Newark Mayor, Police Union Head At Odds Over Layoffs

While Sides Bicker, Residents Fear Spike In Crime

NEWARK, N.J. (CBS 2/1010 WINS/WCBS 880) — There is concern and worry in New Jersey’s largest city.

Newark residents were wondering Tuesday if their streets were safe after 14 percent of the city’s police officers were laid off, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports.

The mayor of Newark and his police director said even with 167 officers laid off, people will not notice a difference on the street.

“Newark residents should know that tonight. We will have virtually the same amount of people, on patrol. As we had last night. And the night before,” Mayor Cory Booker said.

But that answer was not giving the citizens comfort.

“The criminals are sitting back, saying, ‘Oh boy. I like this. I like this!’” resident Emma Montgomery said.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea because then violence increases because as they’re laying off police officers, they’re also laying off other people, and what do they turn to? They turn to violence,” added resident Morolake Rami Johnson.

One man said things in Newark are so bad, he did not want to give his last name.

“Taking out those cops has made Newark a difficult place to live. Even we have them, and we’re having problems,” “Thomas” told Guzman.

The Guardian Angels said they would patrol Tuesday night to take up the slack. Booker said that was news to him, but Police Director Garry McCarthy welcomed the help.

“I’m absolutely crushed,” McCarthy said, describing what it was like to hand out the pink slips.

McCarthy insisted that man power on the streets of Newark would not change and that the layoffs would not prompt a surge in crime.

“I’m really confident in our commanders. I’m really confident in the people that we have and we’re going to get the job done,” McCarthy told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck.

1010 WINS Reporter Glenn Schuck with where the mayor places blame

While police officers weren’t allowed to comment, the union was asked to accept a one-time salary deferral, overtime cap or unpaid leave days, something the union saw as a violation of their contract.

Fraternal Order of Police President Derrick Hatcher said there is a contract that should protect cops from being laid off. He wants Booker to admit that when the mayor signed it, Booker knew the money would run out — and he would have to lay people off.

“The mayor should put on his big boy pants and say hey, you know it was an error made by this administration. I’m willing to take it on the chin,” Hatcher said.

But the mayor said the budget gap would have been closed if the union agreed to what amounted to $1,500 in concessions per officer. According to the mayor, the layoffs were necessary to save $9.5 million and help close an $83 million budget gap, CBS 2’s Magee Hickey reported.

“These layoffs were entirely avoidable. These layoffs could’ve been stopped at any moment by the union leadership. We could’ve cut the layoffs in half or a fraction if the union leadership was willing to do something in partnership with the city,” Booker said.

“Today is a very frustrating day for me,” Booker said. “They were unwilling to fulfill any of that gap!”

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney with comments from Mayor Booker over the police layoffs.

So the mayor said the union had a chance to save jobs, but did not negotiate fairly. The union said that the mayor signed a contract knowing that he would have no money to pay cops down the road. And so, we have a standoff.

The mayor said cameras, better community relations, and better management of resources will make up for the 167 cops laid off.


One Comment

  1. Jeweleast says:

    OMG. $1,500 in concessions compared to losing an entire salary? If what Mayor Booker said is totally true, this proves the point that many unions are destroying the livelihoods of the very members they are supposed to advocate for. Newark, NJ needs those cops!

  2. Michael says:

    This is really a story of the police union’s greed. They could agree to a 14% pay cut for all officers, and not have to risk public safety. UNION GREED at the expense of citizens!

  3. The Bobster says:

    Government is the the only animal with its vital organs exposed on the outside. Government hacks are never sacrificed.

  4. johnprob says:

    “More irresponsible journalism by CBS. The real story is the “shakedown” committed by the Newark mayor (et al). He didn’t lay off 14% of his bloated staff or address budget issues caused by exorbitant retirement benefits granted to bureaucrats. Instead he chooses to holds public safety hostage in a budget crisis. I hope N.J. voters get it Right in the next Newark city election.

  5. A Taxpayer says:

    Newark citizens wouldn’t be worried if the police union would accept an across the board pay cut – then every officer would still be engaged in protecting the city. This unwillingness by the union engaged in the stewardship of public tax dollars to adjust to economic realities is the real outrage here

  6. bobinflorida says:

    I was born in Newark in 1940, and raised in Bloomfield.

    Newark was as great City until the Muslim inspired riots of 1967 occurred while I served in the National Guard, and I have never spent one minute in the City since.

    As a teenager, I watched my Uncle tear down old Brownstones in order to build those “Affordable Housing” complexes, that I’m sure are abandoned, or torn down today.

    The 1967 riots were the “Kiss of Death” for the City, and I find it hard to believe how much time and taxpayer money has been wasted over the 40 plus years in an attempt to bring it back.

    Newark is a clear example of the direction our entire Country is heading, and at my age, I do not see any future for “We the People”, who are being overcome by the people we were dumb enough to think we could help.

    1. A Pismo Klamm says:

      Bob , youi’ re absolutely right,. I’m from Kearny, transplanted to the Midwest. Newark was a great , safe, well-managed city when the sons of Italy ran it…

  7. Southern Boy says:

    Wow, didn’t NJ just imprison a citizen for legally owning two handguns? Here in Florida we the people protect our police with a well armed citizenry empowered by sensible laws that are consistent with the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights 2nd amendment. NJ it’s time you crawled out from under the skirts of New York and let your people defend themselves. Oh, and by the way, our crime statistics are way lower than NJ because we take care of our women, children and neighbors.

    1. Brad says:

      “Here in Florida we the people protect our police with a well armed citizenry”

      I like that…

      1. Pablo says:

        I like that, too. That’s a keeper.

  8. TexasDD says:

    NJ residents need to get their guns back. There not many repeat offenders in Texas that face down an armed homeowner.

  9. A Bit of Thought says:

    A bureaucracy will cut its most visible and most efficient programs first when faced with a budget reduction.

  10. Isaac says:

    This is jst part of the “Plan”
    1. Disarm the people with arcane regulations and laws making th epeople dependent on the government for their “protection”
    2. Government in turn makes back room deals with the unions to “assure” each others positions and job security.
    3. Unions receive unsupportable sweetheart deals.
    4. Government realizes they can’t afford unions and makes cut backs.
    5. Union secretly promote strife and riots
    6. Public cries for the level of “protection” they had while unions were on the job.
    7. Public surrenders more money and freedoms to bring unions back
    And then we hear of Harry Reid promoting a nationalized union for public safety employees. Can anyone say ” Communist Bas7@5d”!

  11. Vince says:

    This is calculated. They want riots to SHOW that funding cuts to big cities is not worth it when social order breaks down and there are not enough police to contain it. This is a form of EXTORTION! It’s a shake down to turn public opinion against conservative lawmakers who support deep cuts in federal bailouts of major cities.

  12. James Norman says:

    Did they start with cutting off funding for parks, fountains, recreation, ect… first? Police and Fire should be the last thing anyone cuts. The city spends millions a year just keeping flowers planted near turn pikes and they think cutting police force staff is the answer? This makes a strong case for the Tea Party movement.

  13. Doug Hill says:

    They never lay off the political hacks; first order of business, lay off the cops and firemen. (We’ll show those stingy taxpayers.)

  14. bewolff says:

    Get rid of the policiticians and extra friend job takers and their too many perks,we need police,we have too many chiefs and not enough indians,what a shame to see a mayor not taking a different stand,he gets rid of the police instead of the fat a$$ politicians that travel and eat their way to sit on their duffs and decide on their next raise ,sounds like congress and the WH.

  15. nam_medic says:

    We have had years of “Click it or Ticket” and DWI checkpoints in NJ. It was a great overtime scam for suburban police departments. Today, it is easier for a High School student to buy Heroin in NJ than beer,no more CASA. #1 Lease a suburban policeman from each town in NJ to Newark for a dollar a year. Less drugs in the burbs, more police in Newark at no cost. #2 Pofile on the Delaware Memorial Bridge and Route 80 for drugs, go to the DEA website for NJ/NY most wanted drug felons. #3 Stop using police officers to send worthless reports to county,state and the feds so their poice can compile worthless reports. Today, we have the police we want, not the police we need!

  16. steve says:

    NJ restrictive gun control laws come back to bite the people in the azz. Make the people depend on the police, who arrive AFTER the crime 99% of the time, then panic ensues when the police protection illusion is cut back. Oh, and dont forget, coddle the criminals, give them social programs at the taxpayers expense. This is only the beginning of the cutbacks in the USA, as the money has finally, finally run out…..amusing. And tragic.

    1. Big Mike says:

      When seconds count cops are minutes away. Arm yourselves!! Rise up and take the streets back. It is your right! Those big old fat bellied politicians and unionists are spineless jellied blowhards!!

  17. Mike Johnston says:

    This the EXACT same tactic that Gov Christie exposed with the teachers union earlier this year? Same tactic, different union.

    They refuse to give a little when asked which would prevent any layoffs from occurring.

    Then when the layoffs occur, the union blames the executive that was forced to do so by the unions inaction and claims that person doesn’t care.

    With the teachers union they blamed the Governor and said he didn’t care about children, with the police union it’s the mayor not caring about people in general.

    It’s to get the citizens against the executive so that when the time comes he does not get another term and that you put in one of their union friendly guys… the union friendly types that create the deals that have eventually put the budgets of cities/states/federal governments in trouble.

  18. FuzzyWuzzy says:

    People of Newark need to remember; “Every time you vote for a Democrat, God kills a kitten!”

    1. Ava Indiana says:

      It is not about Democrat or Republican. 2yrs ago I was sick to death of Republicans! and I know I am not the only one. Both Parties are to blame for the mess we are in. the problem is to many crooks with their hands in our pocket.

      1. Vince says:

        Unemployment was never near 10 % under republicans. How can you compare the two. These past two years have been a MUCH bigger disaster than anything the republicans ever did. Open your eyes.

  19. JAG says:

    It’s a good thing New Jersey knows what the second amendment is. I wouldn’t worry about crime. In America, we protect our property. The police clean up the mess.

    Do the leaves stop falling because we have more street sweepers? There is no correlation. Unlike the police, the People can be everywhere at once.

    1. NJ skeptic says:

      Given we have the most restrictive gun laws in the US, NJ barely tolerates the 2nd Amendment. If you are a law abiding citizen living in EWR and decide that you’d like to legally buy a $200 shotgun to protect yourself in the response to the reduction in the police department, then you’ll have to fill in four different forms, visit the police department to have a police officer witness you sign them, hand over a $18 cashiers check (no cash, no credit card, no personal check) for your State police background review, wait 4-6 weeks for the State police clearance to come through, make an appointment to come back to the PD during regular business hours for fingerprinting for an additional charge and then finally receive your NJ Firearms Purchaser ID card.

      Once you have the ID card in hand, then you have to go a NJ licensed firearms dealer who will charge a minimum of another $35 to run a point-of-purchase background check and charges near list price for all their wares (why not – they are protected from competition as you can’t legally purchase out of state without having the firearm shipped to a NJ licensed dealer who re-runs the background check yet again).
      Est. date you can purchase that shotgun: Jan 1st – Jan 15th, 2011
      Est. minimum out-of-pocket cost: $300 ($200 + $60 + $35 + time off work to visit PD)
      These are the hoops one needs to jump through to exercise 2nd Amendment rights in the social disaster that is NJ. The myriad of fees and sales tax amounts to 40% in this example and requires a month of waiting on the bureaucratic approvals.

  20. Jimmy Stewart says:

    Just keep spending money New Jersey and then wonder why your having all these problems. You reap what you sow. Stop spending make cutbacks because the more you put it off the worse it will be when you have to pay the piper.

  21. Paul Meeks says:

    Have they cut welfare and social services to non-citizens already? They must have if they are taking away police protection from tax paying citizens.

  22. geetee52 says:

    As Dennis Miller puts it…until the government(s) is willing to separate the helpless from the clueless, things will continue to go badly. There should be a safety net for the helpless, but the clueless should pull their own weight. Just where are the initiatives to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse?

  23. Ralph Smerdlap says:

    “If only law abiding citizens were allowed concealed carry weapons, they would be able to protect themselves.”

    Sorry, citiezn, you don’t have a right to bear arms, even though the Constitution that police are supposed to defend says you can.

    You do have the right to bare arms though. In the Land of the Free, you have the freedom to wear tank tops whenever you want..

    1. Reg says:

      You sir, are a buffoon…

  24. noseitall says:

    Announce martial law and a “shoot first, ask questions later” policy.

    If the city gets sued, well, they’re broke anyway.

  25. Bill says:

    Have they made adjustments to overall government salaries, benefits and pensions yet?
    All this should come first.

  26. TYRONE says:


    1. Vince says:

      Right on Tyrone! You are exactly right.

  27. Vince says:

    If only law abiding citizens were allowed concealed carry weapons, they would be able to protect themselves. An armed population is a polite population.

    1. Marshall in Virginia says:

      Great point. Israel does very well with an armed populace, Great Britain – not so much. Heard a great joke the other day, British Bobby to criminal, “HALT or I shall yell Halt a second time”. The ‘wild” west might have been wild but I would suggest you were safer in downtown Tombstone than in downtown Detroit.

      1. The Bobster says:

        Britain did fine until they started importing black and Paki criminals. Now the Bobbies have to be armed, as the people (except thugs) aren’t.

  28. Rascal says:

    Law abiding citizens always want more police. Only criminals and relatives of criminals want less police. Those citizens who do pay property taxes to support Newark are getting the shaft from their politicians. Cut all social assistance programs to anyone under 62. Fuk those leeches that stay at home all day or have 10 kids to collect more money. Sickening!!!

  29. tyrone says:

    the leftist city of newark has disarmed all the law abiding citizens, while the preditors, the robers, the rapist, the sick and twisted criminals have all the firearms they want, and this leaves the innocent people at their mercy and even more with out the cops to help, this is the sealed fate of people who elect america hating traitors who call themselvs democ rats.It is they who have put your family in danger and it is you who have given them the power to do so. Blame yourself when the krap hits the fan and the preditors come prowling.

  30. Rascal says:

    How can you save money by laying off 14% of the police? Now you have to pay overtime to fill those 167 vacancies. Let’s see how many crimes increase this weekend and any murders should be blamed on Booker. The criminal mindset knows that 167 fewer cops is open season on citizens. They should just close all the libraries since the place is full of criminals who can’tread anyway. Good way to bring business back to Newark, lay off cops. That’s what businesses like to hear. Even Mccarthy will be leaving, he doesn’t want to be the head of a police force with no morale and a place where crime is going to skyrocket.

  31. Jimmy says:

    Less cops = less civilians brutalized.

    Jimmy Smith

  32. Robert L. Tussey says:

    Can anyone name a state or city under Democratic control for any length of time that has:
    Seen a reduction in crime?
    Reduction in drugs
    Reduction in gangs
    Improvement in schools
    Safer Streets
    Just wondering, I can’t think of one.

    1. Marshall in Virginia says:

      Mr. Tussey,

      Liked your post…hoped it upset the proper people.

    2. N3542576 says:

      Los Angeles, CA

      1. Snowman says:

        No one lives in LA, everyone lives in the burbs or Inland Empire….

    3. Frank says:

      Excellent observation.

    4. Mark says:

      Funny how it works out that way. Its because the selfish, lazy voters can’t look past their own entitlements to vote in people who will cut off the free cheese. They never thought the money would run out in their lifetime or never cared to begin with. Every large city and every state under Dem control for two terms or more becomes a wasteland of entitlements.
      Ole Ben hit the nail on the head.
      “I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

      Benjamin Franklin, On the Price of Corn and Management of the Poor, November 1766

  33. ONTIME says:

    I’m not feeling sorry for the union but I guess tha the enforcement of law will not be in the hands of the city’s administrative untrained personnel or do the citizens just have to get right to carry permits to make up for the 14% loss of their legal safety they paid good tax money for.

  34. Porky Pig says:

    Aww, you mean there won’t be as many jack-booted nazi thugs running around anymore. Well I guess they could use there connections and get themselves jobs as drug dealers except they won’t be able to steal their drugs anymore. boohoo piggypiggy

    1. Marshall in Virginia says:

      hello porky,

      Its been my experience of 30 years that the reason people don’t want the cops around is that they’re doing something illegal. So is it true what I hear about you and 12 year olds – or are you engaged in something more sinister. If that’s possible.

  35. olddog3006 says:

    How about just cutting the extremely rich pension/benefit plans of the retired officers by 10-20%. I’ll bet with the money saved, they’d be able to hire more police!

  36. Edson says:

    Another liberal city, who can only elect dems who can only take from the working class and give to the deadbeats, going down the tube. Spend your way out of it like
    Biden says. The blind leading the blind.

  37. Ursus Indomitus says:

    Why doesn’t the city council take a pay cut? They’re the ones running the city into the ground.
    The idiot citizens of Newark, the ones who ELECTED those jerks, need to do a Bell California on the criminals on the coincil.

  38. Infowars says:

    This is a good start. The police have become too militarized of late. Assault rifles, sound weapons, license plate reading cameras and intimidating black body armor. Go watch some of the youtube G20 footage from Pittsburgh or Canada. We can thank the feds for the funds that turn a decent neighborhood cop into a stone-faced heartless thug with a penchant for aggression and overkill. The bankers are setting up a police state because they know the collapse and revolution is coming.

    1. Ursus Indomitus says:

      POLICE STATE. I’ve been weatching it come for years

      1. mark says:

        I trust the police about as much as I trust lawyers and other criminals.

    2. Mike Hughes says:

      If this country wants to save money, let’s start with Homeland Security. It was a stupid idea that has cost huge amounts of money. Instead making our police organiztions more efficient and coherant, it add a layer of overhead to existing organiztions without improving communications and efficiency.

      Moreover, I felt safer not having all of our pollice organizations under organizatin. Returning to the pre-Homeland Security structure will make us safer and save huge amounts of money.

    3. Marshall in Virginia says:

      um…Infowars…there are myriad things I could say in response to your non-paranoid, non-delusional, non-Big Brother rant….but I just can’t help myself.

      1) AR-15s (at least) are the exact reponse to what the Bad Guys carry.

      2) Sound weapons should appease you, who doesn’t want your Comrades hit by AR-15s.

      3) Plate reading cams?? Really?? Are running red lights or skipping on parking tickets so internally sacred to you that being caught on cam frightens you this much? I’m willing to bet that the home webcams of you with that Vietnamese midget and German Sheperd are the singular prideful moment in your short time here on Earth.

      4) Intimidating “black” body armor??? Why o why do you have to play the race card?? Why can’t the police be seen as the professionals there are without the hateful specter of race playing into it? Its clear that it is you who has the “black” heart.

      Its been my experience that G20 footage tends to show woefully misguided, 1960’s wannabe hippies, who don’t have jobs or contribute to society, trying to impress their unshowered/unclean neighbors of the opposite sex, such that they have some kind of socially/politically/enviromentally relevent pick-up line.

      I was trying to think of some kind of zinger…and all I’ve got is BWAHAHAHAHAH!

  39. James Woods says:

    It’s silly to even think that an area has to cut any emergency service.

    The politicians do this as a political statement and it could all backfire in their faces.

    It could if we had funding to social services cut to only include people with real disabilities.

    No more welfare mommys, no more add daddys.

    You cut out all the social service spending to only include those truly that cannot support themselves and those that choose not to be productive in the community and opt to break the law will be able to do that and with the money saved from all the social spending you can bring the cops back.

    Any ‘revenue’ generation cops do should be dissolved across the country unless it goes on a %. A ticket to someone worth millions of dollars shouldn’t be the same as someone who just got layed off from a 7/hr job.

    1. bernie bouck says:

      I never hear about a cut in UNION benefits ,pensions or wages,only medicare, nursing homes ,food stamps or services we’ve already paid.Quality of life issues are always on the table when taxpayers and politicians meet. Who’s country (read:life) is this anyway?

      1. Frank says:

        BINGO! Why are police and necessary services the first to be cut?

  40. brendy says:

    These cash-strapped cities/states NEVER look at ILLEGAL ALIENS and their many ANCHOR BABIES or lazy, able bodied Americans getting welfare or freebies as ONE of the MAIN causes of their short supply of money, do they? Incredible!!!

    1. Marshall in Virginia says:

      To quote Dennis Miller, ” I like the cut of your jib”. Way to go – Keep up the good observations!

  41. Dennis Davison says:

    there are way to many cops just giving out seatbelt tickets $111 anyway. Waiting on a dark street, waiting for you to go a little to fast, so they can give you a $135 speeding ticket. I don’t feel bad at all. We just don’t need so many police. Beter training and time managment would be best for anyone.

    1. kenpittman says:

      Newark deserves everything that happens to them as they are proudly a “Sanctuary City” for illegal immigrants. At $22,000 a year per student, Newark educates thousands of children of illegal aliens, the taxpayers pay for emergency room care and the police are overburdened with fighting the crimes brought upon that God forsaken city by reckless liberals. Hey Mayor “Nero” Booker: Break ot the fiddle and watch the city burn you TRAITOR to this country.

    2. INJUN93 says:


  42. Theodore Baar says:

    Here’s who to lay off instead of the police:

    Bet you they are still in place.

    1. Any employee whose title or role relates to diversity or affirmative action.
    2. Any employee whose title or role involves outreach,
    3. 30% of the remaining administrative people in the school system.
    4. 30% of the remaining adminisyrative people in the fire and police departments.
    5. Union official who spend all their time on union matters. Let the Union people pay for their union tasks.

    That would be a start before you lay off working police officers (those on the street).

    1. Red says:

      In other words, all black people

      1. Marshall in Virginia says:

        RED!!!! Thought you had gone to bed……in all the posts here, you’re the first to play the race card. You get to go past Go and collect $200. You go, you hapless, helpless wordsmith of misguided (read – liberal) racial angst. You ARE the Batman of pseudo-guilt and the Columbus of completely lost explorers. Do you feel validated somehow in your impotent defense of what is apparent do every other free thinking American in this land of ours?

      2. The Bobster says:

        And you, Marshall, are the first one to paly the anti-racist idiot card. Red speaks the truth.

    2. Red says:

      What do you mean “on the street?” They never get out of their car…unless soebody needs a good ass whoopin’ even if they aren’t guilty of anything.

  43. PNW says:

    The cops here are doing very, very well. I know of two who own expensive waterfront and another who just completed a massive custom home and shop on acreage. They park their police vehicles (new Dodge Chargers) in the driveway. The taxpayer also pays the gas so they can go to and from work which can be a helluva long way out in the nice countryside. Seems like a pretty decent racket if you ask me.

    1. Red says:

      What about Cadillacs for Congress? All private use of public vehicles should be banned immediately. That would save us a billion easy.

  44. Ed Morgan says:

    This is an ongoing plan by that old spooky dude, George Soros and his string puppet, the Obungler

  45. Jerry says:

    New Jersey man serving 7 years for guns he owned legally
    Your gun control Laws are absurd. this is how your police departments control crime buy arresting gun owners and calling them criminals.
    Brian Aitken was is one of those individuals. Maybe what NJ needs is more gun owners and less law enforcement.

    1. warman says:

      Jersey needs those gun control laws to protect Obama’s voters from getting shot by the law abiding tax paying citizens.

  46. Steve Daniel Sr. says:

    Isn’t this the same state whose teachers refused to take a small cut on their $80,000 a year salaries? Winter is here grasshoppers, and you played all Summer long. Time to pay the piper.

    And I bet you still have money for important stuff like the arts, palatial schools, and welfare and free housing for deadbeats!

    Hey NJ, get your priorities straight!

  47. Pavel314 says:

    I bet no social workers or tourism board workers get cut. Or the special assistant to the under secretary of environmental services.

  48. Barry Sotero says:

    And yet Obama can give TRILLIONS to bankers but not one cent for the citizens. Wake up people you are being lied to.

    1. jamesg jr says:

      barry is a new world order puppet he’s just doing his job

  49. moutainhiker says:

    hay newark i live in pa and i have a bad back and i still go to work every day to support my self kick all them lazy bums off welfare and you will be able to put them police back to work

    1. Marshall in Virginia says:

      @ RED

      Red for communist??? Listen to what everyday, working to get by, love this land, America is saying. If communist – at least seditionist – then move to Moscow/Seoul/Tehran/Caracas and (try to) enjoy your life. I served in the Army (did you?) but I don’t have to suffer your delusions and fantasies. ” Don’t go away mad, just go away”.

  50. PATCHES12 says:

    The chickens are coming home to roost Newark is a symptom of a more purvasive disease… OVERSPENDING AND OVERPROMISING WITHOUT THE FUNDS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN

    CALIFORNIA IS GOING BROKE, TOWN BY TOWN.. People don’t even want to buy their bonds anymore… they are afrarid they won’t get paid…

    All we can do is continue to suppprt the Governor…. he is doing the TOUGH LOVE WE NEED

    1. jamesg jr says:

      Arnold Schworzenegger is a new world order puppet – he won’t show
      california any love – his job is to collapse the economy in california
      mission complete

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