Man Critical After Hit-And-Run In Queens

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Home was not a safe haven for a teen charged in a hit-and-run in Queens Sunday.

Police picked up 17-year-old Avraham Mullokandov at his house in Rego Park early Sunday morning.

Investigators said he ran down a man in Forest Hills late last night.

A second car also hit the victim, who was listed in critical condition at New York Hospital Queens.

Mullokandov faces a number of charges including vehicular assault.


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  1. g says:

    Bucharians are so ill-tempered and spoiled. even though they work hard, they dont care about customer service. if u yell at and curse ur boss, itll scare customers away. if ur selling art in the street, and people r actually looking, u will scare away potential customers by being angry! these guys have such tempers, cursing in russian all day.

  2. Forest hills Resident says:

    bukharians are terriable monsters who always speed and don’t have a care for life! they all should be deported back to Mongolia~!

    1. The Voice of Reason says:

      To “forest hills resident” Please try your best to refrain from further use of crack and instead read a history book or two before attempting to make such comments. Thanks.

    2. Oleg says:

      What has happened is a true tragedy. First and foremost, I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the family of Dominik Winnik. This accident happened in my neighborhood, on a street where I often times drive and walk. Without any hesitation, I could say that 108th street has become more dangerous and I constantly witness actual and potential accidents. That night i was passing by and saw how paramedics and fire department personnel were attempting to save the man. It was one of the most surreal images to witness and everyone who was by-standing were shocked and praying for this man to be saved. I will not go as far as to passing judgment, or accuse or defend anyone. Of course that’s easier to do when neither of the sides is your family member or friend. However, as I am reading the posted comments, I find that many people are instigating hate by adding unnecessary fuel to the already burning fire. This includes racial remarks, stereotypes about both parties religion, culture and origin; All of which are extremely irrelevant and untimely. Probably if anything is to be learned from all of this its that people should definitely drive more carefully and responsibly (no matter what age), that pedestrians should also be careful and not jaywalk, and overall for people to be more alert about their surrounding at all times. Once again, it has been a few days already since the accident, but I personally still cannot get over it yet. I visited Dominik’s facebook page and almost broke into tears when I saw a comment he posted on his wall just a few hours before this has happened to him (“just bought a new car 1963 chevy impala ss”) …May Dominik’s soul rest in peace.

    3. Richard G37 says:

      ….Re-read what you have just said.. How ignorant to you feel? How uneducated? How STUPID? Today its the “Bukharians”, tomorrow its the “blacks” maybe soon after that we should just send all immigrants back to where they came from. Not going to happen. Plain and simple you are an intolerant,uneducated redneck. Instead of shipping Bukharians back to “Mongolia” The Community of Forest Hills should arrange for you be sent back to the south where you can return to attend all the Ku Klux Klan meetings and perhaps someone will listen your your nonsense.

    4. Richard G37 says:

      ….Re-read what you have just said.. How ignorant to you feel? How uneducated? How STUPID? Today its the “Bukharians”, tomorrow its the “blacks” maybe soon after that we should just send all immigrants back to where they came from. Not going to happen. Plain and simple you are an intolerant,uneducated redneck. Instead of shipping Bukharians back to “Mongolia” The Community of Forest Hills should arrange for you be sent back to the south where you can return to attend all the Ku Klux Klan meetings and perhaps someone will listen your your nonsense

    5. Richard G37 says:

      ….Re-read what you have just said.. How ignorant to you feel? How uneducated? How STUPID? Today its the “Bukharians”, tomorrow its the “blacks” maybe soon after that we should just send all immigrants back to where they came from. Not going to happen. Plain and simple you are an intolerant,uneducated redneck. Instead of shipping Bukharians back to “Mongolia” The Community of Forest Hills should arrange for you be sent back to the south where you can return to attend all the Ku Klux Klan meetings. Civilized Americans do not want to hear this, Perhaps the Klan members will.

    6. Personal Response says:

      To Forest hills Resident. From what planet are you from making such comments? Keep smoking pot and may be one day you’ll start reading history books or may be not !

  3. Krystyna says:

    Dominik is being taken life support after midnight tonight. His organs are being donated so even in death he is helping others. My husband knew dominik through work. I always heard good things about him. My deepest condolences to his family. This should have never happened. I pray for justice.

  4. avi stay up says:

    Aerious talk now . Everyone here that is going against avi;he’s a great kid with a great heart and its such a shame that this happned and that the victim died but you need to understand that he is 17 he dosent think like a 30 year old . It was a horrible mistake and it wasn’t done on purpose he dosent deserve this

  5. joe says:

    to all you smart ones… avi returned to the accident scene and turned himself in. he was not impaired or speeding, and did not take a red light. Dominick Winnick crossed illegally and its unfortunate what happened to him. but even if avi stayed at the scene the whole time it wouldn’t bring his life back, so iim fleeing the scene has nothing to do with Dominick’s death.

    1. JUSTICE says:

      Instead of getting so angry on this page, which is really useless, why don’t all those who are outraged with Avi’s reckless and illegal behavior put their thoughts and feelings about this on paper, and send those letters to the Queens District Attorney? The DA’s office will have to make decisions about how to prosecute Avi, so if you really want to see justice for Dominick, mail in letters, maybe make a petition, do whatever you can to make sure there is justice. Complaining here is useless, look how disrespectful Avi’s friends are, they only see things the way they want to.

      The District Attorney in Queens is Richard Brown, located at 125-01 Queens Boulevard. Kew Gardens, New York 11415, 718) 286-6000.

    2. Cabo says:

      ok Joe [should I say “all you not so smart ones” to be in line with your post?], quoting you:

      “so iim fleeing the scene has nothing to do with Dominick’s death.”

      Please try to follow me here as I will take your logic a few steps deeper than the obvious:

      1) Avi fleeing the scene had DIRECTLY nothing to do with the fatal outcome. I said “nothing” to make the starting point easier for you, but in reality if he stopped right away, it might have been much easier for the second driver to notice a large SUV with lit headlights than the immobilized victim on the road. The second (not fatal according to the main witness) impact would have been avoided.
      2) Avi fleeing the scene had A LOT to do with his CHARACTER and MORAL QUALITIES. We can argue here that he is young and “got shook” or whatever, but that just proves that he was not even fit to be behind the wheel.
      3) his CHARACTER and MORAL QUALITIES had everything to do with THE WAY (illegal?) he was driving and THE TIME OF THE DAY (illegal!) he was driving
      4) the way/style he was driving (“I own this stritttt, I setttt my own spiddd limits, brat”) had everything do to with him hitting the victim

      Is this clear now? Or u wantt me transleit itt 4u?

      Sorry for straining your brain with the unusually long for you read.

      1. FHresident says:

        Thank you, Cabo. I hope your logical explanation will somehow get to these challenged youths.
        Unfortunately it can’t bring back Dominick, God rest his soul.
        But we all should hope that people in our community will learn something from this. And arrogant, looking down on everybody, semi-literate half-men will think twice before speeding on our streets, blocking everybody’s way by doubleparking in the middle of the streets…

  6. Amnezzy says:

    And to Maciej f… you u m….. f…..

    1. Justice2 says:

      amnezzy is only one moth….f.. here You !!!
      you better stay away and keep your dirty mouth shut !
      your blind friend killed our Friend and I don’t care he didn’t want to .

    2. Jere says:

      F u, you little dark ugly unibrowed stupid idiotic BARAN EBANIY!

      1. Justice2 (Cristina ) says:

        jare baran ebaniy made you !

  7. Amnezzy says:

    Listen to me everybody and listen well…Avi is still a kid he got scared in the moment you understand.. im sorry for the guy that died but in the end it was and accedent… it happeneds. this kid Avi never got arrested in his life or did anything bad. So for all you haters sucked hard( and were was the guy looking when he crossed the street it ws a green light for Avi..

    1. Justice 2 says:

      an accident………….tell it to Dominick’s Parents ,family and friends…….
      and btw ,wat is the speed limit where it happend ?? and how you can’t see somebody on the street ?

      1. Cabo says:

        Default speed limit in NYC is 30 MPH with certain pilot roads set at 20 MPH.
        DOT’s campaign says there is 70% chance a person would die when hit at 40 MPH, and 80% chance a person would live when hit at 30 MPH.

        Judging by the picture showing the impact damage to the Rogue, I would say the speed was most probably above 30 MPH at the moment of impact, and the initial traveling speed was definitely way higher if they had found skid marks on the pavement that showed the driver had been trying to stop the car.

        My condolences to Dominik’s close ones.

        I wish nothing bad to this guy Avi. I just hope he, his parents and his friends are able and capable to learn the lesson here. I also hope Avi’s friends become more civilized, intelligent, sensitive and responsible.

  8. jonny123 says:

    all u people arguing about this won’t bring dominik back nor get avi out of trouble, everyone should pray for the inncoent 30 year old life lost and the 17 year old life that will never be the same again, who will live his life knowing that ignorant people are pushing for his punishment rather than praying for dominik, all of you should be ashamed of yourselves

  9. Roii BHI says:

    to Dharma: 1st of all u dont kno wat i said in russiannn 2nd of alll im not a stupid russian watch yur mouth think before u say something …..all i told him wass everythin will b ok i didnt curse anybody out and i also left a comment for domminick and his family so close your mouth ebanuti bylat

    1. Dharma says:

      u know u’ve just proven to be stupid right? first u said I don’t know what u said in russian (which I do btw) and then u said that you just told him that everything will be ok – that’s exactly what I said u morron!!! second of all – No, I won’t watch my mouth!!! U r supporting a murderer!!! Third of all – “ebanuti bylat” – u watch ur mouth, coz u still insist on being disrespectfull..
      Oh, and by the way… I am Dominiks (that’s how you should spell his name) family… and it breaks my heart knowing that he’s dead and you all try and make the killer a victim here… it’s just ridiculous!

  10. avi stay up says:

    you all need to understand that avi is only 17 not 30 he made a mistake and he got scared .if you were in his shoes you wouldn’t prob have stayed his friends are going to stick up for him because we all no avi personally he’s a great kid that most of us grew up with . He’s parents aren’t rich so get that false info out think a lil and put your self in a 17 year olds shoes he was scared

    1. Dharma says:

      U all seem to forget that HE WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE IN THIS CAR IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! But because he chose to brake the law a person, young person, great person, DOMINIK is dead!!!!!
      I love it when you all say “he made a mistake”… Mistake?! You don’t even know how many mistakes I have made in my life! But nobody died from it!! I didn’t kill anyone!!! Bottom line is – when he got into this car knowing he was not suppose to, he’s made a decision – he decided, he was prepared to kill himself or somebody else that night… only shame it was somebody else….

  11. Tom says:

    he died. May he rest in peace.

    Avi should be charged w/ vehicular manslaughter.

  12. FH resident says:

    well, actually he did kill the man, although unintentionally. my deepest condolences to Dominick’s family.
    hope that Avi’s friends and supporters will learn something from this terrible accident.

  13. udkm says:

    your a bird joemoe. ede nahuy suka

    1. Joe Moe says:

      a bird is a person who left the accident scene to leave a human dying .

      a bird is an animal that flies around fast on the streets of earth .

      1. Jere says:

        Just ignore those that are clowns. Don’t waste those bytes, its useless.

    2. FH resident says:

      you need to rinse your mouth for at least half an hour twice a day if you expect people talk to you

    3. Dharma says:

      FYI check what i replied to Roii BHI coz the same thing can be said to/about you.. “ede nahuy suka” – u think this is funny?! You stupid russian arsehole!!! Show some respect!!!

      1. devachka says:

        all of a sudden everyone becomes good citizens my ass!!! this wasnt intentional you evil humans! the kid didnt want to kill him dificent people! we all pray for dominik as well as avis family bc he is a young kid and has a full life ahead of him!! let it all be in the the hands of g_D and the morons that dont believe in g_d let it be in the hands of the judge ! live your life dont try to ruin somone elses your jsut as evil as the so called “murder” leave your unneccessary comments up the ass they are coming from especcially you DHARMA!!

  14. JoeMoe says:

    To All You Heartless People Out There Defending Avi ,

    I have been just informed that Domenic has passed away @ his Internal Care
    He was one of the nicest guys who never bothered any one and was a totally innocent kid with who i went to Halsey Juniour and in Forest Hills High School .

    I am just speechless about some one who didnt deserve to die w suffering .

    My deepest condolences go to Domenics family & close friends .

    As far as Avi goes , he left an accident scene for some one to suffer on the street after impacting a human being . He got away with murder as police slapped him with vehicular assault as he should of been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter , as I wish he did .

    This is not about Avi going to jail and not about a little bail his parents can spit out

    This is about that that he left the scene and let a man die in a hospital

    For the record , Avi should go to jail and should pay for his mistake but it will not bring Domenick back , therefore my grieve condolences go to Domenics parents for loss of their son . He was a very quiet and good kid .

    To all you bucharian idiots reading this ! Avi took an innocent life away !
    May this accident teach something to all the bucharian idiots from forest hills high school that hang out by twin donuts double parking their daddys cars and ripping the streets with your loud music driving 50 miles an hour on 108 & 99 .

    1. Jere says:

      Ditto I couldn’t have said it better myself. To bucharians’ defense not all of them are like that. many are nice, decent and honest. Its just these young spoiled kids are loud and obnoxious and are always on display.
      My deepest and sincerest condolences to the family of the poor innocent victim of Avi and his stupid parents who trusted him driving around at night knowing that he couldn’t be that far off in maturity, dignity, honor and intellect from his friends who showed the lack of these qualities here in abundance.
      Again deepest regrets and condolences to Dominik’s family. May his soul rest in peace.

    2. Alen Davidi says:

      f u you got something you hate about jews if u do u can come to twin dount and we wil show you it was a mistake okay the kid got scared hes my cozin and he feels bad and thats why he came bck and domenic was at the wrong place at the wrong time kay buddy so hop off my sack

  15. julia says:

    of course i feel horrible that the victim is in critical condition but in a way i feel bad for avi too … i’ve known him for a while and he means no harm … this could have happpened to anybodyy

    1. Jere says:

      Julia and others please don’t consider my words a personal attack. I understand you guys are young, naive and inexperienced yet. Please stop saying this could have happened to anyone as it is not entirely true. A person who has not been taught responsibility and how a little innocent thing can lead to huge consequences shouldn’t be trusted two freaking tons of heavy machinery! It’s like giving a loaded gun to five year old to play with. Guys please listen to what your parents and older wiser people teach you! Yeah you may think they are old and not hip and don’t spell words with typos and double letters, but they lived in this world twice longer our more, they have seen and experienced things you have not even heard of yet. They do have a lot to pass to you.
      Guys here – ladies are reading these posts, please refrain from stupid childish russian slang and obscenities directed to people who don’t speak russian. Also it’s a grievance forum now, your language is not appropriate, show some respect please.

  16. Roii BHI says:

    danm when i 1st heard about this i cudnt believe itt….avi is my boyy hol don tigth bratt fsyo boodeet narmalnaa andd dominicks famillyy all bestt to uu!

    1. Dharma says:

      Damn.. you must be another morron from avis circle!!! U should feel at least ashamed of yourself for leaving this comment! What the hell is this?! Can you even write/! Speak?! Anything?! Do you have any idea about the seriousnes of this situation?! Ignorance is not an excuse in this case!!! I feel phisically sick looking at this bull.. you’ve written here!!! Is this a joke to you?! From the comments of avis friends left here I must say that all of you are a bunch of underaged twits who weren’t tought anything in your life and have no idea about anything but obviously you think you know it all!!!!
      “fsyo boodeet narmalnaa”??? No nothing is going to be OK!!! There is an Innocent Victim here!!! And no!! It isn’t Avi the murderer!!! I hope he’ll rott.. well.. if not in jail then definately in hell!!!

  17. speechless says:

    none of you was there to see that horrible accident. All of you are judging according to who you know but in reality it was both of their fault. It was a horrible accident that left me awake most of the night. My prayers go with Dominick and his family.

  18. AVI says:

    my prayers go out to Dominick and his family, may he have full recovery my heart goes out to him. I pray for Avi too! don’t worry everything will be ok, he’s an honest person, and sweet kid who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. accidents happen to eveyone, he’s just 17, and he turned himself in! Because he isn’t coward !

  19. Mikey Bangsz says:


    1. voise of reason says:

      why not,it is not like he stole an apple because his family was hungry.if you do something wrong be responsible enough to face the punishment.if he did not knew that at least his parents should

      1. Mikey Bangsz says:

        if it happened to u im 100 percent sure u wouldnt be there

    2. Dharma says:

      and here u r wrong! Only the lowlife parents which yours and avis obviously are wouldnt. Any normal human being wouldn’t be able to live whit themselves because of their conciousness. Any proper parent would take their kid to a polce station just to teach him/her a lesson about what is called RESPOSIBILITY – look it up in a dictionary coz from what I can see in your comments here, u have no idea what this is.
      And tell me – how do you sleep at night?! trying to defend brainless morron?

  20. voise of reason says:

    AGAIN people Avraham hit him (look at the car and the windshiled)first Dominik went flying in the air and then the second driver went over his i think you “poor’ Avraham put him in the critical condition.again look at the FACTS.may be he is young nad he was scared but he went home and what did his parent say:ooooo poor boy!!!!! they should have him at the police station within the next 20 minutes but as we just saw he had to learn his action from someobody.
    the VICTIM here is Dominik not avraham……

  21. Mikey Bangsz says:

    avi was probably afraid to get caught because he didnt have his license, thats why he didnt think and ran away. and the other maxima that hit him put him into critical conditions! no avis rogue!

    1. Dharma says:

      WHAT?! Have you listened to yourself?! “avi was probably afraid to get caught because he didnt have his license”?!?!?!?!! Then what the hell (not to say it worse) was he doing driving that car in the first place u twit!!!!! Who gave him that car to drive without a proper licence!!! There must be something wrong with you that you’ve just used this sentence in defence of this little murderer!!! And don’t even try to blame the other (maxima) driver – this is just low and honourless. He only drove over Dominik coz this little morron friend of yours hit him in the first place! Ever heard of CHAIN REACTION?! No?! Didn’t think so… you’re obviously to thick !!!

  22. Mikey Bangsz says:

    hope domonik survives, but everyone is making it like avi did it purposely, its called an accident for a reason!

  23. Monika says:

    Before you post any comments here, please consider the feelings of Dominik’s family. This page is about DOMINIK, who is fighting for his life, and who is the real victim here. Let’s offer our hopes and prayers for his recovery. He is a kind loving individual, that deserves no less. Dominik, we are praying for you…

    1. voice of reason says:

      I do agree this is for Dominik if you want to post comments for the OTHER guy go do it on some other site …

  24. Mikey Bangsz says:

    avi did do a very big mistake by leaving the scene, but if it happened to any of you drivers, you would also hesitate and drive away. he went home that night , im one of his friends and if he wanted to he would of went somewhere where no 1 can find him! avi we all with u brat! be safe!

    1. Mike says:

      SO how come the second driver who accidentally hit him DIDN’T run away??? This was NOT a mistake, and MOST DECENT people would not just drive away. It goes to show how all of you (and you know who you are) who are in Avi’s circle are just a bunch of criminals and lowlifes. No HUMANE person injures someone and then just drives away, you shouldn’t even do that when you hit an animal let alone a person you cretin.

      1. Vadim says:

        you on your high horse. just because he made on a bad split seconed choice doesnt mean he’s a “criminal and a low-life.” The only human thing that happend that night was that Avi, out of fear, ran in hopes of his own safety. the seconed person who ran him over put him in critical condition. but its because he stayed is why he an allright person? get your facts straight before you are so quick to judge

  25. Agata says:

    Dominik please come back to us,your 6 years old god son needs you and his twin brother and their sister.they are asking what is wrong and why mommy and daddy are crying all the time.Domins we love you. it is not time to go yet!!!!

  26. Christina H. says:

    Wow this entire situation is so heartbreaking on every level. The family of Dominick Winnick needs every ounce of support and prayer that we have to offer. It is amazing that in times like these people can actually demonstrate so much anger and vengence that it blinds their compassion. It only shows how imperfect we are as humans. If you think that you or the family gains anything from your hatred toward this 17 year old kid….you’re wrong.

    1. Avraham is cruel! says:

      But this Avraham must be made an example of don’t you think? Other people need to see that you can’t just hit and run and get away with it. It’s easy to show hatred towards a bad seed like him, because good people are outraged with his cruelty.

      1. Christina H. says:

        I’m glad it’s easy for you. Run with it.

      2. Vadim says:

        what the hell is wrong with you? he was acting on fear! he knew what would happen to him, so when fear hit him, it was ether fight or flight. and since there was no reason to fight, flight was his only option.

  27. KILLMAN says:

    we coulda been your daddy but the monkey beat me up the stairs. . .
    with that said do you really believe that punishment of an accident is in anyway a justice? if so then perhaps i should development a time machine and stop your mother from forgetting her diaphragm the night you were conceived – making u an accident – and unfairly punishing your mother. . .is that justice? lets pray the man lives my heart goes out to the family but at the same time boys will be boys. at leastt he didnt KILL MAN

  28. Jacek Pacynko says:

    The victim is my cousin. It is very painful to see someone getting hurt like that.
    Who on earth gives such a BIG car to totally unexperienced 17 year old beginner driver???!!!! And why 17 year old is driving at 10.30 at night in the city alone!!? I believe that most of responsibility for what happened is on drivers parents side.

    There is so many questions but no answers will repair the damage.

    I deeply believe that Dominik will recover and I pray for him from the centre of my heart.
    We love you Dominik…

    1. Justice for Dominick says:

      It’s very obvious that Avi’s parents did NOT teach him right from wrong. To hit another human being, and then be heartless enough to run away without trying to help that person is criminal. This is not a mistake on his part, even if his family and friends may think so, this was his gut instinct to do the wrong thing. Likewise, unless he cops a plea, any judge and jury will punish him for the horrific act of running away from a person he hit. And yes, the parents of Avi are responsible and must be liable for the civil suit which Dominick and his family must pursue. Justice MUST be served and I’m confident will be by good decent people.

      1. Vadim says:

        right like the good person who ran him over the seconed time, and if he was paying attention to the road, he would have stopped and not Mr. Dominick into critical posistion.

  29. jimmy says:

    You are right but first lets concentrate on praying for the victim, Dominick Winnick and his family. May god heal him and restore his good health.

    Then god can and will punish Avi as he see’s fit.

  30. may dom recover says:

    Jack Winnick: it is being reported that your brother has died from the vehicular assault. Please tell us this isn’t true and may everyone pray for DOminick.

  31. Jack Winnik says:

    The victim is my baby BROTHER Dominik Winnik who at this hour is on life support in critical condition. Before you start the praising and hate campain concentrate on praying because this is what we have left right now!
    We need a MIRICLE !
    Please offer your prayers here!

    A. Rios

    Please contact me @847.6526525

    Jack Winnik

  32. danny green eyes says:

    avi is a good kid and wouldnt pull anything like that on purpose, he goes to college and actually wants to be someone in his life. and straight up this could have happened to anyone. avi we preyin for u brat

  33. Jack Winnik says:

    The victim my BABY BROTHER Dominik Winnik is on the life support at this hour!!!
    Please insteat of defending and praising anyone, concentrate on prayers because that is all that we have now. We need a____ MIRACLE___!!!
    Please offer your prayers here.

    To: A. Rios
    Please contact me 847.652.6525

    Jack Winnik

  34. Danielle says:

    children make mistakes everyday and they get scared and dont know how to handle it. avi is an amazing boy and he made a terrible mistake but he is being very cooperative. he just ran because he was in a state of shok. everyone gets scared and hesitates and runs sometimes. hes a boy he got scared its a natural instict. my heart goes out to the man in critical condition. im pray that he will be ok and he can go home healthy to his family. i dont think avi should have his life taken away, hes just a kid with a whole life ahead of him. take his lisence or wtvr but i dont think he shud be put away. i hope that everything turns out good. the man is in my prayers and so is ai. we love you and hope u come home. i know this is a tough situation for everyone but what will it solve to press charges. its a sad situation yes but why ruin a child life. its enough he will live with this for the rest of his life.

  35. To Avi's Friends says:

    Avi’s friends: It’s nice of you all to defend him. However, he’s one of those hotshot drivers that do not deserve to be on the road. If you think “everything is going to be alright” and it’s that simple… why don’t you get in front of a car or put Avi in front of one and let someone hit you and him. “Everything will be alright…” IDIOTS!

    “Avi’s a good kid.” Really? Then why did he break the law driving with an improper license?

    Avi’s got no balls. He makes a mistakes, tucks his tail between his legs then runs home.

    Avi (that coward) will pay!

    1. Richard G37 says:

      This is a sad and unfortunate event for both parties. All of you guys are going back and fourth about how bad Avi messed up. We know. The past is the past, the focus should now be doing everything possible for the victim. Avi is a good warm hearted kid. Made a HUGE mistake… an accident. Under all the pressure he is under I know he is praying for the well being and survival of Dominick. 108 st is well know for these types of accidents and fatalities. FYI Jere His license was a class”DJ” which means he can drive,but must be supervised after 9 pm. A lot of people are taking this out of hand and are irrational. Be reasonable he is a child, and innocent immature child who lives only to study in school, earn a couple of bucks at work, and contribute to his family. He panicked like any human being would do, he was scared. I support and prey for the well being of both victims Dominick, hang in there, your time hasn’t yet come. and Avi let god protect you from these sick cannibals and just want to see you behind bars. You have my sympathy Avi, I know you wouldn’t do anything like this on purpose. Jere you are a complete IMBECILE! I would wish for you to be dragged in the same situation avi is in, but i pity an innocent victim. Is you aren’t pleased with your terrible perspective on life go to your room and slit your wrists. Save us all from your poison.

      1. Jacek Pacynko says:

        Good warm and nice kid you say he – who left the victim on the road and run away!!! Nice kid who brakes the law – after 9pm must be supervised – was he? Police didn’t report any passenger of the SUV!
        He’s being charged for leaving the scene of an accident and violating the terms of his restricted license!!!!
        So Richard G37 – I have no idea what is your pattern of logic in this situation but please stop protecting the offender and looking for an excuse!!!
        NICE PERSON DOESN’T HIT AND RUN!!!! Nice person takes responsibility of his own actions and faces consequences on the scene.
        So please Richard G37 leave us a family of the victim alone and free from your pointless comments. Try to respect it and don’t come back.

    2. liooo123 says:

      wow thats not nice to say! your telling me u never made a mistake in ur life? u cant say that! he is a child, and 17!! at this age everyone shows off with their cars, clothes and money! and everything will be alright! u gotta believe…avi is a good person and u will see, everything will work out for him!

      1. Think liooo123, think... says:

        liooo123: I was 17 before. I didn’t try to show off with my car, clothes or money. And at 17, I understand that it’s a privilege to be able to drive (not a right). On top of that, I had enough intelligence to understand that there are consequences to my actions. Obviously, to Avi, people like you and similar people, are things like cars, clothes, money to get attention are what’s important in life.

        liooo123, if the victim (who died) was a close family member of yours (father, brother), you think you would say the same thing you just said?

  36. Alen Davidi says:

    avi is a good friend of mines jere your nothing but a low life okay i bet if that was you you would go home to your mommy to okay so stfu before i find out info about you okay it was a poor mistake he’s only 17 i talked to his parents and they were feeling sorry for the 31 one year old victim so lay off bro

  37. ben says:

    avi bart we all love u bro every1 makes mistakes ur a good kid. everything will be fine.. hang in there bro every1 is waitin to c u n ur smile bart we alll love u !!!!

  38. Osuyun says:

    I went to school with Avi and he is a very kind hearted boy. He was scared and shooken and wasnt thinking when he fled the scene. If he was trying to hide he wouldnt have ran home he would have gone some where else where no one would find him. He didnt pla for this to happen it was an accident he is only a child he shouldnt have to pay off his lifetime for a mistake that he is traumatized for already. My heart goes out to the victim as well ofcourse it is sad. But Avi is just a young boy and for all those that know who he is will tell you the same. Avi stay strong your in my prayers and everything will be fine!

  39. Maciej says:

    To all those who protect that 17 years old m…f, I am best friend of the victim and I was holding his hand when he was suffering on the middle of the street. Don’t you there, to tell me that he is a good kid because my friend is fighting for his life, and he was a good person. Go f..k yourself if you stand with him.

    1. A. Rios says:

      Hello I am trying to find out info on the man that was hit. I was the one there with you Maciej asking if you knew him, I was the guy feeling for his pulse and on the phone wiith the police. I was on the scene and tried to save him when it happend. I was the one who called the police to aid him and waited till they got there. Please if you have any info contact me so that I can contact his family.

      1. Bogusia says:

        Dear Mr. A. Rios, Dominik Winnik is fighting for his life at New York Hospital Queens. His prognosis are very poor. Thank you very much for all your help. Dominik is a very good and the nicest man I have ever known.

    2. Jere says:

      Take it easy. These are irresponsible, lighthearted, dumb teenagers with engorged feeling of entitlement, just like the first driver. Some of them come here to support this avi guy and don’t even say anything about Dominik who is the true victim. Julia – do you realize your ‘cool’ friend almost killed someone and then ran away to his mommy like a weasel? You don’t have anything nice to say to the victim? All he is in this story is the source of the problem your macho car driving friend is facing?

  40. julia says:

    i cant believe this happened to him wow ….
    avii hang in there buddy !

    1. A. Rios says:

      Hello I am trying to find out info on the man “Avii.” I was on the scene and tried to save him when it happend. I was the one who called the police to aid him and waited till they got there. Please if you have any info contact me so that I can contact his family.

      1. A. Rios says:

        Sorry I am trying to find out info on the Injured (lately deceased) guy not the hitter…

      2. Jere says:

        ‘avi’ is the first driver who hit the victim and ran. his school friends and relatives are showing their support here.
        The victim’s name is ‘dominik winnick’ but I’m not sure about spelling and validity of this.

  41. Johnny Jay says:

    This could’ve happen to anyone. 108st is a very busy street and people cross with out caution. I bet the pedestrian he hit wasn’t looking or crossed in the middle of the road.
    And I understand why he ran home and asked his parents what to do. He’s a young man who was scared and hesitated, and this first thing he thought of was his loved ones. He did confess which is better then just hiding and waiting to get caught.

    I live a building away from “Avraham Mullokandov” and anytime I see him he is either helping people, going to work, or like every teenager playing sports in the local park.

    He’s a really good boy and to hear about this is very hard. I hope it all turns out well I feel for him and support him all the way through.

    Johnny Jay

  42. A.J. says:

    That is my cousin and hes a great kid, ye would never do such a thing on purpose. he takes care of his sister like a daughter. who knows it couldve been the victims fault

    1. A.J. says:

      Sorry he’s not my cousin, a different avi i was thinkin of, so wrong person, idk who this is

  43. bennyy says:

    avis a great kid and dont deserve this, he made a mistake got scared and ran away just like a kid would do. this kid is definatly no spoiled kid in forest hills he works for everything he got so no one should be talkingg if no one noes wussupp

  44. sam says:

    ok marina u think ur so smart … what makes u think his parents have money and are laoded because hes jewish? lets look at what u missed .. first of he was driving a nissan not a bentley 2nd look at where the car was parked its an apartment building garage not a mansion driveway with a benz parked in front. 3rd hes 17 he got shook and left he wasnt drunk he wasnt high . 4th 108th street is well known for accidents and people crossing the street every chance they get. hes a kid he made a mistake one day when u have a kid he/she will make alot of them. and edy another smart one . what thug? hes 17!!!!!! dalbayob. next time b4 any of u wanna make a stupid comment get ur facts straight. my prayers go out to the victims family g-d knows the pain there feeeling … avi hang in ther brat the block is praying for u

  45. edy says:

    Hit & run in New York?…No!!!!!!!!!

    I bet the cops did not do anything to the thug behind the wheel

    1. A.J. says:

      hes not a thug thats my cousin, hes such a thoughtful and nice person, he takes care of his sister like a saint he’s a smart kid, dont say that

      1. Jere says:

        Nice person doesn’t leave the scene of an accident. When you get behind the wheel you assume certain responsibilities, no matter how young you are.

      2. A.J. says:

        sorry hes not my cousin, im thinkin of a different avi

  46. Marina Ios says:

    well., i guess nice, comfy forest hills life, cars, etc, is pretty much over, unless “daddy” or “favorite “uncle” or someone is a big shot lawyer- which probably is-
    tipical example of spoiled , idiotical kid
    unfortunately , innocent people are getting injured
    i do hope that the poor victim will fully recover, and when you do that, sue and get everything they got
    good luck

    1. misha says:

      I THINK YOUR A HATERRR!!!!!! of all those who live in forest hills.. and this couldve happen to anyone!

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