On WFAN: Healthy Bay ‘Itching’ To Play For Mets

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Mets outfielder Jason Bay joined Boomer & Carton on Wednesday to discuss his healthy return to baseball and New York’s chances in 2011.

“I’m Back to 100 percent, been that way for a couple months now,” Bay said. “I’ve been off for awhile, so I’m kind of itching to get back out there.”

Bay’s first season with the Mets ended early in 2010, after an outfield-wall crash at Dodger Stadium left him with a nasty concussion.

“It’s frustrating, I didn’t have a very good year production wise, and then to get shelved with a concussion, it just kind of put the cherry on top,” said the Mets’ outfielder. “It’s something that you deal with.”

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pixy On WFAN: Healthy Bay Itching To Play For Mets
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  1. Jay, Bronx NY says:

    Carton totally ripped off Howard Stern’s act. Does he really think no one remembers Howard Stern? I had to stop listening to the morning show on WFAN because the act-stealing is just too blatant. i setup an alarm for 10:05am so i can know when it’s safe to turn on the radio

  2. Ronald says:


    I cant agree with you any better. carton is a low life idiot who thinks he is better than everyone in America. This guy really thinks he knows it all, I wonder if he ever stops and listen to himself. I guess the answer is no because he continues to act like an idiot on the radio on a dily basis. he should take a note from Francesa’s book…

  3. George Musick says:


    I always listen to the blogs online. Only in the past 2 weeks have they cut-off after 4-5 minutes. Then I have to restart. I have not changed anything at my end – no software updates, no setting changes, same ISP, same computer.

    Is this at your end or is there a setting I can change?


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