Assemblyman Pushes NY To Collect Delinquent Taxes

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A Brooklyn legislator says cash-strapped New York should collect taxes it’s owed before taxing its people any more.

Brooklyn Assemblyman William Colton told 1010 WINS, the state is owed $14.4 billion in delinquent taxes and said the state should do its due diligence to collect the money.

Colton hopes a new website set up by the Department of Taxation and Finance will shame some of those delinquent taxpayers to pay up.

The website names the top 250 violating individual taxpayers and business taxpayers.

“Let’s change Albany by making sure that our middle-income families are not shortchanged by having wealthy companies and individuals get away with billions of dollars of unpaid taxes,” Colton said.

The strip club “Scores” tops the list — owing 14.7 million. Disgraced financier Bernie Madoff is number 147 on the list of individuals — owing $1.6 million.

The list – which has been up since April 2010 – will be updated every month, Colton said.

“They have to get top lawyers to go in and close the tax loopholes and they have to start fighting to get every penny of unpaid taxes that is owned by the wealthy businesses and individuals that are forcing middle income families to suffer,” he said.


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  1. JGNY says:

    The taxes in NY are to High. Income tax rates, Fed/State and the million of other assorted in your pocket fees have caused this problem. No business person wants to shut down if the can make a profit and stay open. This state has been ripping people off to pay the lazy for 40 years. The producers are taxed so high to support the deadbeats that there is nothing left.

    1. fairshare says:

      So Bernie Madoff should get off scott free? Scores, whose business is apparently recession proof, owes over $15 million plus interest. Lehman Brothers owes over $1.2 billion! You cannot continue to levy all of the tax burden on middle class families! This is why the economy of Greece collapsed!

  2. fairshare says:

    Those “businesses” that teetotaler talks about are forcing hospitals to close, class sizes to increase, and vital services to seniors disappear. If everyone paid their fair share, then the state wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place!

  3. teetotaler says:

    Forcing businesses to go out of business due to unpaid taxes means more jobs lost, less income taxes for the state, and more unemploymentt insurance payouts. Either way it’s a loss the state .

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