NYPD: Student Offers Peace, But Gets Shot Dead Instead

Mount St. Michael Student Tried To Set Things Right After Fight

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A straight-A student from the Bronx extended his hand to offer peace, and instead ended up dead.

Police said he was shot to death in broad daylight during a dispute near his home in Soundview.

CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman spoke with his heart-broken mother.

Joann Soto’s only child was taken from her — shot down — Saturday afternoon.

“It’s never going to stop,” Soto said, speaking of the pain she felt on Monday. “But what keeps me going is the smile that he had! That smile! Everybody knows him by that smile!”

Wanted: Jimmy Delgado

Jimmy Delgado, an Ecuadorean immigrant, is wanted in the murder of a Mount St. Michael Academy student. (Photo: CBS 2)

He was all she had, her 17-year-old boy, Londell Byrd. On Friday, police said, he got into a fight with 18-year-old Jimmy Delgado, described by police as a neighborhood tough guy. Byrd’s grandfather told Guzman Byrd apparently embarrassed Delgado in that fight. But when Delgado came back Saturday afternoon, everyone thought it was to say, hey, let’s be friends.

“And Londell extends his hand to, you know, to make peace; and he goes, reaches into his pockets, comes out, and shoots him. You know, point blank,” Alex Rodriguez said.

“My son went by himself! And extended the hand! Wanted to make peace! And instead he got killed!” a distraught Soto added.

Neighbor Robert Smiley ran outside when he heard three shots.

“When the family member came, you know, he pulled the shirt and I saw the blood, you know, soaking up his shirt and I told him: start CPR,” Smiley said.

A contingent of Byrd’s classmates from Mount St. Michael Academy came to the house to pay respects, to show a banner everyone had signed. They knew Byrd planned to study business and accounting at Pace University. And that he was the great hope for this family.

The murder suspect, Delgado, is from Ecuador. Police said they have surveillance at all the airports in case he tries to flee the country.


One Comment

  1. jimmy ah punk says:

    it was over drugs the fight cus londell had bigger nicks then jimmy and jimmy got mad and start it beffin over it and londell spanked him and jimmy got mad and came back and shot him but now jimmy gonna get his ass eat in jail ….

    r.i.p londell byrd much luv

  2. Nadeem says:

    I knew Londell he was a good kid he was respectful to his elders and he was always smiling. He loved basketball and his family this is tragedy my heart goes out to his mother

  3. james gordon says:

    When you shoot someone point blank and kills that person, he/she should receive the death penalty instead of wasting tax payers funds holed in prision, with free room and board.

  4. Nick says:

    Always a p00sy boy who needs a gun because it’s too much of a p00sy to fight like a man.

  5. otto says:

    Mr. Delgado, there is a special place in Hell waiting for you. You will not be able to escape it. Your eternal future has been set. Was it worth it?

    Prayers to the spirit of Londell Byrd … you were a good man to offer your hand in peace. Have a safe & pleasant journey to the next existence. Prayers also to the Byrd family … very sorry for your loss.

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