Woman, 85, Charged In Deadly Westchester Hit-And-Run

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A deadly hit-and-run in Westchester left a beloved school administrator dead, and an 85-year-old woman is facing a felony charge for fleeing the scene.

Bridget Gambone said nothing after being fingerprinted and posing for a mug shot, and she had little to say when she spoke to Bronxville police, reports CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

“It was not productive in trying to find out why she left the scene, or what may have caused her to impact Ms. Chasin,” Bronxville Police Chief Christopher Satriale said.

The victim, 59-year-old Sheryl Chasin, was a widely respected administrator with Yonkers schools.

Chasin was struck and killed Thursday evening as she crossed Kraft Avenue on her way to a pub for an awards dinner. Police say Gambone hit the victim, knocking her to the street, and then hit her again.

“Witness statements and investigation reveal that Mrs. Gambone stopped her vehicle, backed up over Ms. Chasin, and then fled the scene,” Satriale said.

Bob Krause and his wife were attending the awards dinner and saw the immediate aftermath of the fatal accident.

“Nobody knew at the time exactly how bad it was, but to find out later on, it was just horrible inside for everybody,” Krause, of Yonkers, said.

It was horrible, too, for a second driver who failed to see the victim lying on the street – and also ran the victim over. That driver remained at the scene and won’t be charged.

“[The second driver was] destroyed, leaning against the wall – I mean, what can she say?” witness Michelle MacMillan said.

Chasin leaves behind an adult daughter – and countless friends at Yonkers public schools. The superintendent called Chasin “the district’s conscience – the angel on the staff’s shoulder, guiding colleagues to do the right thing and stay on the right path.”

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One Comment

  1. disgusted says:

    Agreed Irma, we restrict teenagers to protect public safety, we should restrict seniors as well. After age 65 there should be a mandatory yearly road test to renew. Sad fact, as people age abilities decline, reflexes slow down. Driving a car impaired is like shooting a gun into a crowd, whether the impairment comes from drinking or old age. How many accidents caused by seniors who shouldn’t be on the road have to happen???

  2. Christine Jeffrey says:

    I am so, so sorry for Ms. chasin’s family. what a terrible thing to happen to a very good person. i am truly sorry.
    -Christy, friend of Rhoda

  3. Irma says:

    Who is culpible in this case is the State of New York. After the age of 70, a person should be tested annually to see if they are capable of driving. Perhaps what is needed is a restricted license where a person who is retired can ONLY drive during daylight. They restrict teens, so why shouldn’t seniors be tested and, if need be, restricted to drive during day hours or with another adult driver in the car. While there is no excuse for leaving the scene of an accident, it happens all the time because of fear! My prayers and thoughts go out to Ms. Chasin’s family. What a horrible, horrible situation.

  4. joseph cotton says:

    we have people her age on the supreme court and in congress and the senate,go figure . she might have done it on purpose.

  5. DEE says:

    Why these old people shouldn’t allowed near the wheel of a car. She’s a murderer and I hope they lock her up. When are they going to start retesting seniors before reissuing licenses?!!???? How many more innocent people like this poor wamn have too die?

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