Family Of Wounded Livery Driver Begs For Help

Trevor Bell Continues Recovering After Being Shot In His Cab

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Help us catch the gunman.

That was the emotional plea by the family of a livery driver, who was shot and left for dead inside his cab.

“It’s very hard to see him lying there. He can’t move. I mean…,” a distraught Sharon Thomas, the cousin of the victim, told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman on Thursday.

When Thomas began to talk about her cousin, Trevor Bell, fighting for his life after being shot a week ago in his cab, she could not continue.

“At the end of the day he may be able to run but he ain’t gonna be able to hide,” Bell’s son, Trevor Bell Jr., said of the person who pulled the trigger.

The family broke their silence at Jamaica Hospital on Thursday by asking the suspected shooter, whom police identified as Shawn Peace, 22, to turn himself in.

A video was made by the camera in the cab Trevor Bell was driving when he was shot last week. There was a struggle and police said the suspect hit bell with the gun and demanded money. You can see Bell’s hand as he tries to protect himself. Then comes the nearly fatal moment: Peace, police said, raises the gun and, a moment later, fired the first of several shots.

The family supports cab association president Fernando Mateo’s call to drivers to actually “profile” who they’re about to pick up.

“Ain’t no white people comin’ in and killin’ us, a cab driver,” said Christopher Cole, the victim’s cousin. “They transporting the same black; the same Hispanic … and they’re the same one killin’ them — for five dollars!”

Trevor Bell has a gunshot wound to his neck and three wounds in his leg. He has had three surgeries and is fighting to stay alive.

Police sources told Guzman the suspect is believed to be part of a crew responsible for at least 16 robberies and assaults in just six months.


One Comment

  1. Raj says:

    shawn peace’s mother and pa are garbage too.

  2. Lighty says:

    I know this kid. It’s a shame that I have had conversations with this dude. The boy is lost and needs help.

  3. John doe says:

    Never thought he would do something like that he was a football player!

    1. dico j. says:

      Some of the biggest low-lifes on earth, are in the N.F.L.

  4. otto says:

    Shawn Peace is what we refer to as “human garbage”. But I think Shawn knows that he is a waste of a life. We need some more creative sentences … jail just doesn’t cut it … how about disemboweling him? Or slowly feed him thru a wood chipper? Nothing is too good for our friend Shawn.

    But seriously, prayers to Trevor Bell and his family. Stay strong & I hope you are able to recover from this tragedy.

  5. John V. says:

    A crime like this makes me disgusted and angry. here’s a man doing his best to make an honest living and trying to support his family. Now some gutless low life punk comes along and robs him and attempts to murder him for a few lousy dollars. I’m no fan of islamic law, but i’m sure if some of these criminals started getting whipped and having their hands chopped off things would change. I only wish his family would be able to avenge the crim commited against their family member. If we all carried guns i bet this wouldn’t of happened either.

  6. Frank says:

    Hard working family man shot doing his job, d a m n shame. Hope this family get the justice they are seeking and deserve. This kind of crime affects us all, no matter what race when we are not safe from petty thugs committing felonies in our neighborhoods.

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