Police: Woman Stripped Naked On Delta Flight

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Police removed a woman from Kennedy Airport after, they said, she stripped naked during a flight.

The woman reportedly began taking off her clothes about 20 minutes before Delta Flight 6562 from Chicago began its descent into JFK Saturday night.

Authorities described her as emotionally disturbed and said passengers were never in danger.

She was taken to Jamaica Hospital.

No charges were expected.


One Comment

  1. T & A victim says:

    Another victim of T*ts & A*s

    1. boson Higgs says:

      We demand photos of this woman so that we may determine whether any of the passengers would have been emotionally injured by seeing her *naked*

  2. kit says:

    Removed from Kennedy airport and taken to a Jamaica hospital?????

    1. David says:

      They mean Jamaica, Queens. CBS could have been more specific, but it is Queens, NY. not the island of Jamaica that the lady was taken.

    2. nypj says:

      yes, it is the closest hospital… perhaps you should not comment about things that you do not know anything about… makes you look stupid..

      1. nypj is rude says:

        Perhaps you shouldn’t reply either nypj until you learn manners.

      2. Y Zass says:

        Just like nypj’s wonderful use of capitalization. Dim wit!

      3. Y Zass says:

        Just like nypj’s wonderful use of capitalization. Dim wit!
        Also, don’t end your sentence with “about” and using it twice nonetheless. You should have written, if you had you any educational background,”you should not comment about things that you know nothing.”
        Now— go find a storm surge and take a dunk!

      4. nypj says:

        nypj is rude – I was just showing some NYC hospitality. Now go f*ck yourself.

        Y Zass – I get it – “wise ass”

      5. voter says:

        Tea party between nypj and nypj is rude, keep going and i will vote for one of you.

  3. Dale says:

    I bet the Pilots put the Jet on automatic Pilot so they could come back and “get some”

    1. Melissa in NorCal says:

      Really? You’d bet on that? I’d say – you’d lose on that bet. Hey tool, most people don’t think of raping a person when they are clearly suffering from some sort of mental episode. Where the hell do people like you come from?

      1. We Love to Fly says:

        Melissa’s just upset because her mother decided to do the entire flight – AGAIN! Doing it all – Delta!
        You should see her at the Greyhound terminal. Leave the driving to her!

      2. JohnM says:

        Psst. “Get some” doesn’t mean rape. In fact, it doesn’t even imply it. Your imagination has tricked you again.

  4. bubble boy says:


  5. sc341 says:

    Maybe she thought the rest room was a stall shower…

  6. joey says:

    she does have hairy armpits, among otherthings

    1. Michael Knight says:

      How do you know?

  7. pork chop says:

    white or black

  8. William says:

    Jpegs or it never happened. Surely someone utilized a camera phone. Stop hogging all the evidence!

  9. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

    And now for the bad news….

    She was a 400 pound Russian peasant woman with hairy armpits and a bad case of vodka flatulence.

    1. MikeD says:


      Hairy chin? If so, I think I love here, we can fly around the world together!!!

      1. To Russia with Love says:

        You can take her out to go ICE FISHING on your first date. Don’t forget the vodka!

  10. C E says:

    Wow, I wish I had been on that plane. The flight must have been interesting. It sounds like she was cute. I would have applauded her and offered my help..hehehe..

  11. Daniel S. Toma says:

    Meanwhile, all the male passengers are requesting a partial refund, since the “in-flight entertainment was prematurely terminated”

    1. melvinslizard says:

      Don’t say “premature”

  12. DD says:

    Was she trying to ensure all male passengers sitting down while airplane prepares landing? Or she dares them to stand while she is naked?

  13. Eric says:


  14. Jack says:

    Lisa’s: take a remedial spelling course..”delaid???” I guess thats when you reverse getting laid but I guess airport security would be capable of taking care of that.

  15. Schmellma Arss says:

    How come cool stuff like this never happens when I fly …… or take a train …… or take a bus. Oh well, may as well start smoking again.

  16. charlie sheen says:

    was she sporting a brazilian, a kojak, or a birds nest?

    1. hurricane irene says:


    2. tv2112 says:

      Mohawk, Fu man chu, or a weave?

  17. zee says:

    This story is from November 28.2010 —

  18. Rick O'Shea says:

    Nothing like a female berserka to liven up a mundane flight.

  19. Obama Bin Lyin says:

    Beats the in flight movie.

  20. GD says:

    Was she hot? It matters.

  21. Sandspur says:

    If the TSA was using behavior profiling,like it should do, this poor woman would never have been allowed to board.

  22. CIA says:

    After the police removed her, TSA Agents were called in to grope her for contraband

  23. Biff says:

    …Was she attractive?

    I would consider paying extra.


    Let me guess, now the TSA will have to put a new law/rule in place…….give every person a psychiatric evaluation before boarding a flight!!! Maybe the TSA should give themselves a psychiatric evaluation for implementing stupid dumb rules such as groping everyone before a flight!!

  25. ProFromDover says:

    Bet the other airlines don’t offer that kind of in-flight entertainment!

    1. Stephen Holland says:

      I think it was just too hot on the plane

  26. badman says:

    skip straight down to comments by “p” and “john” – they were on the flight and tell a much more complete story than CBS. How hard would it be for a legit news outlet to get info like this, and actually include it in their story?

  27. Marina Ios says:

    maybe she is a stripper and was rehearsing for a job interview….

  28. Frank D says:

    Get to the important stuff and cut the BS. How old was she?

  29. tc says:

    If a man had done this with the same “mental issues” this would have a SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT OUTCOME! All people are doing is making jokes and asking if she had a nice body. Is there justice for women only?

    1. badman says:

      who cares? just tell us WAS SHE HOT?

  30. Burt says:

    Must of been a Democrat. Once they found that out they let her go.

  31. nyc says:

    I wonder if Delta will use this in their advertising ? Naked women like to fly Delta !

  32. Calvin Hobbes says:

    Well, Delta does lead the airline industry for the highest fees. More clothes leads to more luggage, carry-on’s, more fees. Perhaps that leads to the theory that no clothes could lead to a discount? No luggage, no carry-on’s, and no air-conditioning?

  33. David Ruffin says:

    Was she cute?

  34. p says:

    i was on this flight last night. there is more to the story.

    she was originally sitting in the last row of the plane. she was asian, maybe 17-22 years old. she got up several times at the beginning of the flight and was quickly walking up and down the aisles. at about 8:20 or so EST she began screaming, which went on for at least 5 minutes. at that point she was at the back of first class, maybe row 7ish. someone on the loundspeaker came on and asked if there were any doctors or law enforcement agents on board.

    word traveled back to my row (17) that a flight attendant had told someone she had been riffling through all the drawers and cabinets in the galley looking for alcohol. when she began taking off her clothes flight attendants began to restrain her and I think that’s when the screaming started. it went on for 5 minutes or so. she finally quieted down and they put her in a seat at the back of first class.

    we landed at 9:05 EST and several policemen boarded the plane. I am guessing that they gave her something (tranquilizer?) because we all filed out past her in row 7(ish) with policemen around her.

    1. John says:

      Yeah, I was on the flight as well in row 8. I was attempting to sleep throughout the flight and I actually awoke to her removing her clothes. I think it was row 1, right behind first class that she was in.

      I actually saw her in the terminal before the flight took off. Something bizarre about her struck me. Never thought it would lead to this.

    2. Frank D says:

      Let mne guess how thios turned out?

      The two cops drove her home and checked on her three times that night? 🙂

      1. niklu says:

        Very good Frank….. they just cuddled

    3. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      Sounds like a dry run for another attack.

      Unfortunately, noone told her that nudists have a hard time making it as suicide bombers.

      1. melvinslizard says:

        Her body was “da bomb”

  35. olga says:

    This TSA ‘security’ will slowly transform most sane citizens into ’emotionally disturbed’ mental patients. They took her to the hospital? Against her will?

    1. None says:

      What would you propose they do with her?

  36. Yrupopinthese says:

    Ambien… How much would you like to bet?

  37. tim says:


    By the way the woman was sitting next to a TSA agent and she freaked out eventhough the guy said only strip at the gate and not on the plane. People should not take things intot heir own hands. Only strip when a TSA agents asked you to do so.

  38. tim says:

    I heard the plane had 250 people and 6 crew members. veryone worked for TSA except that poor woman!

  39. bored passanger says:

    what? no pictures?

  40. CHARLIE says:


  41. Cecelia says:

    Hey, you people doing the comments are a funny bunch : ]

  42. Lisa says:

    Maybe she was in a hurry,she didnt want to be delaid from the airport security control,so she did it on the plain to cut waiting time and it worked. .She was the first to go out. i wonder in male customer enjoyed free show from the officer?

    1. Mike says:

      You are a moron.

    2. Lee says:

      @Lisa, learn how to spell. It is delayed not delaid and plane, not plain. Idiot.

    3. Tomas says:

      …in addition, Lisa’s grammar is rather poor: lower-case I, she meant to write ‘if’ instead of ‘in’, customer should be plural, since there’s a 99.9% chance that more than 1 member of the male species was on the flight. Somebody needs hooked-on-phonics before she can start making stereotypical comments toward the guys!!!

  43. Kyriacos Stavrinides says:

    she wanted to skip the TSA scans

  44. gman says:

    “…and said passengers were never in danger”
    of what ?

  45. greta says:

    She’s probably having PTSD from an abusive pat down. Poor thing…

  46. Old Man says:

    just like a woman to use ANY EXCUSE to strip and show it all! Most women thrill in showing their bodies in public….just look at the current clothing styles. Just make it “clothes optional” and see how many women appear in the buff! And they wonder why they are thought of as cheap!

    1. Rainbow says:

      Old Man, you must really be old to still think that way. No, most women do not “thrill” showing there bodies in public. When was the last time you saw that. Perhaps you should comment on the thrill male perverts obtain when they are exposing themselves. That is NOT all men, just the sick ones like this woman.

  47. miky mouse says:

    as she got nice body? I think this is going to increase the number of free flight customer services. i like it. do you?

  48. chago says:

    now that’s being prepared for an airport nearest you.

  49. binky says:

    How did they determine she was emotionally disturbed? Just because she stripped naked? Actually, they should make this standard procedure before boarding all flights. Then there would be no need for the controversial full body scanners or pat downs.

  50. charley n says:

    is she planning to fly to myrtle beach soon??

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