Leaders, Police Collecting ‘Cash For Guns’ In Brooklyn

No questions asked.

That’s how the Brooklyn Clergy and the New York Police Department are going about giving out “Cash For Guns.”

The Coalition to Reduce Violent Crime is holding its event at two Brooklyn churches on Saturday in the 73rd and 75th Precincts.

The church leadership is asking members of the community to come forward with any operable handgun. It’s an attempt to reduce crimes in the neighborhoods and those who turn in a gun receive a $200 bank card—no questions asked.

The public has turned in 6,011 guns in the nine anti-gun drives held since 2008, according to the Brooklyn Clergy.

As of May 8, 2010, there were:

1,696 revolvers

1,161 semi-automatics

111 sawed-off shotguns

745 shotguns

94 assault weapons

1,225 rifles

979 others

The two Brooklyn churches are: First Baptist church of Brownsville at 357 Chester St. and Southern Baptist Church at 820 Standley Ave. The drive runs until 5 p.m.


One Comment

  1. bush says:

    I wonder how many of these guns will wind up back on the streets. Do we really know the chain of custody on these firearms once they are turned in? There is big cash involved with illegal guns and many dishonest people running the show.

  2. smartone says:

    Right cause criminals really don’t know how to destroy a weapon right?

    1. DanTe says:

      Why do all the dumb ones like to use names that implies smartness they never have?

      One, nobody but you dumbtones will by a gun with a body on it.

      Two, you want the gun to be totally destroyed. Not in the water or buried where it may be found. And you try destroying sold steel.


  3. DanTe says:

    You got a gun that you had killed someone with? Want to have the evidence destroyed? Well, you’re in luck. Libturds here will do it for you AND pay you for it too.

    Stupid Libturds.

    (I noticed that the libturds here at CtheBS keeps censoring this factoid. Libturds HATES facts and truths that poke holes into their massive stupidities.)

    1. smartone says:

      Or whats to stop a criminal to selling a gun at a store? do stores do ballistic checks before they buy from anyone? lol You sure do look dumb talking without taking your tinfoiil hat off first..

      1. foghorn says:

        Dan has a valid point. It is an effective way to have evidence destroyed.

        And yes, tinfoil hats do help prevent against certain types of psychic attack.

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