Keefe To The City: Chat With NESN’s Mike Hurley

The news of Cliff Lee choosing the Phillies instead of the Yankees put a damper on my holiday season, but with time or the right trade, I will get over it. Now that Lee won’t be coming to the Bronx in 2011 and Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford have enhanced the Boston offense, it seems the power in the AL East has shifted back in favor of the Red Sox for the first time since 2008.

In order to mentally prepare myself for what might be a disappointing season for the Yankees if Brian Cashman can’t figure out a way to improve the rotation, I decided to talk to a Red Sox fan to see what the disgusting mood is like in Boston. Mike Hurley of joined me to talk about the direction of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry following one of the most depressing days for Yankees fans in a while.

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pixy Keefe To The City: Chat With NESNs Mike Hurley

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  1. sohbetclub says:


  2. Dominick Mezzapesa says:

    Hey Neil I understand you haven’t done this long but here is a few comments…
    A-Stop giggling
    B-Your questions are too long example: you rambled on and on with useless info instead of just asking How will losing Victor Martinez effect the Boston lineup.
    C-Was this an interview about Boston or the Yankees? It seemed really uneven with no flow and no direction. At different points you were the interviewer and then at other points you were the one being interviewed.

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