Area To Battle Frigid Temps Into Wednesday

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Winter doesn’t officially begin until next week, but the Tri-State Area was hit with its first taste of the bitter cold Tuesday.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports

1010 WINS Reporter Al Jones finds out what is the biggest complaint.

Single digit wind chills dominated the area, and that caused a spike in the call volume at the city’s 311 call center in Lower  Manhattan.

Over 200 employees were on duty Tuesday taking calls — mostly related to heat and hot water issues.  311 is expected to field about 100,000 calls, which is double the normal call volume, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported.

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Tuesday night will be cold and blustery according to AccuWeather.  The area could also see some flurries into Tuesday night, when temperatures will dip into the teens.  However, AccuWeather Real Feel temperatures will be closer to zero.

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The cold temperatures are expected to continue into Wednesday with a slight improvement for Thursday.  On Saturday, it is expected to warm up a bit – to about 38 degrees.

For the latest forecast for your area, click here.

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  • studakota

    BTW if you’re heading south and you spot a tall blonde guy with a cowboy hat and a cheap fringed suede jacket, and a little guy named Ratso, hitching south, give em a lift. But keep your cigs. hidden from the little guy and watch out for his cough.

    • JTN

      Hey, C’mon! Don’t hide yer cigs –I’m a cripple!

  • Steve M.

    Snow? What an exaggeration! Flurries? yes….There’s something mentally wrong with meteorologists and the rest of you people that buy into this seasonal lunacy…..

  • Ophelia Crack

    Good! May you all go to Florida and stay there for good! Maybe the air in NY will get cleaner without you exposing your stinky, painted toes. PU!!!


      @ O’ CRACK..what’s your problem. Got a hold of a bad batch of crack ? Or just awakening from a drunken stupor? The only thing PU is your nasty, funky, lonely attitude. HA..HA..

    • tropoman

      Your just jealous you can’t afford to live in FLORIDA. Sour grapes for you !!

  • Janet

    Its cold in florida the temperature is 32

    • tropoman

      You are right. It is cold here. I was born in Brooklyn. Worked in NY all my life. At 55 I moved to Florida and never looked back and I never will . This place is so beautiful you would not believe it unless you try it.

  • Schmellma Arss

    Golly gee whizims!!! Cold weather! in December!? In New York!? Must be the end of the world!

    • Techietee

      LOL! I agree! Wusses!

  • prince

    let goes to Florida…


      “Prince”..I’m with you..I’m packing right this moment. I HATE..HATE..WINTER.
      My skin gets all tight, cold, and ITCHY. YUCK !!!
      I love to wear pretty sandals..toes painted..and warm beautiful dresses.


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