90-Year-Old Mugging Victim Gets Unexpected Gift

Anonymous Man Saw Report, Then Donated Cash Stolen & More!

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — On Tuesday we told you about Jessie Little, who was robbed of hundreds of dollars.

Well, on Wednesday, as CBS 2’s John Slattery reports, an anonymous donor came forward.

For 90-year-old Little, who lives on a fixed income, being robbed of $370 was a major blow. Now, because of one viewer’s generosity, we were able to give Mr. Little the amount that was taken.

“Good gift, and I appreciate it very much,” Little said as he counted his bounty.

On Tuesday the retired merchant seaman had gone to his neighborhood supermarket, displayed more money than he should have, and then, police said, two men followed him back to his building and robbed him of all his money.

Well, the story was seen by a viewer who was so touched by the man’s plight, he made a huge donation.

The viewer, who didn’t want to be identified, gave Slattery the money to present to Mr. Little.

“I felt bad that this individual was taken advantage of, and if I could do the right thing to help him get back on his feet, I’d be more than happy to,” the donor said.

And it wasn’t just $370. He threw in even more.

“And an additional $100 and tell him Santa Claus said, ‘Merry Christmas,’” the donor said.

So, the total was a big, fat $470.

“Well, I appreciate it. I thank him. I’ll pray for him and wish him all the luck in the world,” Little said.

A neighbor who looks in on the elderly gentleman was blown away by the donor’s generosity.

“Whoever gave the money, thank you. That’s a nice Christmas gift, right?” Penny Hyman said.

A dastardly deed by two robbers was made good by a generous soul who just wants the money back where it belongs.

The gift of $470 is critical for Little. His total monthly income from a pension is just $450.


One Comment

  1. BossCal says:

    A nice giving story for the holidays.

  2. J says:

    Only in New York do you find the best, and I hate to say it, some of the worst. But if New Yorkers came together, we could eradicated this sickness called crime ruining our city.

  3. J. Mark Lane says:

    Awesome. That’s the New York I have always known and loved.

  4. John says:

    A rarity these days: a nice story reported.

  5. Sookie says:

    The story on TV only showed him being given $370, what happened to the extra $100.

    1. "Jersey Shore...?? says:

      Uh..Duh..Did you count every moment as it was played out, are you on your way with the deficit ??

      Look beyond the picture, sounds like something a jersey shore chick would say !

  6. MRS I. UNDERSTAND says:

    I tip my hat to the donor. Whether he’s a rich or everyday hard-working man he will definitely be blessed.
    At 90 years young hopefully Mr. Little will perhaps be more aware of his surroundings. Some young people have no respect for the elderly or anyone else for that matter.

    To the thugs: What goes around, comes around !

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