Bronx Teacher Suffers Miscarriage Stopping Fight

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A pregnant teacher trying to break up a fight between two high school students pays a tragic price.

The Department of Education said spanish teacher Lissedia Batista suffered a miscarriage after she either fell or was shoved to the floor.

The fight broke out in a classroom at the Explorations Academy in the Bronx.

Batista was four months pregnant.

The Department of Education said the students involved were being dsciplined.


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  1. Yarissi Ulloa says:

    That was my close cousin and I’m so mad because we both were pregnant and we were just talking about our bellies. Lissedia is to good of a person to have such a terrible thing like that to happen to her and the family. I can picture her interfering in something like that because she always worries about everyone’s safety and she always told me she loved her students. No matter what they do, she will never get to see her unborn child and it hurts. I know its going to be hard for her to meet my unborn son and look at other peoples babies while she has lost her own. She is a great mom to her son and just wanted to build her family. I Love Her So Much & Hope God can help her through this hard moment in her life!!!!!

  2. Jojo says:

    Teachers are not guards. I think this teacher did the wrong thing. Four months pregnant trying to break up a fight between teenage boys. She should have called for help. As for the teens. They should be criminally charged with manslaughter and assault

  3. EGL says:

    These thugish students should be charged with manslaughter. I don’t know what the problem is with these inner city schools, but these kids should stop acting like animals, and become civilized human beings. People like these students are shameful, criminal, and a blight on our society. LOCK EM UP!

  4. dude says:

    teachers are not supposed to break up fights,call security,uta rules

    1. Mike Diaz says:

      Yeah, God forbid someone tries to act like a good human being. You’re a jerk! How about some sympathy for someone who tried to do the right thing! Those little jerks should get prosecuted, no ifs!!

  5. Micha says:

    The teacher should file a lawsuit against the kids involved and their parents. She should also look into filing assault charges. Poor woman, most teachers didn’t realize when they decided to become teachers, they were actually becoming pseudo-prison guards.

  6. Fruit says:

    they spelled disciplined wrong.

  7. Flynn says:

    Daily News reports she was elbowed in the stomach trying to break up the fight.

    Dear Lord, how hard was that elbow jab then?

    The kids have been suspended. Sadly, I’ll wager that’s all the school can do as far as disciplining. Meanwhile, this poor woman has lost her baby.

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