Officials: Earthquake Hit Off Long Island Coast

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS/WCBS 880) — A minor earthquake was reported off of eastern Long Island Tuesday morning. There were no reports of injuries or damage.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports

WCBS 880 reporter Peter Haskell with details

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell on the risk of earthquakes in the Tri-State

The quake hit some 122 miles east/southeast of New York City and was felt by some residents in Riverhead and other communities throughout Suffolk and Nassau Counties, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

“I felt my table started to rock for about three seconds — it did it twice,” a West Hempstead resident told 1010 WINS.

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, New York told CBS 2 the quake was of 3.9 magnitude. It happened around 10:45 a.m. The epicenter was at a depth of 4.1 miles, according to the USGS website.

The Observatory received calls from people in Bergen County who also said they felt the quake. Geologists were going to continue examining the quake.

Columbia Research professor Leonardo Seeber described the location of the quake to WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell.

“Offshore at the shelf bridge…where the continent starts thinning out and the depth of the water gets much deep quickly,” Seeber explained.

While a 3.9 earthquake might sound like a big number, Seeber said it was not that unusual for the area.

“We have that kind of earthquake scatter around fairly frequently,” he said.

Southampton Town Police Sgt. Andrew Ficurilli says the police station shook for a few seconds. He said “two or three” calls came in from town residents wondering what had happened.


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  1. Harry Jones says:

    “Out there in the ocean at least…that is a good sign.” The newscaster should be better informed as he obviously knows little about earthquake and tsunami risk! Earthquakes out in the ocean cause tsunamis. This is of particular risk to Long Island which only a sand bar and barely above sea level.

  2. SERIOUSLY LOL says:

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    Anyone take notice of the so called priests,ministers, and men of the cloth who do bad things to Gods innocent children,rape,sodimize,impregnate without marriage…. NEVER CARE THEY ARE GOING TO HELL and CONTINUE DOING GODS WORK IN GODS NAME????? Obviously they know what the rest of you fail to realize.. its LOVELY STORY!! WAKE UP!!

    Plz dont pray for me.. i dont need it. I am educated and continue to learn about religion and theology to know its all A STORY!!!

  3. Stan says:

    Elvis is back. We’re all Shook Up ! ! !
    Jerry Lee Lewis says,
    “A whole lotta shakin goin on!
    There is definitely a Rock ‘n Roll Heaven.

  4. Rodney King says:

    Can’t we all just git along!

  5. Badjw says:

    “In the last days earthquakes will occur in one place after another…”…the scriptures are being fulfilled.

  6. Jenny says:

    There is no god. There never was a god. You believers are weak minded and scared of your own shadows…


    1. Blessedone333 says:

      Psalm 14:1
      The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

    2. phil says:

      Jenny it takes more strength of mind and soul to believe and we who do believe hhare afraid of nothing in jesus christ.I am afraid though for your soul so I will pray for you …… GOD BLESS YOU……

    3. Maria says:

      I rather believe therein God and die and find out there isn’t then to not believe in God and die, and find out there is, cuz then it would be too late. too late for u. u’ll be goiing straight to hades. 🙂

  7. Delilah says:

    “What does man have to do with anything?”
    Man is the destroyer of the heavens and the earth and the sad part is Man does it in God’s name.

    1. phil says:

      D man can,t desroy heaven and god will destroy the earth soon.By way of the rapture

  8. charles thomas says:

    Sorry, do not believe in an invisible super being…

  9. Gigantor says:

    Citizens of earth: please learn how to spell correctly. Mayhaps then I will take you seriously.

  10. Steve says:

    Minor earthquake. Middle of nowhere. Nobody hurt. Why are there any comments?

    1. Rich R says:

      did you watch the show Earthquake New York City? That looks to be along the ancient fault line that they were talking about in the show

  11. bytor2112 says:

    Earthquakes have been happening since the beginning of time…4.5 billion years…tectonic plate shifts, volcanic activity…this is how the earth was made and is still going on…and will continue for eternity. For those who say its jesus, or alah or the flying speghetti monster, go educate yourselves and start living in the 21st century….it boggles my mind that people still think like the ancients.

  12. BunchaKooks says:

    Wow, they’ll let just anyone post a comment. Is the moon full?

    1. Nate Torres says:

      Freedom of speech, even for kooks.

  13. doc says:

    Mike is god. 4th term?

  14. liwingnut says:

    Might be Godzilla under there….

  15. Nate Torres says:

    You are not prophets, leave God out of earthquakes or exploding buildings unless he talks to you and tells you directly. Thank you very much. “He does not take delight in the death of the wicked.” Which is contrary to popular religious opinion. — a concerned Christian.

  16. Jeffers says:

    I felt it! Lisbon CT, near the Casinos

    1. Hornet Montana says:

      >> Lisbon CT, near the Casinos


  17. Rentie13l says:

    If we could all just love one another before Armegeddon comes, then the Christ would appear and we could live forever in the kingdom. When you die you could go to purgatory (hell) or you could go to heaven (Christ). Why don’t you try to heal yourself by turning to love instead of war and hatred?

    1. Nate Torres says:

      I guess you’ve never read the New Testament. We will all betray one another before Jesus appears. I expect to be betrayed by strangers, family, friends, and other Christians, because I believe his words. How about you?

  18. Steve M. says:

    “Bring God back to the USA or Mother Nature will destroy it. Pray”………..Hmmm, maybe God was a120 miles off the coast this morning……..He’s got a long swim ahead of Him….

  19. Maria says:

    Bring God back to the USA or Mother Nature will destroy it. Pray

    1. Nate Torres says:

      If all nations will hate Christians, as Jesus said, explain how we are supposed to bring God back. We don’t do anything. We sow, we water, god gives the growth. Without him we can do nothing. Revelation says all the creatures in the seas will die. There will be no saving of the whales. I don’t know where you get your theology. Only God can save. “Lord save us, or we shall not be saved.” What does man have to do with anything?

  20. kala says:

    I bet any serious Earth Tremor will send Mike running for his personal chapper and to hell with NYC.

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