Black Appointment May End Up In Court

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The fight over New York City’s new schools chancellor may end up in court.

Protesters led by Brooklyn Councilman Charles Barron were vowing to file a temporary restraining order Monday to prevent Cathie Black  from taking the post.

That promise came amid reports that Black, who has no education experience, will receive a waiver from the state allowing her to replace Joel Klein.

Critics said the former Hearst Media executive just isn’t qualified.

“When you bring unqualified people in, and you continue to do the same things over and over gain, expecting a different result, that’s insanity,” Barron said.

“We’re not going to get disrespected anymore. Enough is enough,” said Inez Rodriguez, Brooklyn activist.

Reports said the waiver was contingent on former educator Shael Polakow-Suransky becoming senior deputy chancellor and chief academic officer.


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  1. an observer says:

    Hope they hurry up and get into court immediately BEFORE the waiver is issued. Go Charles Barron!

  2. Guest says:

    Why don’t we try this waiver idea when NYC looks for its next Police and Fire Commissioners?

  3. Old Man says:

    Why don’y all you “professional” teachers get off your duff and start TEACHING instead if ‘THROWING MONEY’ at problems. The members of the teacher’s unions aren’t anything but CRYBABIES!!! You should take a close look at the REAL WORLD before holding yourselves above the actual working public. I’m just sick & tired of all your WHINING!

  4. CarrieOkie says:

    RE Guest

    I think your comment has some validity but only if the other way around. Why not choose a Chancellor with the proper educational background who can do the job and let the second in command focus on the “corporate” and business side? It’s makes more sense i think because if the fiirst in command does not know the job, then she has to lean heavily on the second in command to show her how to do the job so then the secondary business of running the corporate and business side of the school gets buried. It’s like putting a private in charge of the war and getting a general to teach him how to fight.

    1. Gordon says:

      Education evolves through a natural progression of theories, best practices and tried-and-true experiences. Someone who has taught in schools understands the nuances of the business aspects, but does not necessarily know how to conduct the education sector. On the other hand, someone with business experience may establish a business model that does not represent the best educational foundations.
      My advice is to keep looking until you find an educator with a business background, with an emphasis on the former.

  5. Kadija says:

    I cannot believe that this was seen as a solution. We will allow the hiring of someone unqualified only if we hire someone qualified to help her. Um, that’s a waste. All this money so Mayor Boombag can get his way? A way that is clearly detrimental to the schools? What about the clear will of the people. I wish Boombag nothing but sickness.

  6. CarrieOkie says:

    Wow and here I thought we were in a recession. The Chancellors salary is $250,000 and this guy Shael Polakow-Suransky makes close to $200,000 so we have a quarter mil in salary to pay for Suransky to baby sit an unqualifed Chancellor???? This is a typical, sneaky backdoor, under the table move by Bloomberg. He wants to put in someone who won’t buck him on mayoral control and he’s looking for a few good Christine Quinn’s, who refused to bring the sick time bill up for a vote because her master, ooops, sorry mentor, Bloomberg did not want it to. New Yorkers are getting really tired of having their intelligence insulted at every turn by this man.

  7. Guest says:

    Black may not be the wrong choice if you look what educated people have done to education. The school system needs to be shaped, more focus put on ‘English’ language education, more scale of economy sought for tax payer fundings etc. Having a second in command focus on curricula, while executive focus’s on shaping and policy school system may be a choice worth experiencing.

  8. Am says:

    Ditto MJF. This is ludicrous. Mr. mayor is out of control.

  9. Frank Macc says:

    According to the Department of Education, Cathie Black picked her own assistant. I hope all opposing politicians seize on that revelation. We have someone with no educational credentials who picked the candidate to be the system’s ‘educational leader’. That makes less sense than the Mayor’s selection of Ms. Black.

  10. norman says:

    Ahh, but hiring Shael Polakow-Suransky as schools chancellor will way too smart and will not allow another crony to receive huge salary and State perks. This is the way the State works. Why do you think there is huge gap in the Budget – because too much money are wasted on useless hiring!!!

  11. MJF says:

    So let me understand this. Cathy Black, who has absolutely no education experience, and who is unqualified to be a schools chancellor, can be one if she promises to hire Shael Polakow-Suransky to do everything, while she just sits around and gets paid? Why don;t they just make Shael Polakow-Suransky schools chancellor and be done wit it?

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