By Sweeny Murti
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Are there untouchable players on the Mets? Are Reyes, Wright, and Beltran automatic “No’s” when other teams come calling? Here’s GM Sandy Alderson’s philosophy on that idea.

As the question was posed to him in regards to Jose Reyes on the last year of his contract, Alderson’s last comment about being patient in New York is a clear reference to the Padres trade of Adrian Gonzalez who was a year away from free agency and was dealt for a package of prospects the Padres felt they couldn’t have improved on had they waited any longer to make that deal. As the Mets season goes along, good or bad, the future of Jose Reyes will be a major topic in 2011.

The Mets are here at the Winter Meetings looking for cheap pitching, that much is clear. One source described the Mets philosophy to me as “bottom-feeding.” So I wouldn’t expect the Mets to emerge from behind this smokescreen holding a Cliff Lee jersey. Maybe Tommy Lee, or Sara Lee.

Sweeny Murti

pixy Sweeny Says: Mets Core   Are They Untouchable?

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