Man Crushed By #4 Train At Union Square Station

Actor, 41, Eventually Freed, Condition Upgraded To Serious

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It was horror underground!

A subway rider was crushed between the train and the platform, helplessly pinned for nearly 30 minutes.

But as CBS 2’s John Slattery reports, the victim’s condition is slightly improving.

The photos published by the New York Post show the subway rider’s agony as he withstands the pain of being crushed between a subway train and the platform, at a spot where a hydraulic extension comes out of the platform.

The shocking incident happened Friday night at Union Square station involving a number 4 downtown train. A 41-year-old actor, Michael Dion, fell between the train and the platform just as the extension came out.

You may have seen these platform extenders that extend from the platform to fill the gap, and doing so with hydraulic force.

Despite the efforts of passengers and emergency crews, it took 30 minutes before the hydraulic line was located, cut and the victim was freed.

Dion has appeared in several independent movies, including this one called “Vacationland.” He lives in a building just west of Times Square where no one was home on Monday.

He was taken to Bellevue Hospital’s surgical intensive care, where on Monday afternoon his condition was upgraded to “serious.”

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority issued the following statement:

“Gap fillers are in use at the curved southbound express and local platforms on the Lexington Avenue line and on one track of the shuttle at Times Square. Announcements are made warning customers to be careful of the gap fillers.”

Other subway passengers expressed concern over the platform extensions.

“I don’t go near it,” one person said.

“You come here to take the train, not to get crushed by the floor,” another said.

It was a terrible accident compounded by no quick way to release the extender.

The gap fillers have been used in the subway system for decades. They are also used at stations on the Long Island Rail Road.

  • family

    Michael is a family member….highly respected most commpasionate man you will ever meet! this is tragic, and we are all praying daily for his recovery! Thanks to all of you that are really concerned, and karma comes back at ya, to all of you jokes leaving rude and ridiculous comments!

    • lisa

      i have been searching for any kind of update since this horrible tragedy happened. does anyone know if he is okay and if so… what is his prognosis? my heart goes out to all the people who love and care for him

  • purell

    I can’t believe you can leave a comment like this. What if the one who injured is your family member? would you say the same thing? I don’t know the victim personally but i am praying for him. It’s so sad to hear tragedy like this happen. I think the MTA is responsible for this and they really should do something to prevent future accident!

  • BossCal

    FDNY responded with ambulance. Now he is going to get billed $480.00. Insult to injury.

    • jazzed

      UR an idiot– he was on the train, not the platform. It malfunctioned and he fell in the gap. Read the story—if you are able.

  • Sydelle Houston

    I’ve always been afraid of those hydraulic platform extensions, the one that used to freak me out the most was South Ferry. Thirty minutes pinned by an automatic machine sounds like sheer torture. I hope he makes it.

  • Margaret Healy

    Do you mean 1988?

  • Ace of Spades

    Who throws themselves between a train and a hydraulically-powered platform just to sue. Be serious. If that was the case he would have tripped over something on a platform that is under construction.

    • Maggy

      EVE! I work at an Engineering firm in Manhattan that specializes in Rail Safety. We have been proposing the installation of a system that could have prevented this accident and others like it in the NYC subway system at no cost to the MTA since 2005.
      In the interim, we have represented other clients in similar cases where they were injured and took legal action against the railway operators due to their deficient safety measures. I would like to reach out to the Dion family and offer some assistance but do not know how to get in contact with them. Please email me if you would like our help.

    • eve

      Ace of Spades – you’re one ignorant ass. Michael works at my company and is a very smart, successful, kind and well respected man. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such a thing. You should apologize to his family and friends for being such an ignorant ass.

  • mari n

    my God you really are stupid!

  • jtorres

    I used to take that train to and from home from that platform and I never, never, never stood on the moving platform or even close to it. It’s metal, it’s automatic and it’s obviously extremely dangerous. How on Earth did he wind up there?

    • Nick

      One word answer: STUPID.

      • eve

        All of us stupid c\/nts are offended by that.

        You should be more sympathetic to stupids, like I do.

      • eve

        Nick – you have some effing nerve leaving a message like that!!!

      • Reality

        Probably wasn’t a good actor and needed the money.

      • jazzed

        Moron– he was on the train not the platform. The platform did not work and he fell into the gap.

  • Ronnie

    Brought me back to an episode of Homicide Life on The Streets, where a man ended up wedged between the platform and the train. After an investigation by the Police Dept. (after he died of his injuries) it was discovered that he’d been pushed and thus it became a homicide. Yes this was a TV show and hopefully this was an accident and not a nut on the loose causing this situation.

    • Patty

      OMG!! YES I thought the same thing, I had seen that episode, and it traumatized me. My stop is Union Square!

  • Moron H8TR

    This response is for the one called “concerened”. I hate when morons dont read before they speak.!! It said that it took a contractor to release the platform!! @ bad it was not your stupid head that was pinned in there..!! lol.. hahaha

  • riri000

    Did you read the story, they needed someone who knew how to release the hydraulically-powered platform.

    Hope he is doing better, our prayers are with him.

  • concerned

    30 Minutes!! Where the FD or PD called to the scene? We have the greatest emergency service responders in the world, who would have been able to free this poor man much sooner, than the “contractor”.

  • Mikes Friend

    You’re not so “Knowledgable”. He is a wonderful and giving person and is fighting for his life. He does not need to sue the city at the cost of his own well-being, as he is a successful and hard working contributor to society. You should apologize to his family and friends for being such an ignorant ass.

    • Oona Shanley

      I am so very sorry for this poor man and I will pray for him tonight. Won’t you all pause for a moment and offer a prayer for Mike one of our NYC neighbors?

    • jazzed

      Mike’s Friend is right. His friends, and his family would give everything they have to bring him back to before this accident. His bones are broken, his internal organs mangled, and he is in and out of a coma. Shame on you.

  • gyuu

    Wow 1888 that’s a long time ago guy

  • otto

    Almost sounds like what happened to poor Philip Baer on Nov. 8, 1888 on the 2nd Ave elevated train on Canal Street. Philip Baer did not survive. Hopefully Mr. Dion will pull thru. Please be careful people.

    • TomL

      It actually was 1888 but the two accidents were very different, obviously.

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