New Jersey Bear Hunt Begins Despite Protests

WANAQUE, N.J. (CBS 2/WCBS 880/1010 WINS) — Bears beware.

For the first time in five years hunters were out in the wilds of Northwestern New Jersey helping state biologists thin what they say is an exploding bear population.

Wildlife officials said non-lethal ways of controlling the bear population were too expensive.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney reports

Many hunters were up before dawn, including Anthony Lingenfelter who wasn’t wasting any time.

“He came out and I took a shot with the muzzleloaders and he ran maybe 20 yards and that was it,” Lingenfelter said.

Protesters, however, let it be known Monday that they opposed the bear hunt.

“Go home cowards. Go home hunters. Go home murderers,” one man shouted outside the Wittingham Wildlife Management Area Weigh Station.

Bill Crain, a college psychology professor from New York, was arrested after stepping past netting set up to keep protesters out.

“They’re restricting us as if this is Nazi Germany,” Crain told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan as he was being arrested.

The first black bear to be brought to the weighing station in Newton, N.J. was an adult male about 6-feet long from head-to-toe. After a physical inspection, wildlife officials realized the bear killed in the New Jersey hunt was actually from Pennsylvania.

“It shows that our populations are not distinct, they’re definitely linked,” an official with the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife said.

State wildlife officials said migration patterns across the Delaware River have no bearing on the need to reduce New Jersey’s population of an estimated 3,400 black bears.

For this hunt the state issued about 6,500 permits. There are four hunting zones, all in the Northwestern corner of the Garden State, where the animals have become increasingly visible and sometimes destructive.

By early afternoon, at least 40 bears had been killed.

“We see them almost everyday,” Gloria Von Atzingen of Country Roads Deli said. “I’m sure they’ve ruined our dumpsters here quite a few times.”

But West Milford resident Jerry DiSanto agrees with animal activists who argue this is an exercise in politics not population control.

“One way or another it’s probably money or political pressure from some people who want it,” he said.

“This hunt is not about safety, it’s not about population, it’s about trophies, rugs and wall mounts,” Susan Kehoe, a Highland Lakes resident, said.

Sloan spoke with some hunters Monday who explained why they were volunteering to kill bears.

“We need to have this season…for the safety of our public,” Vincent Mercurio said.

And when asked what he thought of protesters calling he and fellow hunters “murderers,” Mercurio responded “I guess everybody has their opinion.”

State rules dictate that each hunter is only allowed to kill one bear. The hunt will end in six days.

Animal activists who lost a court battle on Friday to stop the hunt said they will continue to appeal the decision.

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One Comment

  1. PetaKillsAnimals says:

    All of these anti hunting morons are the reason the world is in the terible shape that it is in. Bears are DANGEROUS and OVERPOPULATING THE STATE! Would you rather they eat your children??? Grow a set, you friggin wussies!!!

  2. Big Daddy- O says:

    This is why there is NO PEACE ON EARTH!

    These people should “Harvesting themselves” and stop overpopulating these BEARS homeland and murdering their families!
    use birth control you people that murder animals.

    I bet you are all Christians too !
    Your kind of EVIL is the worst- the law makes you legal , but in the law of karma & good & Evil ,you are the most Evil sick freaks.hope you all having hunting accidents and kill yourselves

  3. Chris says:


  4. NJTAXPAYER (Kim) says:

    People call the Governor 609-292-6000. Tell him to call if off…at least once the target is achieved which was announced at 500-700 bears.
    New Jersey residents and hunters you should be angry that public opinon which overwhelmingly did not support this was ignored to have this particular hunt. Whether you agree with the hunt or not New Jersey residents were not represented in this decision.

  5. HaveMercyNJ says:

    The real danger is your people that is killing not only yourselves but your own kids so rather then making up scenerio of “bear attack” I give you what is truely happening. . Here is a short list of hunting accident to read the rest just go to “CASH Hunting Accidents”

    MN: Chaska man injured in hunting accident – 3 Dec 2010
    Tree Stand Injuries – interesting statistics – 29 Nov 2010
    NY: body believed to be that of missing hunter – 29 Nov 2010
    PA: Hunter’s death near Quakertown called “suspicious” – 29 Nov 2010
    Police investigating Kentucky deer hunter’s death – 29 Nov 2010
    Hunter Shot On First Day Of Ohio Deer Gun Season – 29 Nov 2010
    Iowa hunter dies of gunshot wound – 29 Nov 2010
    KY: Weekend hunting mishap claims life of Calloway teenager – 29 Nov 2010
    NC: Hunter Recovering After Shooting Own Leg – 29 Nov 2010
    Hunting Accident in Virginia – 27 Nov 2010
    IA: Man injured in hunting accident – 26 Nov 2010
    WV: Fairmont Man Recovering From Hunting Accident – 24 Nov 2010
    MI: Hunter who had been drinking shoots self, might face criminal charges – 24 Nov 2010
    IL: 14-year-old boy killed in hunting accident – 24 Nov 2010
    NY: Hunter injured, another unhurt after shootings – 23 Nov 2010
    WV: Hunter shot – 23 Nov 2010
    NY: Missing hunter found dead in Orleans Co. – 22 Nov 2010
    WI: Hunter in Critical Condition After Being Shot in Douglas County – 22 Nov 2010
    NY: Hunter dies after accidental shooting – 20 Nov 2010
    WV: Teen hunter shot – 20 Nov 2010
    CO: Off-duty L.A. County sheriff’s deputy kills hunting companion – 19 Nov 2010
    WI: Editorial: Make sure deer hunt is a safe one for all – 18 Nov 2010
    LA: Gunshot kills Allen Parish hunter – 18 Nov 2010

    The website list is only a 1/4 of the real numbers of hunters injured and/or harvested.

  6. HaveMercyNJ says:

    Here is the update from NJ DEP on the bear mass murder that they like to call “harvest” as if these sentient beings was nothing more then potatoes.



    1. NJTAXPAYER (Kim) says:

      The Commissioner should close the hunt end of today/tomorrow as they will have met their quota. If this is truly a population management hunt, then it should be over when they reach their target. There are not native bears left in the Swiss Alps. The were hunted to extinction. That’s what happens when we let sport manage populations instead of science.

  7. OpenSeason says:

    This might be a tad long but I’m not sure how it will format. Here it goes: This forum really enticed me to comment and add a little perspective to the debate. I moved to NJ from out of state 5 years ago. Within those 5 years I have dealt with 4 aggressive bear incidents. I even called the police to have them humanely use rubber bullets to scare away the bear only to have it become even more agitated and aggressive. DEP, who is in cahoots with the hunters, explained that unless it was within 10 feet and charging that there was nothing they could do. Awhile later on yet another occasion, I had a bear become aggressive towards me while I was trying to play with my 16mo old and 3 yr old whom I smeared with peanut butter and trash before we went outside to play. Here is my predicament: .

    1. OpenSeason says:

      I feel I would have had a hard time explaining to my husband that I just HAD to let the bear maul, kill and eat our children because I couldn’t bring myself to be a sociopathic-thrill killing- hillbilly who was after all encroaching on the habitat of the hungry bear. Well, honestly it’s not the husband it’s the in-laws. Can you imagine what a nightmare that would be to explain when I can’t even get them to understand the Direct TV guide? Besides I am fond of my children, they provide me with great benefits at tax season as well.

  8. HaveMercyNJ says:


  9. jim says:

    As a hunter I like how all the people against hunting hope for harm to all the hunters. Is a humans life less important than an animals just because you have different views. Get over yourselves, also I help rescue animals cats, dogs, etc. so don’t say I have no compassion for animals.

  10. Michael Cialone says:

    Now these bear hunters can give long boring monologues at their workplaces and at the local beer joints about their hunting expeditions to the wilds of New Jersey. Now they will go back to their big screen TV’s and spend hours during the rest of the winter monts looking at football.

    1. NYC Hillbillie says:

      What do you care what they do with their free time. What do you know about these men and women? How many of them are firemen or policemen who risk their lives everyday?, How many were at ground zero digging through rubble risking themselves or nurses or doctors or servicemen and women, How dare you condem these people you don’t even know, it certainly shows YOUR character! you COWARD!

      1. ISTANDTALL says:

        You have no idea what a hero is if you compair low life hunters to true heros . You probably live in the city and hunt squirrels for entertainment. Hope some accident happens to you and every other Coward running around like a pansy with a gun in the woods


        There were many well known and high profile serial killers who were doctors and had other profession so what does that prove? Sickos comes in all kinds of disguises.

  11. HaveMercyNJ says:


    However, some research indicates that components of neural circuits involved in empathy may also be dysfunctional in psychopathy.[48]
    [edit] Enjoyment of others’ suffering

    The same ability may underlie schadenfreude (taking pleasure in the pain of another entity) and sadism (being sexually gratified through the infliction of pain or humiliation on another person (and animals))

    signature killers

    He covers “the essence of torture,” “the anger-retaliation signature,” “the picquerism signature,” “the psychological imprint of a sadist,”


    Thrill kill
    “The primary motive of a thrill killer is to induce pain or create terror in theri victims, which provided stimulation and excitement for the killers. They seek the adrenaline rush provided by hunting and killing victims. “

    1. meat eater says:

      A responsible hunter aspires not to injure or terrorize but to quickly kill their prey, as any other of gods creatures do in nature.


        Other creatures in Nature that kills are carnivores (wolves, coyote, bobcats ) and true omnivores such as the grizzlies that your kind murders. Oh sure the “true hunter” the “ethical hunter” the “responsible hunters” you are a disgusting wildlife serial killing monsters and you are no “natural” meat eating animals of the wild, they kill for hunger and survival man kills for fun and sports in a full stomach!

  12. James says:

    I cannot believe you people. Why don’t you leave those beautiful animals alone? How would you feel if someone shot one of your family right in front of you? That is what you are doing.

    They are living beings that feel pain. I can only hope that there is a “hunting accident.”

    1. Gary says:

      bears do not live in “families” james so thats ignorance strike #1, ignorance strike #2 is your hypocritical stance of empathy towards animals but wishing harm agaisnt people you disagree with……I wonder what strike #3 will be.


        Of course the bears have families the mother is very protective of her cubs and bond just like human mother and child. The “harm” is for the heartless humans who kill just because they enjoy it just like a serial killers who kills humans because they enjoy it. These heartless wildlife killing monsters do not have no compassion or mercy to the innocent so why should we care for the monsters lives? When a hunter is harvested in hunting accident it’s one less terrorist in the parks causing pain, suffering and death!

    2. hunts4food says:

      how would you feel if you saw that cute cudly bear going into the woulds with 1 of your pets or attacked your little kid that was playing in the yard?bunch of idiots

      1. HaveMercyNJ says:

        I see bears in NJ when I go hiking and they don’t fear them AT ALL, it’s the wildlife serial killing monsters in the parks and forest I have to be weary of! Sure you ‘hunt4food” it’s always that ‘meat in freezer” BS when we all know darn well their primary purpose of killing is because they enjoy it!

      2. ISTANDTALL says:

        Your the IDIOT, your the pansy running around the woods trying to be a man but your just a coward with a gun, get a life or use your weapon on yourself and see how it feels.

  13. HaveMercyNJ says:


    1. Gary says:

      Hey HaveMercy? how about you HaveAnAlternative instead? Maybe you can propose a viable cost effective…that means it works and wont break the bank…alternative that keeps the population in balance and has the added benefiot if reducing bear/human incidents…..

      but then again we will probably just get more YouTube videos from you and Caroline with no actual substance to them and more parrot squawking of how “contraception works and it works well” but apparently not here in NJ..

  14. HaveMercyNJ says:

    What a disgusting display of cowardice in that bear murders photo , I pity his fat ass when he croaks and fries in hell!

  15. NYC Hillbillie says:

    Were the Indians murderers, were they hicks, hillbillies? Why can’t someone harvest their own food? Do you know animals are killed to make your McBurger or that steak or chicken or turkey you buy at the market? Wake up people!

    1. HaveMercyNJ says:

      Native Indians did not wantonly and wastefully kill animals like you do if the Native see what you all do they would vomit in disgust. How many of you go to your 7-11 to get your morning breakfast to kill on a full stomach for fun? All of you do and personally I don’t get how NJ hunters called themselves “hunters” when all they do is sit on their tree stand with a huge pile of bait and then you kill that is not ‘hunting” that is sit, bait,wait and kill. Also what you do is NOT about “food” its about sports and trophy so spare us your “do you know how the animals were killed for your burger” BS. I don’t eat meat but this is not about meat eating it’s about sports hunting and the lies of the hunting industry!

      1. NYC Hillbillie says:

        Animals are killed for food, period. I prefer to kill my own, period. I kill 3 or 4 deer a year to feed my family, I don’t tell you what to feed your family so don’t tell me what to feed mine.

      2. meat eater says:

        WOW, what an emotional,factless rant your spewing, do you ever listen to yourself. You make things up and then believe your own made up imaginary storyline because it makes you feel better. What is sports hunting if some eats the animal.


      If you want to “eat” the potentially dangerous deer carcass that may one day eat your brain go for it and we know you probably have the “back strap” and dump the unsavory part of the meat to the pantries as the hunters continue to poison them with all kinds of wildlife diseases being that none of the carcass are USDA inspected.

      1. NYC Hillbillie says:

        Another made up storyline, I like the “straps” but I make sweet italian sausage, lasagne, venson stew, venison wraps. I do give some away but not nearly as much as I should or others would like to have. You’re right NJMURDERSBABYBEARS, I should hunt more, thanks.

  16. otto says:

    “Wildlife officials said non-lethal ways of controlling the bear population were too expensive.”

    Pretty soon they’ll be saying “non-lethal ways of controlling human population were too expensive – just kill them”.

    I’m rooting for the bears … hope they put up a good fight !!!

    1. Gary says:

      wow otto what a well thought out reply full of facts……..what alternative do YOU propose?

    2. meat eater says:

      otto, otto, otto, what are you talking about? Killing humans? How did you go from bear control to killing people in one sentence, maybe you should go lie down, your an emotional wreck.

  17. John says:

    The same old American way. Easy solution to small problem. Kill and Destroy, and a bunch of guy`s think they`r tough. LOSERS

    1. Todd Adkins says:

      Hey John why don’t you put on a bear suit and lets see who is the Loser.

      Madman Out

  18. Not a killer says:

    Way to go CBS displaying a murder victim on your internet page. Legalized animal abuse is all it is.

    Shame on you!

  19. carolyn52 says:

    Humane wildlife population control

    Jay Kirkpatrick has said time and time again the IC birth control WORKS and it WORKS WELL ! We know hunting doesn’t!

    Here is an excellent website on how to co-exist peacefully with bears

    If anyone is the “danger” and a “nuisance” is the wildlife killing monsters!

  20. Not a killer says:

    Wow. A bunch of serial killers of wildlife unleashed with their weapons of mass destruction. Way to go New Jersey. No respect for life. None. It’s always man, man, man. The wildlife have to adjust to the holier than though 2 legged animal. Man has to control every fricking thing on this planet, except themselves. Bears come too close to us, destroy the bear! We get too close to the bears, the bear suffers, not the humans! Legalized animal cruelty and murder. How many lives were lost today NJ? Oh that’s right, they are just animals, THEY DON’T MATTER!

    Bunch of serial killing murderers.

    Can’t wait for the day when the culling of all the excess HUMANS begin.

    1. HaveMercyNJ says:

      Cull the wildlife serial killers there are too many of them although we had some good harvest of hunters (hunting accidents) this year 🙂

      1. Not a killer says:

        Hope that happens and soon!

    2. meat eater says:

      Let’s start with you. You First.

  21. carolyn52 says:

    You just wait till the population balloons right back up within the next 2 years and the same old “there is bear problems “. No matter how many bears or deer the hunters kill the population will rebound back to pre-kill number and sometime it will over compensate for the loss by Compensatory Rebound Effect . I am surprised the public in NJ are just not seeing what a sham NJ Fish and Wildlife is and it’s all about the money plus the Fish and Wildlife is run by hunters of course they will lie and mislead the public in “need” of hunting and that birth control “don’t work” that is because they don’t want it to work, they want wildlife “problem” this way more excuses for sports hunting. You will see just as much bear again soon and then you will realize birth control is the ONLY WAY for long term bear and deer herd reduction.

  22. Gary says:

    tell us NJTAXPAYER or anyone else for that matter….what cost effective viable alternative to a hunt do you propose that will keep the population in balance as well as having the added benefit of reducing bear/human encounters as has been proven by the last 2 hunts.

    Also, what studies, reports or papers do you have that refutes the states CBBMP, Aversive Conditioning Report or the Genetics Population Report conducted by ESU….you seem to think that cutting and pasting a few blurbs from the Divisions website somehow makes you “knowledgable” on this issue….so let’s see how you do with actual facts.

    I expect facts and actual proof of viable methods not emotional outbursts or opinions based on a Walt Disney film.

    1. NJTAXPAYER (Kim) says:

      Gary, sorry you are angry about true facts from the DEP website..the fact that cubs are being killed and orphaned upsets me too.. a non-lethal management proposal was supposed to have been in effect for the last few years. But it required people to do their jobs and for residents to modify behavior and manage garbage. If you live in the country you should expect some level of interface with native species. If you don’t like the native species, you can move. There are plenty of counties in NJ and other states that have no bears.

    2. HaveMercyNJ says:

      Apparently NJ Fish and Wildlife and their own “biologist” do not want it to work, you know nothing about IC the only ones to know is Jay Kirkpatrick the wildlife contraception expert where he said “it word and IT WORKS WELL plus he said “60% deer herd reduction” which will be the same for bear and it’s LONG TERM.
      I just posted a link to several website but one in particular compassionate NJ people should look at is called “get bear smart society” and it has a section on birth control and also how to co-exist with bear peacefully. We know that killing does not work you will see the same numbers up again in due time and complaints will come in (that is many are true complaints

  23. JerseyGirl29 says:

    I live in Northern NJ. My family’s house is located near the woods and we have all had one too many scares with almost being attacked by bears just going about our daily business. We have our house lit up like Shea Stadium at night in fear of running into a black bear. The population is out of control and I’m sorry but I’d rather lose a bear than one of my relatives. Go get em guys!

    1. Not a killer says:

      The human population is out of control. I can’t walk anywhere, or make a sound or some two legged creature screams fire and brings down the wrath of their god on my head.

      I’m sorry but I’d rather see a 2 legged monster dead than lose one of my kind.

      Go get em bears!

    2. HaveMercyNJ says:

      How many people kids included has been injured and/or killed by hunters? MANY every year and innocent people has been killed too. It’s the hunters that are the danger not the wildlife, look at your own people. I can’t even be comfortable walking in the parks in NJ at this time of the year and in Morris county alone they has 18 parks for killing now talks about wildlife terrorism and Deer Vehicle Accidents has gone up so I guess killing does not work!

  24. Norm says:

    You want a good example of lack of population control? Human race, we are the dirtiest, most hateful, selfish, greedy beings on Earth with no intention to change. Survival of the fittest does not even help much here, because if it did, you people who lives are too easy, would actually have to live in a world outside your box and would have to survive by other means than going to the supermarket to pick up hamburger would find you in a world that the bear is no longer a teddy bear, but an animal. Do us a favor city slicker, go try and pet the bear.

    1. Nick says:

      I agree with you Norm. So can you be the visionary and show us the way? Die off and let us see how it’s done. Die off and remove the dirty filthy human. Die off, lead the way.

      Stupid PETA never put action to their words. Just a lot of naked parades with hideous droopy hags.

    2. HaveMercyNJ says:

      Why do your kind always believe those who defend the innocent animals is a “city slicker” who have “no idea” about wildlife. I am around wildlife all the time with deer, bear, turkey , rabbits, foxes and the whole nine yard what makes you an “expert”? Killing for survival is one thing but to kill just because you “can” and it’s “fun” is totally wrong Somehow wildlife terrorists thinks that one must destroy wildlife to “know” wildlife lol

  25. MAK says:

    If it doesn’t cost the state anything to have the bear hunt, thenwhy not leave the bears alone?
    I’m very disappointed in CBS for showing this poor defenseless once beautiful animal on it’s front page…

    1. NJTAXPAYER (Kim) says:

      It’s pure politics..small interest group spending a lot of time and money to get what they want. The Div of Fish & Wildlife claims bear population control is needed. They could have sold the permits for $50 each and made $350k-400K to put toward future non-lethal population control, but instead they sold for $2 each and made $15-17k. Makes no sense.

      1. Gary says:

        “The Div of Fish & Wildlife claims bear population control is needed”

        as opposed to the truth that you apparently only have acces to? Please stop, you are embarrasing yourself….

        And there is a reason they only sold the permits for $2……call them and ask why instead of coming up with tinfoil hat hairbrained theories.

      2. NJTAXPAYER (KIM) says:

        Gary, I do have access to truth…and so does everyone else that can read. At a time when NJ is in financial crisis and we are paying taxes through the roof, the bear permits cost only $2. Obvioulsy I don’t support the bear hunt, but it least it could have made more money for the future non-lethal bear management we will have in this state.

  26. Shady420 says:

    You guys are idiots its a sport there is no problem with keeping population of a nuisance animal down. These bears will be used for just about everything from their teeth, claws, skin and fur etc. You tree huggers need to chill out I hunt bear in upstate NY every year. Although Id rather hunt the tree huggers in Northern NJ vs the bear but thats a whole other discussion.

    1. Paul says:

      Shady420, its nothing about being a tree hugger. Its about finding joy in killing a defenseless aninal, you stupid white trash POS. Go back to your trailer park and hunt the rats running around your kitchen like you do every day.


        ❤ 😛 YOU GO PAUL!!

  27. Kathryn says:

    disgusting!! maybe the guns will backfire and kill the hunter or hopefully someone close to them will be killed or injured to even the score.

    1. bob says:

      Typical. Another Lib calling for the head of someone with whom they disagree. Explain to me how that fits into your “tolerance and equality for all” platform again….

  28. Willy says:

    Maybe they could use the fur from the bears to make coats or something.

  29. Marc says:

    All the sick homicidal freaks lurking in the woods with their rifles is sickening!

  30. Gregg says:

    I could never understand the mindset of someone killing an animal for sport that can’t defend itself ! Send these hunters with their guns to the middle east where someone can shoot back !

    1. Paul says:

      I agree 100% Greg..Gutless and Spineless. How anyone could find Joy in killing a defenseless animal is beyond me.

  31. MissJustice says:

    All of you defending the hunters and poking fun at us animal lovers don’t seem to realize that hunting accidents kill more people in this country then black bears. Oh, but you just have to get your witty comments in… I bet you are the same type of people who will bring a dog you’ve had for years to the pound becasue it peed on the carpet.. no compassion.

  32. jojo says:

    It really is sad that it has come to killing the bears. I am not particularly thrilled with the hunters thinking it okay to pose for pictures with their kills. Hunters eat what they kill. I don’t know many people who eat bear.

  33. Nick says:

    Must be the water. Here’s a hint NJTAXPAYER (and I doubt you paid taxes, or in NJ), if you have to LIE to make your points, you have NO points. Try arguing with FACTS and you might not need to be ashamed of using your first name.

    1. NJTAXPAYER (KIM) says:

      Nick, I am born and raised in North Jersey and pay plenty of taxes . I know it is hard to believe, so please go to: and read about the regulation allowing the shooting of bear cub, mothers with cubs and BAITING. The facts are there. The animals could use your time and passion if you decide to help.

    2. NJTAXPAYER (Kim) says:

      Nick, Not sure if my other answer to you will be posted. It is polite, but it contains a link for you to the FAQ page of the NJDEP website with rules for the bear hunt. In it you will see that cubs & mothers with cubs can be shot and baiting is allowed. Born & Raised in NJ.

      1. NJTAXPAYER (Kim) says:

        BTW the first bear killed today was from Pennsylvania. You do not have to be from NJ to have concerns about animal rights or this inhumane bear hunt. If you need the link to the NJDEP BEAR HUNT FAQ page, let me know.

  34. NJTAXPAYER says:


  35. NJTAXPAYER says:

    See the truth at the NJDEP website. Here is an excepQ) female if it is with cubs? A) Yes, you are encouraged to shoot the first black bear that presents you with a safe shot…So 10,000 potential hunters for potential 6 days will be baiting bears all of NW Jersey with Dunkin Donuts, marshmallows, hamburgers etc. and the NJDEP doesn’t think this will cause more future issues for food/human bear encounters?

    1. Gary says:

      “So 10,000 potential hunters for potential 6 days will be baiting bears all of NW Jersey with Dunkin Donuts, marshmallows, hamburgers etc. and the NJDEP doesn’t think this will cause more future issues for food/human bear encounters?”

      not everyone out this week has a bear permit as this MANAGEMENT hunt…hence the shoot the first bear you see…coincides with the regular firearms season.

      And no, what increases encounters is allowing a population to grow unchecked as the bears have, a 62% increase in the last 5 years thanks to a “policy” by our former “Governor” who flat out stated that no hunt would take place while he was in office, and what do we have to show for it? 62% pop. increase, 130% increase in overall complaint calls, 169% increase in aggressive bear incidents, 112% in attempted home entries…..shall I continue??

      Oh and for the “relocate them” crowd……who will pay for it and where do you intend to send them and rearranging the furniture still leaves you with only so much room…..

  36. NJTAXPAYER says:

    Cubs are allowed to be killed and mother bears with cubs (to leave the cubs orphaned). Baiting is also allowed to draw out these otherwise generally shy and semi-hibernating creatures.

  37. NJTAXPAYER says:

    why hasn’t my previous comment been posted?

  38. C.J. says:

    It will be funny when one of them gets attacked.

  39. MissJustice says:

    I don’t understand why we can’t trap the bears humanely and re locate them. After all, we are the ones encroaching on their territory- not vise versa like many people like to think. All we need are some traps and bait.. hmm, maybe a couple of honey covered hunters tied to a tree will do the trick? Good luck bears- I hope none of you have to die for our ignorance!

    1. Nick says:

      You don’t understand much, do you?

    2. Kevin says:

      They cant be relocated because it costs to money….you would think all those bear lovers would be glad to donate some money and take care of it, but they spend all of the time and money harrassing hunters……Genius I tell you!!!!

    3. KPMc says:

      Where do you want to relocate them too?

    4. happy says:

      we can trap and relocate, can i have your address so i can send you the bill?

  40. Kris says:

    Far be it from be to defend hunters or the bear hunt, but when I read stuff like what MJF wrote (hick, hilbilly, hunters enjoy savagery, etc), then I’m all for hunting bears. See, even though we’re now in the bear’s habitat, people aren’t moving, so something needs to be done. And if NJ doesn’t have the money to deal with them in a non-lethal manner, then hunt away.

    1. MissJustice says:

      I would normally agree about judging people and all that, but did you see the video? The one guy has a freakin mullett!! If that ain’t hillbilly, I don’t know what is.. lol

      1. Kris says:

        So you would normally not prejudge someone, but you’re going to do it now anyway? Based on a hairstyle? Really? Where do you stop? At someone’s skin color? Religion? Weight?

        Bigot much?

  41. COMMON MAN says:

    You murders will have to answer to a higher authority when he ask you why have you “slaughter my animals” that he put here on Gods earth!

    1. Kris says:

      Really? Have you even read the bible? God himself has done far worse; I don’t think killing a few bears is going to bother god.

  42. MJF says:

    Thanks CBS. I really needed to see the photo of the hick with his dead bear. Then you write about some other hillbilly, who complains that a bear tried to steal the DEER he had killed.

    Bear population control should be done by the state of NJ, using humane means instead of having these animals slaughtered. There are hunters who ENJOY this sort of savagery.

  43. Animal Lover says:

    Those who hunt will someday be hunted themselves. What comes goes around, comes around.

    1. kevin says:

      some of you people really do need help, and its comments like this that make it crystal clear…

      1. Paul says:

        You need the help Kevin..We’re not hiding in the woods waiting to kill defenseless animals. YOU ARE..Just so you can think your a real man..WE ALL know your nothing but trailer trash.

      2. Kevin says:

        Paul, thank you for your comment, it makes my original thought that much more valid. Look foward to you calling me some more names, since that must make “you” a man. I will go about my day knowing for certain that although I may not be “a real man” like you, I’m a more intelligent one..

  44. CSI says:

    Instead of complaining about it the activist should have tried and raise money to help catch and transport the bears to a safer place. It’s easier for the state to tell people it’s hunting season and still make money of selling permits. Doesn’t cost NJ a thing.

  45. Bonny Hall says:

    Sad that it has come to this.
    We have learned how to live with the Bears.
    Too Bad There wasn’t something else that could have been done before this.

    1. PETA says:

      Go save the bears Bonny. Don’t Talk, go Do. Go hug the bears as the hunters come by. The hunters can’t shoot as long as you’re hugging the bears. Go Bonny, Go!

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