MTA Conducts Customer Satisfaction Survey

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — For the first time, the MTA conducted an agency-wide customer satisfaction survey, comparing the Metro-North with the Long Island Rail Road.

It found Metro-North commuters are happier with their service overall compared with the LIRR, but passengers said bathrooms on Metro-North trains are in worse shape than those on its sister railroad.

Both commuter railroads were better regarded than the MTA’s other branches.

Metro-North earned a 93-percent satisfaction rate. The LIRR received 89-percent.

The Bridges and Tunnels division got a grade of 81-percent.

The subway system only netted 71-percent, followed by buses with 62-percent.


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  1. Thomas Carper says:

    Yes, it is a joke and the joke is on us. All these months later, NO media outlet has even followed up on this…. And Jay and Helena have had their contracts renewed by the governor! Insanity!

  2. janet says:

    The more I read about this, and the more I talk to other riders, the more I am convinced that the LIRR made up this whole survey. The governor needs to look into this. And CBS, and the other media outlets need to investigate this. I don’t think this was valid. No one I spoke to is happy in the least bit with the LIRR. Where on earth did they get their results from? Their family and friends? Come on, someone investigate this!

  3. rona says:

    This is hilarious. I don’t know of a single person who even saw a survey. And, the media is reporting this as news as if it really happened. Jay and Helena are getting this nonsense planted in all news outlets but the ridership knows the truth because we ride these circus cars every day. By the way, Jay and Helena, a big thank you to both of you for that 11% increase for January. (Even though they claimed it was “ only 7%” in their full color TRAIN TALK brochure… and how much are we paying for that unnecessary piece of trash, by the way? ) The only thing that it is good for is to line the floor from spilled coffee or urine from the overflowing bathrooms. The LIRR put us through hell in September/October in order to upgrade the system. We had only a dusting of snow on 12/14, and yet they had major cancellations and delays. What happens when it really snows? And, regardless, after having to deal with delays and cancellations, after a long hard day at work, it would be nice to be able to relax on the train, but the LIRR (unlike Amtrak, NJ Transit, Boston MBTA, Philadelphia, etc.) refuses to give us Quiet Cars. Instead, during these LIRR caused delays, we must be treated to loud yelling by rude passengers. Yeah, give me a survey. I am not a satisfied customer.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Can I get those surveys? I’d like to audit them myself. I’l do it for free. I think the auditors ares probably in the pocket of the MTA.

  5. Candide08 says:

    Why does the MTA insist on doing this survey themselves?
    That is biased and not independent – and makes the results ALL suspect.

  6. joe says:

    This is a joke.The Mta is horrible.And for the price they charge they should be serving lunch or breakfeast,all inclusive.What a joke

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