Bernard Madoff Will Not Attend Son’s Funeral

NEW YORK (CBS 2/AP) — The lawyer for Bernard Madoff says the jailed financier will not attend his son’s funeral services.

Attorney Ira Sorkin says Madoff had decided not to attend the funeral for Mark Madoff out of consideration for his daughter-in-law’s and grandchildrens’ privacy.

The lawyer said the 72-year-old Madoff will conduct a private service at the North Carolina prison where he is serving a 150-year term.

On Sunday, New York City’s medical examiner officially ruled Mark Madoff’s death a suicide by hanging. His body was found early Saturday in his SoHo apartment.

Madoff had used a dog leash to hang himself from a ceiling pipe on the second aniversary of the arrest of his father.


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  1. DanTe says:

    Amazing how many Madoff associates and relatives are here to pad the replies under different names. They just can’t help but to keep scamming.

    No sympathy from normal folks here. That entire clan of slime should be exterminated or sterilized. Stop the infestation in the gene pool already. This one took the easy way out when it found it had ran out of other people’s money. But it left a spawn wriggle around to further the infestation.

    1. euda says:

      DanTe…I know I should not waste my time on a comment to you but you are so vicious that I really must send you a message. You could try to live your own life and not be so involved in others that the result is a person who makes Madoff look good. I can assure you I am not a “Madoff associate and relative”. It bothers me that Madoff is behind bars and you are out there running around with your about to explode hate.

  2. jeana says:

    Bernie is where he needs to be, But I do feel sad for the grandchildren who lost there daddy. They are innocent victims of a horribe scheme. I

  3. mds says:

    i find it amazing how others can rejoice in this sad time

    no one andi mean no one knows for sure what the knew and didint know of his fathers shenigans,, just let him rest i n peace

  4. WhatCouldBe says:

    I just want everyone to know, Bernard is doing quite well. He is being treated well at Butner and is considered a “king” by the other inmates. The guards go out of their way to make sure he is well tended to. He is now in a special single cell, significantly larger than the standard cells with a full size bed, private toilet, and HD cable television. His meals are specially prepared for him, as he does not eat what the general inmate population eats. He was playing cards with another inmate when he heard the news of his son. He supposedly shook his head and said “sad”, then went back to his card game. Overall, he is not suffering in any way and is quite content where he is. He feels it was all worth it, considering the lifestyle he was able to lead. And he is hopeful that the rest of his family will be able to access the incredibly large sums of money that he was able to hide before his arrest.

  5. money says:

    madoff family is my hero

  6. David says:

    of course they weren’t happy; that’s why they did it;, but they sure had a good time at everyone else’s expense…but now that the party’s over and it’s time to pay the bill, it’s all just too much for the guilty ones to bear…at least John Gotti took his punishment like a man

  7. jbs says:

    you’re an ass.

  8. kat says:

    As much as everyone hates the Madoffs, he left behind two little children who haven’t done anything wrong. As much as I don’t like them, I’m keeping quiet on this out of respect for them.

  9. aae says:

    The attorney says that Madoff will not attend the funeral. Is it Madoff’s decision to make? I was under the impression, mistakenly it seems, that he first had to apply to the Bureau of Prisons or maybe the Justice Department to seek its/their permission.

    1. jbs says:

      yes, it is his decision to make. “white collar” prisoners are given furlough to attend family funerals…i doubt if he was a mass murderer he would be given the same option. sad he’s not going to be at his own son’s funeral, but based on what the article says i have to respect his decision.

      1. K C says:

        No, it is NOT his decision to make! Prisoners can only be granted furloughs if they have less than 2 years to go on their sentence. He has 113 to go.

  10. LEON Grossman says:


  11. madebrokebymadoff says:

    In some Asian cultures, when you do something bad, you are not only punished in your lifetime – but, your family will also be punished for the next two generations as well.

    1. jbs says:

      well, they’re clearly NOT asian, so how is your comment even relevant?

    2. cgerardo says:

      yes it is called karma. and if you don’t stop rejoicing at the death of another human being your karma can betray you. so just stop.

    3. euda says:

      You are not in Asia……

  12. foghorn says:

    If they let Bernie out for the funeral, wouldn’t he be at risk for getting “whacked”? Seems like he’d be a pretty easy target & I’m sure a lot people want a piece of his buttocks.

  13. madebrokebymadoff says:

    I think everyone in the family, who worked and made bundles from Bernie Madoff, are all guilty.

    1. jean says:

      I think the whole thing is an incredibly sad, tragic tale – I think Madoff’s sons are NOT guilty in fact but the one who killed himself couldn’t deal with the overwhelmingly horrible actions of his father and the guilt of it all and just couldn’t live with it anymore. It’s such karma for Madoff, that he destroyed so many financial lives and yet, probably the worst punishment of all for him is what his son just did to himself. He’s getting his own just desserts. But I feel so bad for his family members who had nothing to do with the fraud, whose consciences are guiltty by association. Like Madoff’s now-deceased son.

  14. madebrokebymadoff says:

    Where is the suicide note proclaiming his innocence?

  15. Orenthal Simpson says:

    Another feather in Bernie’s cap. Bravo.

  16. Nick says:

    He must have ran out of other people’s money.

  17. otto says:

    Considering the crimes of Madoff, I’m surprised this is even a question.

    How’s Ruth hanging in there these days (no pun intended) ? What a proud wife and mother she must be. I’m sure she feels no pain for those who lost their entire life’s savings because of Bernie … I’m sure she just feels sorry for herself.

    Has she thought of joining the online dating community, like Whoo hoo, what a catch she is :p

    1. jbs says:

      you’re SURE??? how can you be SURE?? Do you know Ruth Madoff??? A mother who just lost her son??? what an ass you are….I’M SURE!!

  18. DanTe says:

    Awww… boo hoo. Just like any other madoffs, this sh\\t can’t even do suicide right. It left it’s spawn wriggling around to grow and continue the infestation on the human genome. Kill them all off and be done with it.

    1. euda says:

      As I said before, you make all the Madoffs of the world look good…..

  19. andy warhol says:

    no matter how much money they had, they were never happy.

  20. starkman says:

    that’s why they call it Prison fools…you don’t get any rights like that. keep him locked up…make sure he pays for his crims as long as he’s breathing.

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