Newark Mayor, Police Union Head At Odds Over Layoffs

While Sides Bicker, Residents Fear Spike In Crime

NEWARK, N.J. (CBS 2/1010 WINS/WCBS 880) — There is concern and worry in New Jersey’s largest city.

Newark residents were wondering Tuesday if their streets were safe after 14 percent of the city’s police officers were laid off, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports.

The mayor of Newark and his police director said even with 167 officers laid off, people will not notice a difference on the street.

“Newark residents should know that tonight. We will have virtually the same amount of people, on patrol. As we had last night. And the night before,” Mayor Cory Booker said.

But that answer was not giving the citizens comfort.

“The criminals are sitting back, saying, ‘Oh boy. I like this. I like this!’” resident Emma Montgomery said.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea because then violence increases because as they’re laying off police officers, they’re also laying off other people, and what do they turn to? They turn to violence,” added resident Morolake Rami Johnson.

One man said things in Newark are so bad, he did not want to give his last name.

“Taking out those cops has made Newark a difficult place to live. Even we have them, and we’re having problems,” “Thomas” told Guzman.

The Guardian Angels said they would patrol Tuesday night to take up the slack. Booker said that was news to him, but Police Director Garry McCarthy welcomed the help.

“I’m absolutely crushed,” McCarthy said, describing what it was like to hand out the pink slips.

McCarthy insisted that man power on the streets of Newark would not change and that the layoffs would not prompt a surge in crime.

“I’m really confident in our commanders. I’m really confident in the people that we have and we’re going to get the job done,” McCarthy told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck.

1010 WINS Reporter Glenn Schuck with where the mayor places blame

While police officers weren’t allowed to comment, the union was asked to accept a one-time salary deferral, overtime cap or unpaid leave days, something the union saw as a violation of their contract.

Fraternal Order of Police President Derrick Hatcher said there is a contract that should protect cops from being laid off. He wants Booker to admit that when the mayor signed it, Booker knew the money would run out — and he would have to lay people off.

“The mayor should put on his big boy pants and say hey, you know it was an error made by this administration. I’m willing to take it on the chin,” Hatcher said.

But the mayor said the budget gap would have been closed if the union agreed to what amounted to $1,500 in concessions per officer. According to the mayor, the layoffs were necessary to save $9.5 million and help close an $83 million budget gap, CBS 2’s Magee Hickey reported.

“These layoffs were entirely avoidable. These layoffs could’ve been stopped at any moment by the union leadership. We could’ve cut the layoffs in half or a fraction if the union leadership was willing to do something in partnership with the city,” Booker said.

“Today is a very frustrating day for me,” Booker said. “They were unwilling to fulfill any of that gap!”

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney with comments from Mayor Booker over the police layoffs.

So the mayor said the union had a chance to save jobs, but did not negotiate fairly. The union said that the mayor signed a contract knowing that he would have no money to pay cops down the road. And so, we have a standoff.

The mayor said cameras, better community relations, and better management of resources will make up for the 167 cops laid off.


One Comment

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  7. BambiB says:

    Police just try to catch the guilty party after the attack. They don’t prevent the attack. They won’t defend you. Hell, they won’t even mop up your blood after you’re dead.

    If you want to protect yourself, then get to work reversing New Jersey’s inane gun control laws. What? You’re one of the stupid ones who think that criminals obey those laws? Or who thinks you’re safer if only criminals have guns?

    Idiot! You deserve to die.

  8. carlb says:

    let the reallity of over spending and unions greed come home to roost!

  9. Strong, Independent Woman Seeks Child Support says:

    A friend in Newark was arrested for yelling in his own house. The wife called 911 as part of a divorce-gaming to get him out of the house. It cost him his job because his boss learned he was charged with “assault.”

    With less cops working for single mom’s fake domestic violence calls, the better.

    1. MRS. I UNDERSTAND says:


  10. Bye Bye says:

    Good! Most cops spend about two hours a day during actual police work and the remainder of their shift trying to pick up chicks anyway. Good Riddiance!! They should have gotten rid of all the slackers, perverts, sleepers on the job and bullies a long time ago!

  11. cluelessinky says:

    The 2nd amendment would assure protection of the individual and reduce the amount of crime in Newark, thus leading to a reduction in the number of police needed.
    It is because of this unions insist that the local legislature dilute the 2nd amendment and make every citizen a ward of the state. Bottom line – get the 2nd amendment back up with the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments as a way of life for the US citizen

  12. Pat Palmer says:

    are these the police officers that Clinton put on the streets and they were not given the funds but for a few years then the taxpayers had to pick it up.???????? Gott you all didn’t it.? But the unions really need to go.

  13. WeMadeAmistake says:

    It’s time to cut all government workers hired over the past two years, especially the bloated union government workers who by extortion have bankrupted our country. We need to make government sacrifice just like the private sector, if not even more.

  14. Jim says:

    This place is run by morons. They should lay off the politicians and city run program people NOT the cops. Geezus they make more than the cops do.

    1. wncchester says:

      Can’t we all get along? Let the city fathers raise taxes they way they always do and both the unions and pols would live comfortably the way they always have.

  15. Veritas says:

    ok – $100,000,000 for a failed school system from the google guy – one would think city management would have had the sense to redirect a tiny % towards saving sorely needed police officers.

  16. Second Amendment Guy says:

    The people of Newark are safer with those cops off the job. Most of the Newark cops are on the take anyway and running their own little protected crime rings of drugs and prostitution.

    Gov Christie should sign a reasonable concealed carry weapons permit law that will allow law abiding people to carry a weapon on their person for protection. It costs the government nothing to sign the law into action. It will result in a 30%-40% drop in violent crime – overnight!!!! We don’t need more crooked cops. We need reasonable law that respects the individual’s right to defend his/her self, family, and property. Right now, only the bad guys have guns (including courupt cops). Let’s even the playing field, so the normal guy has a little power. That’s where the power should be “Power to the People, Not the politicians, nor Police!!!”

    1. Greg says:

      Hmmm, I think I’ve read something similar… Where was that….oh yeah..

      The US CONSTITUTION’s second amendment !!!

      While NJ is at it, NY should do the same.

    2. Jon says:

      Amen, Brother, Amen. And there are tons of statistics to support this theory or idea.

  17. Rafer Hoxworth says:

    The math doesn’t add up. If 167 officers = 14% of the force, then there are 1,192 officers. If there is a $9.5M deficit, then there is a deficit of $7,964 per officer, yet it is reported as $1,500.

    So, there are either 6,333 officers, or a per officer deficit of $7,964. Which is it?

    1. Brian McGovern says:

      Its called “government math”. You’re just suppose to believe it, not actually fact check it.

      Of course, the devil is in the nuance… Was it $1500 per year (e.g. a 1-2% pay cut)? Is the $9.5 million all supposed to be coming from officers, etc?

      Either way, odds are good _all_ the numbers are probably bogus in an attempt to make the OTHER SIDE look like they’re irrational and the “real” problem.

  18. bobby6343 says:

    Ha ha ha, they could not layoff politicians, so they laid off the police force, what a joke, What is worng with the people of NJ can’t they elect the right people for the job? Why can’t they cut back on the welfare programs and all the bail-outs? Or the answer to their problems is to continue to raise taxes? Other cities and States will need to look at this one with both eyes open or all will have the same fate!

    1. Steve says:


      The police force there is a joke anyway. I was a manager at a manufacturing plant there a few years back and a couple of young kids began throwing rocks through the windows, some as big as softballs. I called the police 3 times and they never came. I had to send the entire night crew home after one worker was hit in the head and cut. I called the police back and called them every name in the book. They threatened me with arrest. I told them if they were afraid of 2 14 yr old boys, they definitely didn’t want a piece of me. I felt for sure they would come if for no other reason than to hassle me. They never did show.

  19. David B says:

    tHIS IS AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE OF WHY LIBERALS NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM EVERY PUBLIC OFFICE STATE AND FEDERAL! Why do the whiney left never lay off BUREAUCRATS? They always lay off teachers police and firemen. F the left people defeat them at every chance!

    1. Red says:

      Yes. Lay off the laziest people first. What’s your problem?

  20. RAILROADED says:


  21. DBTRN says:

    Just a Californian’s opinion but It sounds like they should be issuing all the department handguns to qualified citizens, you are going to need them.

  22. Barry says:

    Just for the record:
    Police Patrol Officer – Newark, NJ 07102
    Total compensation (base + bonuses + benefits)
    Base Salary $57,801
    Bonuses $0
    Social Security $4,422
    401k / 403b $2,196
    Disability $578
    Healthcare $6,103
    Pension $2,890
    Time Off $7,114
    Total $81,104
    Source:, HR Reported data as of December 2010

  23. Scott377 says:

    I am a current resident of the city of Newark. It is a shame that there are going to be police layoffs. The Mayor is doing his best to make an offer to the Policemen’s Unions. The Police and Fire Departments are takeing some hits. Most tof ther police were new to the force. They did not make any impact on the streets yet. There have been layoffs and other money saving effects. Again the city is making a mistake in letting go the people who should be protecting the city. More city agencys should be cutting back. The Teachers Unions have not even been hits as hard as the Police have. The City Conucil still has too much overhead. They should be making better examples for the peopel of the city. As usual the normal person of Newark has to pay for this. It is time for the Unions to give back to the people of the city. The PoliceUnions should have worked to give up some of the benifits so there would be no layoffs. The Politicians should not vote themselves any more pay raises and cut their staff postitions. I very much doubt any fo the council members giving up their perks like travel expenses or even a car the city gives them to drive in. Let them use their own private cars. The Teacher Unions need to give up more perks as well. How about this the City Council should not get a pension after serving the people. When they are voted out of office that is it no more pension on my tax dollar. Any Health Care they sould have to pay more out of their pockets . Any Council member should not double dip the system by having another job in government weather it is city, county, or state, or federal job including being a State Senator. If any of them get caught in corruption charges and are found giutly they should forfet everything all pensions and health Benifits everything they took for granted. The City Education Department has many areas in cuts can be made to give the City a better budget. The schools Superintendant should drive his own car and nt be driven around in a city provided car. There should be no extra perks for this postition no hotel rooms provided in any city hotels for inclement weather. The tops salaries are way too high and the city can not afford the luxery any more. if the last schools superintendent biggest contributions is in getting the students in public school to wear manditory shcool uniforms that is pathedic. There is no improvement in student performance then I’m happy he resigned. The School System need new Ideas more charter Schoiols and a higher standard for the children of Newark to perform. I doubt any progress will be made in these areas. The Council should stop spending tax payers money. Act responsible make spending cuts, Freeze all payraises and make all the unions pay more into their Health, and pensions. Stop passing the buck to the citizans of the city. The Unions need to make sacrifices that the poor and working class persons have to do in their own personal butgets. I doubt they have the courage to do this. It is time to show regular people you ar not a bunch or corrupted burocrats.

    1. Red says:

      Look who is doing the double dipping – ex cops and firemen – Hello!

  24. Robert says:

    This is great news for the people of Newark, because it not only reduces the number of military minded morons who suck tens of millions of dollars out of taxpayers’ pockets annually, but forces folks to accept responsibility to protect and defend themselves, their families, and property against criminals by exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.
    2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States:
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
    Who are the Militia? Let’s ask the founding fathers who penned, passed and ratified the 2nd amendment along with the other 9 in the Bill of Rights which were legally integrated into the Constitution on December 15, 1791
    “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American… The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.” – Tenche Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.
    “Whenever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.” (spoken during floor debate over the Second Amendment, I Annals of Congress at 750, August 17, 1789.)
    Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts
    Now that that issue is settled, the other variable in this government protection equation is the following federal district and U.S. Supreme Court decisions which clearly and unambiguously tell the citizens of these United States that they have no constitutional right to police protection

    •Hartzler v. City of San Jose, 46 Cal. App. 3d 6 (1st Dist. 1975).
    •Riss v. New York, 240 N.E.2d 860 (N.Y. 1968)
    •Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. Ct. of Ap., 1981).
    •DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services (109 S.Ct. 998, 1989).
    •Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 US 748 – 2005

    So people, if you want your freedom back, want to save money, and start accepting responsibility for your own safety, buy and gun and start carrying it in public. That will send a very chilling message to criminals that there is an immediate price to be paid by attempting to assault, rob, or rape you.

    Let the vision of freedom our founding fathers constructed when the rebelled against King George and his red coats, be restored.

  25. Phillip Anderson says:

    Not a single police officer needed to loose their job, they should have their pay cut and if they can find a better job in the REAL private workforce then let them leave. Public unions should be banned, let the tax payer set the price… and we will have move police at a better value. Every open police position has literally 100s if not thousands of applications.

    I hope the PUBLIC unions continue to follow such stupid policies, the quicker that average Americans will realize they are being ripped off!

    1. Red says:

      I don’t know what it means to “loose” your job.

    2. wncchester says:

      This is a silly farce. Newark is dominated by Democrats; they should do what Democrats always do when they spend all their money: raise taxes. Then the unions and pols could still live in comfort and there would be no problem, right??

  26. mrsharfer says:

    Get used to the obamination rules. Unions get everything, the rest of us get nothing. Why are entitlements never cut? They punish the earners to give to the freeloaders. Then say VITAL services must be cut? That is their way of getting what they want, like a child having a tantrum!

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