NY Man Recalls Black Friday Trampling At Target

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — A western New York man caught at the bottom of a pile of frenzied Black Friday shoppers rushing into a Buffalo department store says he thought he was going to die.

Keith Krantz tells WIVB-TV that he waited eight hours outside the Target store in Buffalo before the doors opened at 4 a.m. Friday. Krantz was knocked down inside one of the entrances in the initial rush, causing people to pile up on him.

Videotape shot by WIVB from inside the store shows Target employees and a fellow shopper help the 28-year-old Krantz get to his feet as people continue to barge through the doors.

Krantz suffered minor injuries.

Target says it will take steps to improve its Black Friday crowd management plan.

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One Comment

  1. lynn says:

    all the stores who particpate in BLACK FRIDAY are just MASS MURDERS.
    why do they open all the doors at once? because they want to see a stampede . one door should be opened, this will force the crowd to form a line…….BUT THEN AGAIN WILD ANIMALS WILL BE JUST THAT…ANIMALS!

    1. all the stores says:

      That’s exactly right, lynn! We are mass murderers hell-bent on world domination.
      Maybe we should call it ‘Friday of Color’ as well. What say you?

  2. saywhat says:

    …true..don’t blame the store for the hype…or the media for staking out cameras…just in case…lots of blame to go around here..try not to miss anyone.

  3. Amy says:

    That’s awful that target wouldn’t just beef up security on ‘Black Friday.’ Have them at the door letting people in 10 at a time. It’s elementary, really.

  4. El Bango says:

    Dats niggiz for yiz!!!

  5. stephanie says:

    A real jungle is more civilized. Don’t give it a bad name. 🙂

  6. DanTe says:

    Well, what did you expect when you stand in front of a herd of brainless beasts? Of course they’ll stampede.

    I never understand people who wants to get that close to the jungle.

    1. Joe Sr. says:

      Absolutely correct! But then, Dan Te, you have a functioning brain therefore, you’ll never understand. By the way, neither can I.

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