CBS 2’s Wragge To Anchor ‘Early Show’

NEW YORK (CBS) —  Big changes are coming to “The Early Show” next year.

Starting Jan. 3, Erica Hill and CBS 2’s Chris Wragge will be the new co-anchors of CBS News’ morning program. Jeff Glor will serve as the broadcast’s news anchor.

Marysol Castro, formerly of ABC’s “Good Morning America” weekend edition, will join the team as the weather anchor.

The appointments were announced Tuesday by Sean McManus, president of CBS News and Sports, and David Friedman, “Early Show” executive producer.

“‘The Early Show’ is an important element of CBS News,” McManus said in a statement. “We constantly focus on how to improve the broadcast, and we think we have a terrific combination in Erica, Chris, Jeff and Marysol. In the year since David has taken the helm, he has produced some outstanding programming and shown a deep, thoughtful understanding of morning television. This new team brings vibrancy, intelligence and warmth that I think America will grow to love.”

Wragge has been the 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. news anchor for WCBS-TV since November 2006.

“Erica, Chris, Jeff and Marysol are four accomplished broadcasters who already have proven track records and loyal followings. Together, they’re going to be even stronger,” Friedman added. “This group is the perfect combination of intelligence and personality for morning television, and I’m excited to give viewers the opportunity to welcome them into their homes each morning.”

Hill and Wragge have co-anchored the Saturday edition of “The Early Show” since 2008. Hill also has been news anchor for “The Early Show” since January of this year.

Glor has anchored the Saturday edition of the “CBS Evening News” and been a national correspondent reporting for all CBS News broadcasts since 2009. He has also been a substitute anchor for the “CBS Evening News” since March 2007.

The current cast of “The Early Show” – Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez and Dave Price – will remain at the network in new roles, according to the statement.

Smith will become the primary substitute anchor on the “CBS Evening News,” “Face the Nation” and “Sunday Morning,” while continuing to report major stories for all CBS News broadcasts.

The network is discussing ongoing roles for Rodriguez and Price.

“We appreciate Harry, Maggie and Dave’s countless contributions to ‘The Early Show’ and are looking forward to the contributions they each will continue to make at CBS News,” McManus said.

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One Comment

  1. Hilde Dunivan says:

    Hi Erica,

    Just wanted to let you know we really miss you on 360, you and Anderson made me laugh every night , we lave your sence of humor. We always watch the 360 show but it is not the same without you, we wish good look on the morning show and with your new baby.

  2. Mary says:

    I stopped watching Channel 5 News when Dave signed on with CBS. Now he is gone, I will find another News program to watch. I only watched CBS because of Dave Price. This is not good!!!

  3. Gene says:

    My wife and I noticed the change and thought it was done for the holidays and just found out it was a permanent change. Bad move on your part.

    1. ellenne says:

      I disagree. Erica Hill is as good as harry smith or katie couric . I dont care for marysol because she sits to do the weather, every other weather person stands!

  4. Patricia McCabe says:

    I too have been following Dave Price since he left fox 5 and think he is a great news person he brought vibranace to the show along with Harry and Maggie. need less to say without them I am no longer watching cbs. CBS think twice you r losing ratings by sending this fabolous people to the curb…

  5. Vanessa says:

    I heard about the upcoming changes with trepidation. I too followed Dave Price as he moved from Fox 5 over to CBS and have been waking up to his weather reports for more years than I can recall. It just doesn’t feel like a good morning now that he is no longer on the air. As for missing Harry on the morning show. He brought a veritas to the news that is sorely lacking on all the other morning shows and that is now lacking here on CBS as well. I enjoy Chris Wragge’s perkiness in the morning on the weekend but every morning is overkill. He did do a perfect job presenting the evening news, however, that has not been matched by the new anchors. I have actually begun to flip stations, something I have not been tempted to do in close to a decade. I realize you are looking for a boost in ratings but what is your target audience? And is this really the way to get them or just a way to alienate the loyal followers you already had?

  6. Where is DAVE, MAGGIE & HARRY says:

    This will not be good for the ratings that is for sure… Jeff and Maryisol make me want to change the channel!!!! I started watching Channel 2 when Dave came so maybe they want us loyal wathcers to go to a new channel… I have no interest in watching these two they have NO Connection to me as a viewer.. We NEED Dave, Maggie and Harry back NOW before it is too late!! While you are at it Channel 2 replace Katie Curic because I ALWAYS change the channel when she comes on!! Harry, Maggie or Chris would be great replacements.. Chris has the connection someone needs to think this out because without Dave, Maggie and Harry there is NO interest for me to stay… Besides Chris the others are HORRIBLE… Fire the BEST of the bunch to save money maybe???

  7. Gail says:

    This was the worst move!! Harry, Dave , And Maggie were great to wake up to!! I no longer am watching cbs and have swited back to nbc!

  8. Anna says:

    Chris Wragge is so unappealing to me. I’ve been watching him on the Saturday Early Show and wondering where they found such a goofball and why they didn’t get rid of him. Harry Smith was the best. How dare you get rid of him. I really like Erica and Jeff, but to dismiss Dave Price is a huge, huge disappointment. Dave was awesome!

  9. Barbara says:

    I just watched the first ediition of the new morning show and you sent me right over to channel 5. Chris Wragge is great but the rest are terrible. One girl talks so fast I expect her to swallow her tongue. Try Cristine Johnson, or be prepared to finish worse than third.

    1. joe says:

      I was watching ABC and left it because it was too high energy and I missed Diane S. I loved watching Maggie, Dave, and Harry. Then, they go and put in eye candie, and fake personaliites with Erica. Like Chris, though. It’s no longer a news show that I can connect with, but just a lot of fakey personalities (not Chris, though). I definitely will be channel surfing now.Can you really take news seriously with Erica Hill?

  10. Gail says:

    This is very sad bot seeing Dave Price on in the a.m. I have been following him for many years and what a great asset he was for CBS in the morning. Soooo sad and soooo stupid not to have him. Also, Harry Smith was such a pleasure to watch too. What a HUGE mistake thats making my family switch to another channel.

  11. Carol says:

    If this is thought to be an improvement, it is a MISTAKE. Harry Smith is the best in the morning. Harry, Dave & Maggie are a wonderful trio. If it isn’t broken why fix it. I guess I will be watching ABC in the mornings this next year.

  12. dona says:

    you made a wrong choice in letting Dave Price go, dont u watch your own show, he is the best, you say he will stay with cbs, then tell us how and where

    1. ellenne says:

      Where is Dave price and maggie now?

  13. Annette says:

    I watch the morning show every day without Harry, Maggie & Dave I will be surfing the other shows to find a new one, bad decision

  14. devistated says:

    You have got to be kidding, someone did not think this out well…. you fire sweet and pleasent Maggie….. but you keep rude and short Erica who always has snide comments. I loved watching the Early Show and have for years… but this will change

  15. Uncle Paul says:

    Uncle Paul
    Forged about it…Bring Chris Wragge back..Cousin Vinnie going to pay you a visit..

  16. Rich & Ron says:

    Bring Chris & Christine back to 5:00 News. They are the only reason we watch.

    1. Christine says:

      Bring Chris back to the 5:00 news. I love Chris & Christine together!!! It was the only news that I would watch!! They were soooo cute!!

  17. Kitty Chung says:

    I am relieved and disappointed at the same time. I am relieved bec Chris remans in CBS network. Disappointed because Chris and Kristine had such a great chemistry on screen which made news watching fun and “addictive”. I would not watch news anywhere else until now. I will miss Chris during the weekday morning. WIsh they’d switch Rob M. to anchor with Kristine but am glad to see Rob M. anchor with Mary C – another good team to watch.

  18. luis rivera says:

    This is realy bad i love the team of chris and cristine working together.
    why is it that when someting is working so good you guys go ahead
    and destroy it. what a shame. shame on you guys at channel 2

  19. BERNIE says:


  20. Carol says:

    Can’t believe you people are giving up a great team like Chris Wragge and Kristine Johnson.. YOU ARE SO STUPID

    1. Christine says:

      Agree!!! Bring them back together!! Chris & Christine — 5:00 news!!!

  21. joam says:

    This was a perfect team. They worked soooo well together. Dave Price made the show fun to watch, news doesn’t always have to be boring. He is a larger than life personality a real MR. NEW YORK. I will follow him whereever he winds up. BIG MISTAKE

  22. June says:

    I came back to CBS in the morning when Dave Price left channel 5NYC for channel 2. I’ve already started “scoping” out other channels for my morning show. NO DAVE PRICE…NO ME!!!

  23. Ina says:

    So disappointed. I enjoy evenings. He and Kristine Johnson worked so well together.

  24. Karen says:

    I want Chris Wragge back at 5 p.m.He and Christine are a great pair. Please put him back on the evening news.

  25. Cindy Noel says:

    I looked foward to seeing Harry Smith and Dave Price every day. You made a big mistake ketting them go

  26. SHIRLEY says:


  27. John says:

    We live Innisfil Ontario Canada and can’t believe they are making these changes , We faithfully watch this show every morning or tape it and see it at supper. Without Harry, Maggie and Dave no more.

  28. rita says:

    i will be very happy to see chris wragge every mornig….loved him on 5 and 11 news….good luck chris!

  29. Mary says:

    You will be loosing viewers! Loosers.

  30. John Rondllo says:

    Another example of talented professionals being done dirty by the corporate suits of America! Best of everything to Harry, Dave and Maggie – they will find great opportunities with a competitor shortly down the road. Appreciation for loyal, dedicated and professional service died a long time ago – I know – I’ve been there myself. Time to find another morning show!

  31. Sandy says:

    I will miss Harry, Maggie, and Dave very much. They are the very best. Good luck to all of you. CBS you are very stupid to do this.

  32. Tony says:

    I hope Dave goes to Fox new where he will be watched by many. Harry and Maggie should go to MSNBC where no one will see them. Good luck Dave!!

  33. Rita says:

    I am already missing Chris Wragge in his regular spot at 5:00 pm with Christine. He has such a wonderful personality and together with Christine make a wonderful news team. Now I will not be able to watch him any longer and I think he will be greatly missed. Wish he weren’t leaving!

  34. Kathy says:

    Are you people out of your minds. Leave the cast alone. I can’t imagine not seeing Harry Smith and especially Dave Price every morning. We enjoy these people so much. Very disappointed in your decisions.

  35. Cindy Brackett says:

    Dave Price, Go to Fox News it’s the BEST place to be!!

  36. Margarita says:

    Very depressing!!! Time to change channels! I do not agree with this decision at all 😦

  37. Bob D'Agostino says:

    My wife likes Dave Price so don’t remove him .
    My wife says” he likes dogs”.that’s enuff 4 her.

  38. Nancy says:

    How tight can the women’s clothes get? How much more cleavage can they show? Maybe they will just wear bra and panties like the woman going through the checkpoint at the airport. Better looking, younger men? What about personality. After wonderful, okay is not good enough.

    1. ruth says:

      EH has no personaility. She comes across as not nice, but cutthroat. Not someone I connect with.

    2. Kathy says:

      I just turned the tv on and I can’t tell who is who. They all look alike on the morning news. The moneywatch girl, erica hill, chris, jeff, the weather girl all look alike; like clones or androids. They all sound alike, they dress alike, they all laugh at the same time…too perfect makes for boring news. Now i just watch to laugh at how ridiculous they look. Sorry, but it’s just all very uninteresting.

  39. Nancy says:

    I still miss Hanna and Russ. I will miss The Early Show, because it will be OVAH on December 31. I certainly hope this opens better doors for Harry, Dave, and Maggie. I still follow the careers of Hannah and Russ. You cannot promote loyalty, and then throw them out the door. Time to explore other stations on January 1. Bring it on!!! I will continue to follow the three some.

  40. Pamela Shapiro says:

    The replacement of Harry, Maggie and especially Dave Price left me in shock. While I like Chris, this move is a waste of exceptional talent. The team as it is always brightened my day and although management said they will be utilized elsewhere, we know that means they will soon be gone. I will definitely follow Dave as I did when he left Fox 5. Bad decision.

  41. Elaine says:

    The Early show was just fine. The mix of Harry Maggie and Dave was perfect !! Leave it to CBS to muck up a good thing!! TIme to change channels.

    1. Gail says:

      Why mess with a GOOD thing!! I miss Harry, Dave.and Maggie!! I have now turned to a different channel. The new team does not work!!!

  42. Deb says:

    As much as I like Chris Wragge, I will miss Harry, Maggie and the best weatherman Dave Price……I have followed Dave from Fox 5 to CBS and enjoy his wit and fun attitude. I cannot say that change is always good. But we hope for an entertaining show. Good luck to Harry, Maggie and most of Dave….Hope that exciting things are in your future.

  43. Jean Cain says:


  44. Shirley says:

    No Harry!?! No Dave to toss checking “the weather in your area” to the local station!?! No Maggie? Harry is such a good sounding board and grounding for the show. I will miss the faces, wit, comments, viewpoints, and humor of all three folks who have contributed so much to the show. I wish you all the best in the future. See you in different time slots, Harry!l Sometimes change isn’t so neat.

  45. puresoapdrama says:

    This is great news. Wherever Chris Wragge is, I will follow. Have loved his work since he was in Houston. Congrats to all and especially to Chris Wragge!

  46. Chris says:

    Originally from NY and now I live in NC and Harry, Maggie and Dave always make me feel I was back home. I will miss seeing them every morning.

  47. Andrea says:

    I am very disappointed in this news about the Early Show. Although I enjoy Chris, Erica & Jeff. I really will miss Harry & Dave, I switched from Ch 5 to the Early Show when Dave Price moved there. I wish the new team the best, but will really miss Harry & Dave

  48. Karen says:

    One of the reasons we watched this newscast religiously is Harry! We enjoy Erica very much too, and like Chris and Jeff, as well – but no Harry?!?!? Leaving Harry out is NOT a good change!

  49. Kathryn Murdoch says:

    I am very, very dissapointed about this move. I watch this program every morning while I get ready for school and tape it every day. What I don’t get to see before school I watch later. I think both Harry and Maggie are terrific. I wish them both the very best and will follow them.

  50. Dean says:

    This is really depressing 😦

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