MTA Bus Driver: Woman Attacked Me For Driving Too Slow

Cops: 3 Witnesses Corroborate Jacqueline Benjamin's Claims

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A Brooklyn woman has been charged after allegedly attacking a city bus driver for driving too slow.

Alicea Diaz, 25, was charged Thursday in Brooklyn Criminal Court with assault, harassment, menacing and criminal mischief.

According to the criminal complaint, Diaz allegedly struck B82 Limited bus driver Jacqueline Benjamin, 60, multiple times with a closed fist and broke her glasses. Diaz reportedly became angered by Benjamin’s slow driving.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports

Diaz, from Coney Island, told the New York Post that Benjamin’s slow driving always makes her late for work as a waitress.

“She drives slow on purpose,” Diaz told the Post.

Regular riders of the B82 Limited bus confirm that it can be a slow ride

“It’s slow. It’s a limited bus also…not regular,” regular B82 rider Lana, who said she’s no fan of the route, told 1010 WINS’ Al Jones.

Mapping Lana’s trip on Google Maps, it should be a 15-minute ride. She said, however, that it usually takes an hour of more. Other riders agree.

“It makes me late, but the thing is, instead of reacting like that, just leave early,” another rider said. “Just leave earlier, 30 minutes earlier, and you’ll probably get there exactly on time.”

Benjamin, who has been with the MTA for 17 years, grabbed the woman’s hooded sweatshirt after the attack and held on until police officers arrived.

Diaz, a regular passenger on the B82 bus, has no prior arrests. Attacking an MTA employee is a felony, and, if convicted, Diaz could face jail time.

Benjamin was treated at Coney Island Hospital for pain to her eye and forehead.

According to the Post, law enforcement sources said three witnesses confirmed Benjamin’s story.


One Comment

  1. john m says:

    the mta wants drivers to drive slow it comes over the radio inside the bus every 10 minutes. we have to drive in the right lane.we get in trouble if we go fast

  2. Melissa Caraballo says:

    Is anyone safe anymore??? I totally agree that the bus driver should speed up.. but at what price? People need to stop being so violent. If you have a problem voice your opinion with the powers that be… Something is seriously wrong when a bus driver gets attacked because of his driving. Lets be adults here!

  3. danny says:

    Next time, punch Jay Walder. He’s the a hole that is running the show and raising our fare and reducing our service.

  4. q16rider says:

    The queens q16 has similar problem..many riders and I complained for years to the mta, no downtown flushing we wait along time for a Buss to take us east.go watch the q16 line any week day 4pm-9pm..its ridonkeylous ..

  5. fred says:

    There are checkpoints that bus drivers can not pass ahead of schedule or they will get written up. What they need to do is eliminate that on limited buses and you would see the difference. Some people not ALL right away blame the bus driver when they are not at fault. Hopefully she go to jail and not just get a slap on the wrist.

  6. Steve M. says:

    Gee, I wonder if the trip’ll be any quicker tomorrow? Because if it is; ‘someone’ had a valid point……..LOL!

  7. Sydelle Houston says:

    A limited bus should not take an hour on a 15 minute route! Instead of putting the lives of the other passengers in jeopardy by punching the driver, she should have written a letter to complain, or like others have suggested, taken an earlier bus. Now she may have to pay a fine, spend time in jail and/or lose her job. Stupid is what stupid does.

    1. Alex says:

      I have done. I complained about B-68 twice over the phone and twice on line. There is no changes. There are no city or state agency overseeing MTA. So, you have to complain about MTA just to MTA.

  8. jb5 says:

    It’s the route coordinators fault so they can run one bus per hour really slow to pick up all the people on the route because of low ridership. This is the corruption that creates the chump change for guys like Rizzos Lear jet golf vacations. That’s how they do it. And you have to sit there at 10 miles an hour because their poor budget is just so strapped.

  9. nyphonejacks says:

    well pick up the pace.. one of the reasons that there is so much traffic is because bus drivers drive at a snails pace, and do not even pull over to the bus stop to load and unload passengers

    1. KPMc says:

      How does not pulling over make it slower?? Wouldn’t that make it quicker?

      1. nyphonejacks says:

        @kpm – it blocks the flow of traffic, causing traffic to back up, if they used the bus stops to load and unload passengers traffic would be able to flow better – i do not understand why they ticket people $115 for stopping in a bus stop if the buses are not going to use them… driving faster than the 4-5 MPH that these buses do (creating even more of a back up behind them) is what would speed these buses up…

  10. KPMc says:

    “Benjamin was treated at Coney Island Hospital for pain to her eye and forehead. She was not charged.”

    Why would she be charged?? She’s the victim! Good proof-reading CBS!

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