Jim Leyritz Sentenced To Probation & $500 Fine In DUI Case

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Former New York Yankees World Series hero Jim Leyritz has been sentenced to a year of probation and fined $500 for a Florida drunk driving conviction.

The sentence was imposed Thursday by Broward County Circuit Judge Marc Gold. The 47-year-old former ballplayer was acquitted last month of DUI manslaughter following a 2007 traffic crash that killed 30-year-old Fredia Ann Veitch.

Jurors decided that Leyritz didn’t run a red light and cause the crash. The jury found Leyritz was driving with a blood alcohol level above Florida’s 0.08 limit.

Leyritz settled a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Veitch’s family for $350,000.

Leyritz played 11 major league seasons and is remembered for a dramatic 1996 home run that helped the Yankees win the championship.


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  1. Al Weaver says:

    He killed a human being for gods sake, he should have gone to prison for 10 years period!!!

  2. asb says:

    Thankful he’s a celeb.. I had a DUI that was recuced to wreckless driving and I had to go through numerious courses, treatment evaluations, fines, courtfees, car impoundment, and probation. Jim gets aquitted for manslaughter and is only fined $500 and a years probation??

    I should of been in movies..

    1. brian d says:

      Ha! asb, thats funny! reduced buddy

    2. asb says:

      actually he did get more added to the sentence when I was watching in session

  3. Mike Rizzo says:


  4. MB says:

    By the way kj if you would have watched the trial — she was NOT texting when she was driving!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mildred Burns says:

    Sure Jim Leyritz is such a good old boy, he was arrested for DOMESTIC ABUSE on July 2, 2009. You know what he had been drinking way to much and he should take half the blame in her death.

  6. kj says:

    THANK GOD _ let the man free….. never should have seen the inside of courtroom!

  7. dor says:

    wow they really know how to hurt a guy.. are you kidding me?
    i guess it’s the yankee thing from so many years ago.. disgusting.

    1. kj says:

      Dor – It had NOTHING to do with him being an EX ball player. The “victim” was twice the legal limit, driving on a conditional license because of a prior DWI conviction, she drove without her lights on, no seatbelt, she was speeding and texting when SHE RAN a RED light. I would highly recommend you become informed of the facts of the case before you jump to conclusions…. Happy Holidays!

      1. Al Weaver says:

        You obviously did not watch the whole trial, talk to her husband.

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