City To Parking Violators: ‘We Just Want Your Money’

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — With its finances in tatters New York City is on the warpath to collect at least some of the $5 billion people owe it.

That dollar figure includes $440 million in outstanding parking tickets — which Finance Commissioner David Frankel is on a mission to collect using “a whole bunch of different techniques.”

WCBS 880 Reporter Rich Lamb says the city is going to start cracking down on outstanding tickets.

Speaking on the Mayor’s WOR radio broadcast, Frankel warned violators to pay up before the city comes looking for them.

“It’ll be cheaper, it’ll be less intrusive and by the way, we have no interest in being intrusive. We just want your money,” Frankel said.”

Frankel said the city could also garnish wages, seize assets and suspend registrations in an effort to get people to pay the fines.

“We don’t really want to tow your car, we want you to pay your fines,” he said.


One Comment

  1. bush says:

    People have a tendency to forget that the purpose of government is to bleed it’s citizens dry. And to be arrogant about it in the process.

    Frankel has a career to worry about too. Caviar is expensive.

  2. NYC says:

    how about solve your own mess by trimming fat instead of steal from us? you have stole enough from us from taxing us on everything.

  3. Barre Flynn says:

    I thnik that Mr Bloomberg and the finance department should stop making NYC a miserable place to live. There will be a time that people with money will choose to take their families to a friendlier place. Then harrassing people for money will be a moot point.

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