Jets’ Alosi Suspended For Season, Fined $25,000

Strength Coach Comes Clean On 'Trip' Seen Around The NFL

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP/ CBS 2/ 1010 WINS) — The New York Jets trainer who tripped a Miami Dolphins player on the sideline during a game Sunday appeared to hold back tears as he apologized for his actions.

“I let everybody down yesterday with my actions,” Alosi said. “My actions were inexcusable and irresponsible.”

On Monday night Sal Alosi was suspended without pay for the rest of the season, including the playoffs, and fined an additional $25,000.

He will begin serving his suspension immediately and have no access to the team’s practice facility. General manager Mike Tannenbaum said Alosi will also not be allowed to interact with any players or coaches “as it pertains to his job function.”

“It’s on me,” a contrite Alosi said.

2010 december 12 18 31 43 Jets Alosi Suspended For Season, Fined $25,000


The league reviewed the incident in which Alosi stuck his left knee out and tripped Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll, who was covering a punt in the third quarter of Miami’s 10-6 win.

“I wasn’t thinking,” Alosi said. “If I could go back and do it again, I sure as heck would take a step back. It was just a situation where I wasn’t thinking.”

Carroll, a rookie, fell to the turf and lay there for several minutes grabbing one of his legs before walking off. He returned in the fourth quarter. Carroll twice broke his right leg while playing: once ending his senior season in high school and again in his senior season at Maryland.

“I’m extremely thankful that my actions yesterday didn’t result in any significant injury to Nolan or any other players,” Alosi said.

He added that he apologized by phone to both Carroll and Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, and spoke to Jets owner Woody Johnson, coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum about the situation.

It’s the latest embarrassing incident for the team that starred on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” during the summer.

The Jets were investigated by the NFL in September for their treatment of a female television reporter. The league responded to the situation involving Ines Sainz of TV Azteca by developing a workplace conduct program, underwritten by Johnson, to educate players and staffs of all 32 teams.

A few weeks later, wide receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested for drunken driving.

Star cornerback Darrelle Revis was ticketed for speeding while driving to the team’s facility for a meeting before a practice in October.

At a news conference in Miami, Sparano said Alosi sounded humbled and sorry when they spoke Sunday night.

“I’m not going to get into it a whole lot here fellas, but to be honest with you, it’s out of my hands,” Sparano said. “It’s in a million other people’s hands right now, but not in mine. … I don’t like what happened because a player could’ve gotten hurt, seriously hurt, but that’s where it is.”

Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby took a swipe at Ryan after the game when he heard about the incident.

“He’s just taking after the head coach, man. It all trickles downhill,” Dansby said. “That’s how I look at it, it trickles downhill. The head coach, he opened a can of worms over there and now he’s got to fix it.”

Carroll, who had an interception in the first quarter to set up a field goal, said after the game that he was not angry about the incident.

“We got a ‘W.’ That’s not my problem,” Carroll said. “That’s the Jets’ problem. We just move on. I felt contact, but I’ve got to watch film. I can’t comment on it right now.”

Alosi was with the Jets from 2001-2005, then worked for the Falcons for one season before returned to New York in 2007 as the head trainer.

Alosi was a linebacker for Hofstra from 1996-2000, and even earned an award for sportsmanship and fair play both on and off the field during his college career.

“You’re asking me to give you a logical explanation to an illogical act,” he said. “I can’t do that. I can’t explain that.”

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg talks with Jets fans

Throughout the tri-state area on Monday, football fans were left wondering what Alosi was thinking about.

“Oh that ain’t right. Come on now. You can’t do that. You can’t do that,” Astoria resident Maria Stone told CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport.

So what about it? What about fair play. What about sportsmanship and setting a good example? We know sometimes players go off the rails, but coaches?

“For a coach to do something like that tells me he’s a little over invested … to the point of being immature,” psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere said.

You have to go back more than 30 years ago when legendary Ohio State coach Woody Hayes threw a haymaker at an opposing player to top something like this.

Over at Lodi High School in New Jersey, students, athletes and academics alike were taken aback when they saw the trip the day after.

“If he can’t follow the rules and regulations and moral code set by the organization he works for, he should have no business working there,” said Jacob Rosen, a junior at Lodi High School.

“It’s wrong because coaches are supposed to be setting examples for their players. And if they’re doing something like that everyone else that’s looking up to them are gonna think there’s no point to it. They’re supposed to be role models,” varsity soccer player Harsharan Kaur added.

Sports needs more stand up guys, not fall guys.

Statement from New York Jets

December 13, 2010 — The New York Jets today suspended without pay Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi for the remainder of the 2010 season, including any playoff games, and fined him an additional $25,000 for his conduct during Sunday’s game versus the Miami Dolphins. The announcement was made by Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum.
Alosi’s suspension begins immediately. During this period, he will have no access to the team’s practice facility nor any interaction with coaches or players as it pertains to his job function. He will be eligible to return to the facility on the day following the team’s final game of the 2010 season.

“After reviewing the facts and consulting with the league office, we determined that this was the most appropriate discipline,” said Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum. “I have spoken with Sal. He understands the severity of his actions and has apologized to all parties involved in the incident. There is no place in the game for this type of behavior and his conduct falls disappointingly short of our expectations for anyone associated with the New York Jets. I have also reminded all members of the organization with sideline access that it is both a priority and their responsibility to maintain a safe environment.”

Alosi said: “I accept responsibility for my actions and respect the team’s decision.”

Statement from New York Jets Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi

“I made a mistake that showed a total lapse in judgment. My conduct was inexcusable and unsportsmanlike and does not reflect what this organization stands for. I spoke to Coach Sparano and Nolan Carroll to apologize before they took off. I have also apologized to Woody, Mike and Rex. I accept responsibility for my actions as well as any punishment that follows.”


One Comment

  1. Nicky10lbs says:

    Sal Alosi is a cheater . I hope he Croaks!

  2. NFL HAS NO BALLS says:

    Suspended? Seriously? Just another indication of the NFL become complete wimps and losers. Imagine if this dirtbag worked for Don Shula, Bill Walsh, or Tom Landry. He would have been FIRED within an hour of the game ending.

    Not real surprised though – first, it’s New York. More importantly, any organization that has a spawn of Buddy Ryan in it necessarily is polluted with some of the worst of humanity. Rex Ryan probably gave this loser a high five after he watched the film.

    1. Shaddupayourface says:

      You to can be a loser, try finding something else to fill your time, like some outdoor activity, put that beer down, wipe wings grease on you stained vest and get a life.
      It’s not such a big thing, the whole game is a sham nowadays, advertising etc.
      All the bullS##t pads, helmets etc, these guys look like they are from a bad B scifi move.
      So move on redneck.

  3. dabooch says:

    Alosi was standing out of bounds, the replay shows. Alosi would of been a hero if he had a uniform on.

    1. Bob says:

      In New York, he is a hero now. Come on…it’s what the Jets do

  4. David says:

    He keeps saying that he made a mistake. But we all know that this was on purpose. Typical New York morality.

  5. LarryG says:

    Why was the player running out of bounds to start with? Had he been on the field of play he would not have been tripped. Guess the sidelines don’t count. Maybe he should have run behind all of those guys standing there. Jesus.

    1. Slappy says:


      Carroll was running out of bounds because he was pushed out of bounds by two Jets players. This happens all the time on punts and kickoffs, but 99.9% of the time a coach on the sideline doesn’t trip a player from the opposing team who is trying to re-enter the playing field after being pushed off of it. Nothing Carroll did was illegal or inappropriate. It seems to me that you’re trying to blame Carroll, which is laughable considering that Alosi and the Jets organization have already acknowledged that Alosi was 100% in the wrong. Alosi’s just lucky Carroll didn’t get seriously hurt or he would’ve lost his job and possibly been sued by Carroll. To me, Alosi’s still lucky he was only suspended without pay and fined $25K.

  6. Paul Calloway says:

    “Alosi was with the Jets from 2001-2005, then worked for the Falcons for one season before returned to New York in 2007 as the head trainer.”

    He was the “Certified Strength & Conditioning Trainer” CSCS not to be confused with the “Certified Athletic Trainer” ATC. I wish the folks reporting these stories would learn the difference and report them as such.

  7. scott says:

    Could be much worse, you all could be Bronco fans.

    1. kim says:

      that was a low blow…

  8. Rocky says:

    Check the video – those coaches were lined up as extra blockers for when the Jets players blocked the gunner out of bounds. Watch the man next to Alosi – he was getting ready to block, too. This was coached, and Alosi is taking the fall for Ryan. And it is cheating. The physical game is for the players, only…not for coaches to interfere. Maybe if the Jets had an offense they wouldn’t feel the need to be cheaters.

    1. Larry says:

      Rocky is right…the coaches are lined up with legs slightly spread and foot to foot EXACTLY wyhere the cover guy usually ends up….and they are all lined up right on the line. Not a coincident

      1. David says:

        Wow, I have seen that video several times and never noticed that. But, now that you mention it they are clearly there waiting to be hit. It looks like the Jets may have noticed the gunners going beyond the white lines so they are in some kind of blocking formation. The league needs to take another look at this video!

  9. Fairplay only! says:

    This dipsh1t is only sorry for being punished, he should be banned for life.

  10. Bjorn Olaussen says:

    He should be fired and never be able to coach again

  11. Leagueof 1 says:

    The NFL should see to it that this guy is never allowed on the sideline for the remainder of his life. If I were the player I would sue the league, the stadium owner, the Jets and this creep individually.

  12. jon lombardi says:

    You are all missing the dirty little secret.
    Those trainers are there during punts (in a neat row) on purpose!
    They are the ’12th man’ on punt returns!!!.

  13. L Dubya says:

    He should be fired, he is only remorseful because he was caught. This is as unsportsmanlike as you can get. The NFL didn’t fire him but the Jets should. Players go through enough on the field. I am glad he was not injured by that lack of “thinking”

  14. Jerry DiFede says:

    As A Dolphin Fan I say Give It up already. The Guy thought It was A good Idea at the Time. Woody Hayes did It 30 Years ago. This Guy will be remembered for a Long Time just as Woody is. And another Thing “The Devil made Him Do It”

    1. dean says:

      Do you remember the “82 afc championship where don shula left the drainage system off”?

  15. Larry says:

    Give the dolphins player an oscar for his performance after the “trip heard round the world”

  16. Dan Theman says:

    “Star cornerback Darrelle Revis was ticketed for speeding while driving to the team’s facility for a meeting before a practice in October.”


  17. mark l. says:

    strength and conditioning coach in the nfl?
    basically the guy who picks up the steroids and cleans up the needles.

    hardly an irreplaceable slot.

    1. Conditioning coach says:

      I’m a conditioning coach and recommend a good steriod like hgh, I always clean needles under a UV light, and keep a two week supply on hand.

      Do you have a good lead on any other chemicals?

      Marks – mentor

      1. mark l. says:

        sounds like you are more than qualified with your current skills and equip.

        apply now.

      2. Marks friend says:

        Mark – thanks – I’ll use you as a reference – Merry Christmas

  18. bob says:

    I wonder if the reaction to this guy would have been the same if he was black. Give the guy a break. it was a stupid decision, but he has been punished enough.

    1. bob says:

      well ,you are after all knee-grows(negros) get it is a joke.

      Why not answer the question? If the guy was Black, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be all over it. You can bet your bottom dollar.

    2. Knee grows - in your direction says:

      Knee grows – ok I’m coming to find you.

      The sun will come out tomorrow – but not at your house.

      Race bait – I got a hook line and sinker


  19. jharry3 says:

    Arrest him for assult.
    Fire him.
    Sue him.
    Ban him from all football for life.
    That about covers it.

    1. CBS Staff Update says:

      NFL Commision update
      There has been a fine awarded. There has also been a written and verbal apology made. There will be no sueing, banning or firing.

      CSB staff update.

  20. Merkel says:

    Good sportsmanship applies to every member of a sports organization.

  21. This whole thing is STUPID! says:

    The dumb ass jock that got tripped by the moron coach sure milked the hell out of the incident. As if his millions for doing nothing significant couldn’t help him get over a non existing situation.

    1. CBS room watcher - says:

      I don’t even remember the score of the game. So much focus on event. I need my medication.

      Post room lurker – I think you guys are all very detail oriented, which lines up well with my obsessive compulsive disorder.

      New York State Phychiatric Ward 9 Rm 12a

  22. Doc says:

    I feel badly for the guy. I think it was stupid, but it isn’t worth destroying his career over.

  23. WigginsGolfer says:

    This man should be fired. Immediately.

  24. Miles Monroe says:

    This guy was running three feet out of bounds. I thought the game was played in the green area. The coach is an idiot but the player should have been on the field of play.

    1. pete says:

      It’s common to do that when a player gets force out-of-bounds on punting situations like that.

      1. You have to try to get back in the field of play immediately. You can’t go traipsing down the sidelines where the coaches and other players are. I don’t condone the coaches actions, but it was an aggressive spur of the moment thing. He should be suspended and fined, but come on, end the guy’s career? That is way too harsh.

      2. Mary Wright Pippert says:

        What I do nto understand is that since the runner is out of bounds what was the point?

    2. mac says:

      he was pushed out of bounds by the jets players. he was doubled up and knocked out of bounds during his run downfield. it’s a pretty common occurance.

      1. double duty says:

        Double up unh unh – and i roll up quick to get wid em , my anaconda don’t want nun unless you got buns hun

        Sir mix a lot – baby got back

    3. bmj2k says:

      What does this have to do with the coach being an ass?

    4. WhyCommentWhenUCant? says:

      Another person who doesn’t watch football, but feels he needs to comment on things he doesn’t know. Watch a game or two, you’ll see the outside coverage men get forced out of bounds on every punt. Go back to watching figure skating or something. Geez!


      2. Manly men watch football says:

        But figure skaters don’t have skin tight pants, sweat on their brows, muscles and lots of manly heat. I like those rippling thighs and shiny pants and the big piles of men on men – plus a nice swat on the butt or a helmet bumping.

        Manly men watch football – girly men smile at the manly men and wink knowingly.
        Men men men men manly men ooh

      3. Slappy says:


        Carroll did try to get on the field immediately but was tripped by Alosi. Actually, as you can see on the video, when Carroll fell after being tripped by Alosi he landed inbounds. So what’s your point exactly? You’re defending Alosi when even he isn’t defending his own actions. Does that even make sense?

  25. AeroJack7 says:

    Bottom line to all of this is that he was a jerk. I have 6 and 8 year old sons that play in little league baseball and are on soccer teams. Was it Charles Barkley that said don’t look at us pros as role models? I have been done with all pro sports for a long time. I actually shield my kids from watching them on the tube. Bunch of ego-maniac freaks.

  26. John says:

    “Win if you can. Lose if you must . But, always cheat” – Jesse “The Body” Ventura

  27. Kevin says:

    As the Jets fall. Ha ha ha ha ha, losers….

  28. TedSumrall says:

    Alosi shuold go and coach for the Bears. You can get away with stuff like this in Chicago. Theodore (Ted) Sumrall

    1. Chicago - my knid of town says:

      Chicago – has the tickest hair in the armpit of the country.

      The Bears

  29. Dukeameye says:

    Don Merrideth pasted away this past week and NFL Films should show the time he stuck his foot out on the field attempting to trip an opponent running back a kick off return! It was not viewed as anything but what it was back then, gamesmanship! If the ref saw it then 15 yards if not then no touch down. Lighten up world!


      wow you are so out of touch

      1. Crusing in the gulf says:

        Pasted away agian in maragarita ville – looking for that lost shaker of salt

        the conquest is a big ship

    2. Scott says:

      Well said. If this coach had shot or raped someone it would be a different story. Slap on the wrist or a pat on the back. Instead we want to see him hanged. Ridiculous. Leave the guy alone.

  30. Adam says:

    I used to be totally judgmental about things like this – and thought immediate termination should always come after a stunt such as Alosi’s. However, I have since learned that there are times when – in a split second, some stupid idea pops into your head, and you do it without thinking. The Miami player was running VERY close to the Jet’s sideline, and way out of bounds. That does not in ANY WAY excuse Alosi’s conduct. However, I would not want to see anyone lose their entire life and career over some split-second, totally stupid decision. If he had denied it, or lied and tried to claim his knee just buckled, or something like that – then there would be no choice but to fire him. However, when someone does something completely stupid, irrresponsible, and reckless – but then apologizes for it, owns up to it, is willing to accept responsibility and consequences… then – let there be some big consequences, but let there also be another chance. Thank God that’s what Jesus did for me.

    1. Ray says:

      well said adam. especially the last sentence, which is the basis for all the previous ones.

    2. dennis c. says:

      Adam –as i said below look at the videotape –the jets staff was neatly positioned along the line to impede the runner –this was not a careless act of stupidity — it was the planned strategy of the team. Alosi is just falling on his sword to avoid the real issue. Ryan’s in-your-face attitude has permeated the behavior of the whole team. And how many second chances do these clowns need?

      1. John says:

        Dennis, you DO realize that wide white stripe is out of bounds, don’t you?


      2. johna says:

        In answer to John who answered this comment: Unsportsman like behaviour knows no bounds, white stripe or not.

    3. Chuckles says:

      I agree Adam, besides, tripping someone who doesn’t get hurt IS funny. I mean really, watch the video a few times, you’ll be laughing.

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