwarz says:

    I like this idea.Taxis in Cabo are well dressed as are taxis in Europe.One note about New York Taxis.They are lazy.Rarely will a driver get out and assist with luggage,except at Airports where the authorities are watching.They pump open the trunk,even for the elderly.Taxi drivers in London the same.I have copd and have trouble lifting my luggage,yet I had a driver at Laguardia refuse to get out.I told the dispatcher no,and the next cab took me.I will also reduce their tip signifigantly if they dont help.But there are some who will help.

  5. jo says:

    how about 8hrs day shift and designated bathroom breaks for the drivers,? how about making sure they have a customer service related course with their driving test exam?These drivers work 12hrs a day , anyone will be tires angry and annoyed at the end of such shifts ,especially driving around drunk and difficult passengers.. who has no regards to these ppl who does the lowly jobs…Dress code wont fix all the problems…it wont fix the smelly drivers or they cant speck english properly….They need to be reeducated every six months or so,,,,wht does the TAXI AND LIMO….NOTHING to ensure that NYC is represent properly…..Start there.I SAY

  6. Manny says:

    Many of the taxi drivers in NYC don’t speak understandable English, don’t know how to get to certain places (like Brooklyn), and stink like unwashed goats.

    1. Immigrant says:


  7. mak says:

    The people running this city seem to have no clue sometimes. How much does this guy get paid?

  8. steve says:

    what a joke , how about a backround check a bath and maybe some shots or maybe a shower some soap,the list goes on ,hey lay theme off.

  9. Ron Vent says:

    Dear Taxi Drivers:
    FIRST- Understand your passenger’s destination; SECOND- Know your city; THIRD- Get the passenger there swiftly and safely; FOURTH- Provide a clean and fresh smelling vehicle; FIFTH- You can dress in a tutu for all I care! I’m not in a cab for a fashion show.

    It is a tough job, you do it well as a group, and the last thing anybody needs in the mix is another “expert” messing with it from the top down.

    Who will “dress” you? (I can’t afford Bloomberg’s tailors either.)
    Maybe the Commission will offer every driver a clothing allowance. Sure.
    “Hey Cabby!”

    1. AmericanCabbie says:

      All of your points are vaild. As a professional NYC taxi driver, I will suggest to you what I suggest to all passengers who tell me about the bad service they get from other cabbies: REPORT THEM TO THE TLC. It helps if you write down his license (hack) number, but it isn’t necessary. Just the taxi number and the time of the incident is enough. and

      Follow through on the complaint. If a taxi driver doesn’t speak English, he’s probably using someone else’s license, because there is an English test.

      I was born in Jersey City and have been in NYC all of my adult life – having lived in all five boroughs. I make a great living as a cab driver and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I’m just as offended by bad taxi drivers as the riders, maybe more so. Please help get them off the street by filing complaints where valid.

      1. Gregg says:

        Thanks , I will make an effort to file complaints. Is there a web-site to do this ? I could not find one. NY taxi drivers were great and enjoyable years ago – what happened ?? Thanks again, and I hope to get you as a driver one day !! Gregg NYC

      2. Larry Schwarz says:

        I could not have said it better.As I said there are some good ones out there.I once saw an argument between a lady with a walker and a cabbie who would not get out to help her.Others got involved,The Police responded and chased the driver off.Then the officer hailed a taxi,explained the situation to the driver who got out to assist.What is your take on drivers not assisting with luggage on airport trips.Except at a hotel where the doorman can assist it should be mandatory.

  10. Gregg says:

    In my opinion, as someone who takes a taxi everyday in NYC that the taxi drivers must speak English and Know where they are going ! I hate the NYC taxi drivers ! Comparing London or Tokyo taxi’s -New York is a disgrace !! When I say something to a taxi driver about ,how can they not know directions,they tell me they make no money as taxi drivers in the past made ! No excuse ! The TLC must be corrupt !!

    1. Robert says:

      @gregg. Frankly I have trouble understanding your english.

    2. Andrew Bellucci says:

      Hi Gregg,

      You can file a complaint thru this link:

      or by simply calling 311.

      The problem is, the complaintant must appear at the hearing or participate via telephone – and most people don’t file the complaint when they hear this.

      That’s why bad drivers stay on the street.

      Three talking on cell-phone complaints and the driver LOSES HIS LICENSE. If this happened to 5 drivers, ALL OF THEM WOULD STOP. Know why? Because of the 45,000 licensed drivers, 25,000 are Indian, Pakistani or Banglaseshi and it’s a very close community – word would spread llike wildfire.


      Hope to see you in my cab soon,

      Andrew (AmericanCabbie)

  11. Pete says:

    Another commissioner without any experience over the City Agency he gets mega-paid to oversee. Political appt’s R Us.

  12. pat says:

    Thats a terriffic idea. These regaulators deserve every dime the taxpayers give them. Bravo. I’m sure this new dress code will automatically make the drivers read and speak english. Not drive like lunatics and eliminate the fare scams they get caught with every holiday season. Great job.

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