Cops: WABC-TV Weather Anchor Jones Lied About Rape

Jones Suspended Indefinitely From Channel 7 Eyewitness News

NEW YORK (CBS 2/ 1010 WINS/WCBS 880) — A Channel 7 weather anchor was suspended from her job on Wednesday, after police said she filed a phony police report about being stalked and assaulted in Central Park.

Soon after her weather forecast Saturday night, WABC-TV meteorologist Heidi Jones was picked up by detectives who were waiting in the ABC studios for her to finish. According to sources close to the investigation, detectives had concluded that her story about almost being raped while jogging in Central Park was a lie.

Police sources said Jones claimed a man tackled her from behind on Sept. 24, but she reported the incident through ABC security on Nov. 24. Police said when her story fell apart, Jones was arrested.

1010 WINS Carol D’Auria reports

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond with details on Heidi Jones’ arrest.

“She stated that she had some personal problems and that the facts, the information, that she had given to the police initially was incorrect,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Kelly also told 1010 WINS’ reporter Carol D’Auria that valuable police resources and time were wasted on the investigation.

In a statement, Jones’ attorney, Paul Callan, said: “Ms. Jones … urges all concerned to refrain from jumping to conclusions about the unproven charges against her. She intends to enter a plea of not guilty to any criminal charges lodged in this matter.”

Police said Jones told them her attacker was a Latino and gave other details about his description. CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman has learned that the police actually picked up a Latino for questioning. He was quickly let go and was not arrested.

The personal problems police said were a breakup in a relationship. Psychiatrist Dr. Eric Hollander, of Montefiore and Albert Einstein, said filing a false rape charge can sometimes happen.

“These individuals sometimes have a history of early abuse or neglect which leads to some difficulties in inter-personal relationships,” Hollander said.

In a career at ABC, Jones has often filled in on shows like “Good Morning America.” WABC has suspended Jones and a source at WABC said her picture has been taken down from the hallway.

If convicted Jones could face up to a year in prison. Her arrest came 10 months after former WABC sports anchor Marvell Scott was charged with raping a 14-year-old runaway.

Scott could face a trial early next year.

And in October, Fox 5 reporter Charles Leaf was charged with molesting a 5-year-old girl inside his New Jersey home. Leaf is out on bail.


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  1. Bruce says:

    Don’t be so quick to judge her. She’s a very nice lady, and I’m sure that we don’t know what really happened yet. Remember that people in this country are innocent until proven guilty.

    1. Jimmy says:

      When your a news reporter, that is supposed to “report” the truth and it comes to filing a false rape case, its shows very poor judgement on the ABS news cast reporting technics. Now we cannot trust wheather the stories that this station reports are indeed the facts as they become available, or a farce to self decide upon. She should spen one year in jail and a 500.000 fine.

    2. carla colon says:

      The fact is that she “LIED”, that is the fact and needs to pay the price. It’s not a joke; she falsely accused a Latino of attempting to rape her. No one is being judged she put herself in that predicament. She flat out LIED about almost being raped.

  2. Despicable/Slime Bucket says:

    Right now the only more despicable person than this sick sick chick,
    is the defense lawyer who will paint her with the brush of lily white chiffon…

    1. Jimmy says:

      Agreed, especially trying to use the excuse of a 5 yr old, does ABC hire elementary students or Colleage grads ? I was under the impression that one had to have outstanding credits, posess the highest grades to become an anchor person.

  3. Michael says:

    When it’s all said and done,
    just another sick chick.
    She belongs in jail, but she’ll walk with a fine and slap on the wrist.
    If women who “cry rape” would go to jail as long as an actual rapist,
    there would be no more “cry rape” reports. So these type of insults to
    men will go on forever because of sick chicks.

    1. Jimmy says:

      What if ? ok, she wer’e to go to a police line-up and finger a hispanic that had absolutely nothing with this women, and he was sent to jail for a crime one blatantly did not commit ? They (ABC) has just lost my interest in watching them at all. Sorry Bill Ritter.

  4. Patricia De Montebella says:

    While she was fabricating this rape story for whatever nutty reason why
    could she not have said her attacker was a W.A.S.P. type of white man?
    Latino men are enraged ..

    1. oakland1000 says:

      She chose to blame a non-existent Latino because it was more believable than a WASP. Ask Chandra Levy whether its more credible. Let’s face it, while not completely the case, Hispanic/Latino men are often lurking around scaring the Beejeesus out of people by milling around. If you did a poll asking women, who frightens them more, they will pick a Hispanic rather than a white guy. I don’t know why, you’ll have to ask the women why.

      1. Freddie says:

        Ok, Oakland 1000 I did what you asked. I asked my white girlfriend who was sexually assaulted while on a date with a white guy during her college years, why is it women are always getting the “Beejeesus” scared out of them by creepy (I think we can safely assume you meant that), Hispanic guys that are lingering around.

        I know your probably thinking ughhh, why does he have to say white guy, he must be making that story up to make me look bad, a white guy can never do that, or hey, it must have been a predominately minority attended school. Well, wrong, wrong and double wrong. The college was top ten, and the guy came from a well to do family (guess you can’t tell him what he can and can’t do. Save those rules for the creepy Hispanics).

        Anyway, she’s much nicer than I am so she believes since you have never experienced that, you speak from a point of view that was probably expressed to you growing up by family and friends (you know the whole wow, those Hispanics are sooo scary and creepy and always up to no good).

        I just think your ignorant. Now I know that offends you even though it wasn’t meant to be offense but let me back my feelings. You say she used a Hispanic as the perpetrator because it was just plain “believable.” I guess that would mean that a white guy doing that same crime is either not believable or not as believable. Countrywide statistics state you are just plain wrong. There are plenty of white’s in jail for rape honey, do your homework before you open your mouth.

        Well I believe you get the point. Kep looking for the minority and one day one of your own will sneak up on you and ruin your life! Stay Alert, Stay Alive! Good luck Oakland.

  5. Bradford Keller says:

    Sounds like “nose powder” but her lawyer is just talking the talk now
    and some Psychiatrists too,I guess the shrinks need the money as
    expert witness, ah hem!!!

  6. greta says:

    I think she has mental illness and had a delusion, it’s common with bipolar disorder. There’s no other logical explanation.

    1. Highs/Lo's says:

      @ greta..I could only hope you’re speaking facetiously. When a person is suffering from bipolar the experience a “high” Happy..sad..up..down..moody..etc.
      When you are being RAPED especially by a complete stranger; regardless to your state mind. You know you are being RAPED.
      There is no delusion what so ever.

    2. jimmy says:

      Agrred, psychologically your right.

      1. jimmy says:

        Hi/lo your blatently and psychologically wrong here

  7. Ace says:

    You just never know…do ya.

  8. Pennt says:

    Off with her head !!!!!!!

    1. jeannie says:

      hear! hear!

  9. townsend Foley says:

    See You next Tuesday

    1. KPMc says:


      Now I’m really confused. Did a junior high school-er teach you that witty, insightful one?

  10. teetotaler says:

    How many have pulled such publicity stunts in the past? It gets them fired, makes headlines, then a few months later they are back making more money.

    1. KPMc says:

      Ummm… what????!!!

      Can you name a few? Cause I can’t recall any false rape “publicity stunts” that result in the accuser making more money.

  11. Jay says:

    It’s obvious she has some psychological problems. She’s excellent at what she does and I believe she deserves a second chance. Maybe ABC can centure her like the House did with Charlie Rangell. Or maybe a reprimand is more in order.

  12. heidi jones is a Liar says:

    She admitted what she did so there is no “wait and see” approach. it will be used against her. Remember she didn’t stop there, she kept it going….creating more lies and deceit. her job is good as gone now. bad choices brings on bad consequences !

  13. heidi jones is a Liar says:

    She needs help. It obvious she has issues. and blaming it on a Hispanic does not help at all. She had options…yes options, but she choose a bad one so Woman-up and be accountable for your actions. There is no excuse for this. Women regardless of color who do this like this ruins the accusers life and kills their own integrity. She cried “wolf”. she owes real rape victims and Hispanics a sincere apology.

    1. JIMMY says:


  14. janet says:

    help wanted- looking for someone to do the nightly weather forecast.
    Must work nights and fill in when the morning guy is doing GMA.

  15. Phillip M Carver says:


    1. oakland1000 says:

      Are you kidding!!! Women are just as apt to lie as men!!! Weaker sex my eye!!

  16. Wasilla Gorila says:

    I like Heidi. I used to call her skinny Heidi. I don’t know why she fabricated a rape story.

  17. Peter says:

    In the words of Cab Calloway…….HI DE HO

  18. David Flores says:

    she is cute. what would possess her to lie if in fact she did. kooky girl,

  19. cptsoap says:

    I guess its easier to believe than if Bill Evans cried rape. She can always go work for Comcast.

  20. Pete O. says:

    She was merely trying to make other women aware of the dangers involved in running in the park. Cut her some slack for crying out loud!

    1. Raped as a child says:

      Thiis is not at all funny

    2. Cubb says:

      Cut her some slack,, b.s. !! She is old enough to know right from wrong, well guess what, she chose wrong!!!!! let her go to jail !!!!

  21. Tom Shea says:

    If this is her first offence, she will get 3 years probation and a monetary fine.
    But her CAREER in broadcasting is OVER.
    Rents in mid-town Manhattan are super high. So she’ll be moving out of the Big apple soon.
    So her next stop is likely as a WalMart store greeter in Newark.
    Where she can then claim rape by some Hispanic in the lingerie isle.

    1. Tex Antoine says:

      Oh Tommy, you’re KILLING me, so funny. Serious HaHa! Not.

      1. GT says:


    2. Davis says:

      GT needs to stop the teabagging and get a job. Poor thing. This is a story about a false rape report. I know they don’t teach reading comprehension in the trailer park.

  22. TomS says:

    If this is her first offence, she will get 3 years probation and a monetary fine.
    But her CAREER in broadcasting is OVER.
    Rents in mid-town Manhattan are super high. So she’ll be moving out of the Big apple soon.
    So her next stop is likely as a WalMart store greeter in Newark.
    Where she can then claim rape by some Hispanic in the lingerie isle.

  23. TheTruth says:

    Looks like her future is cloudy with a chance of unemployment.

    1. Tab Boo says:

      Excellent, “Truth’, really. Nice one.

  24. JUDGE NOT says:

    What if she really was raped and finally decided to be brave and report the incident to the police after realizing it was not her fault?? She is in the public eye and she or her family could have been threatened by her attacker after reporting it!! Why is everyone so quick to cast judgment?!

    1. Shawn says:

      Because she admitted to making it up!

      1. Lenny Rudd says:

        …yeah, that’s why.

      2. JUDGE NOT says:

        If you or your family was threatened, would you say you made up the story? Hmmmmmmm

    2. Jimmy says:

      After a formal investigation, don’t you read english, she blatantly reported a false rape which is a Felony in the state of NY, she knows this, no matter what you people say or think, she openly commited a Felony. Now I don’t believe that Mary Calvy would falsify a false statment now.

  25. The Good Samaritan says:

    Leaver her alone

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

    1. Sam Hater says:

      Oh, honey stop.
      You’re wearing me down.
      Two times..the charm ?
      Now I’m really begining to like you.
      Where are you ? Let’s meet !

    2. Ophelia Crack says:

      I trust the good samaritan knows what he, she, or it can do with he, she, or its comments!?

      1. Broke pipe huh....? says:

        Wow..Just awakening huh ?..Think we’ve told you before about inhaling that bad batch of crack. It can deteriorate you brain, mind, and that sight for sore eye body….HA HA HA..

        CRACK IS WACK !!!

  26. Scmelma Arss says:

    But she has such an honest face! That nose!! Those teeth!!! Oy ve!!!!

    1. MRS. DOUBTFIRE says:

      To: “Scmelma”..Through all my depression, you made me laugh hysterically.

      Thank you, Have a great day !

      1. Schmelma Arss says:

        So tell me, who has a more honest face Heidi Jones or Mr. Ed???

    2. Ireaditnsaidit says:


    3. oakland1000 says:

      What?! is she Jewish, too?

  27. jtorres says:

    She obviously has issues to have gone this far “to get sympathy” She needs help. That being said, she also needs to pay for what she did. Too many rape victims are doubted, mocked or outright called liars. It’s a horrible crime and God knows who would’ve paid and how much because of her lies. Thank God the police knew enough to push her until the real truth came out

    1. LK says:

      Justin is that you??

  28. Glidmokk says:

    First, Heidi is innocent innocent innocent until proven guilty. So she should be kept on the air: This is only an allegation, not a conviction. And even if convicted, well look at Martha Stewart: The crime was not relevant to her expertise so she was back with new contracts immediately. Why should Heidi not continue on the air?

    1. heidi jones is a Liar says:

      Martha Stewart was back on top because her name generates $$$. She is a cash cow. Even though her brand name is loosing popularity, it was making $$ when she licensed her name to ominipoint media

  29. David Flores says:

    what the eff?? heidi??

  30. See below..... says:

    No No….Not there keep going……..Yeah you……

  31. John says:

    Fire Her!

  32. See below says:

    See below…………….Yeah I’m talking to you…………

  33. INNOCENT UNTIL... says:



  34. Susan says:

    She should be imprisoned for length a rape sentence carries. She attempted to sabotage someones life and did so during the commission of a crime. Lock her up!!!!

  35. R. Kelly (NYC) says:

    1) she obviously has a “problem”, so hopefully she gets psychiatric help. 2) this is a CRIME; police effort was spent on this, maybe a “real rape” was not dealt with as a result. There should be repercussions. 3) finally, someone could have been falsely arrested, or worse, from her fabrication. So this is not to be taken lightly.

  36. Joe Quimby says:

    Blond women don’t lie.

  37. Devenio says:

    Leave her alone? Imagine if this criminal had gone on with the story and the police arrested some innocent man? The time the police would have spent looking in to her LIES is time taken away from a real victim. She needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No mercy. She makes a mockery of real victims of sexual assault.

    1. The Good Samaritan says:

      Maybe she has personal problems.

      Other rape victims recanted their stories and never went to jail.

      Devenio please don’t make this racial.

      The Good Samaritan has spoken.

      1. Devenio says:

        She is a lying criminal and should be dealt with as such. I didn’t make it racial. You people did. If this had been some poor black girl from bed-stuy you racist a-holes would be screaming for her blood and you know it.

    2. AmericanCabbie says:

      Tawana Brawley – should have been executed. Never prosecuted. Caused massive destruction to the City. Received a college scholarship instead. Know why? Know why? BECAUSE SHE WAS BLACK.

      1. sawu says:

        Hey Cabbie…stop at the light…light… know…the thing with the …oh never mind.

  38. James says:

    She is one of the best. ABC should stand with her.

    1. Devenio says:

      Fire her. She is a criminal! A lying rotten criminal!

  39. winston says:

    all men lie

  40. MRS I. UNDERSTAND says:

    Heidi is a beautiful, educated woman.
    Apparently something had to take place for her to “fabricate” such a story.
    But just like the media and society to pass judgement and quickly demean her character.
    It’s TYPICAL !
    This too shall pass……

    1. Devenio says:

      Pass judgment? IF this had been some no named minority you people would be screaming bloody murder!

      Make an example out of her. Shes a lying criminal and can no longer be trusted to work in the media.

      1. MRS I. UNDERSTAND says:

        @ Devenio..Relax, your anger is not becoming !
        You have absolutely no idea to whom you are speaking to…..”YOU PEOPLE” is absolutely a racist term. That is what you are.

        Try..Try to stay focused at the discussion at hand, not your inner anger for the opposite race and their injustice.

  41. The Good Samaritan says:

    Leave her alone

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

    1. Sam Hater says:

      Oh Wow, you must’ve had a good night….keep up the good work.
      I might learn to like you.

      Now don’t go and spoil it….

  42. Roy says:

    Nut Case

  43. CSI says:

    What a shame. You should be embarrassed to even show your face again. Sad part is that if it does actually happen to her. What will people believe them. Didn’t she read The Boy Who Cried Wolf?

    1. DUM..DUmmmm says:



      1. DanTe says:

        Poor “nathan”. Stuck in a nowhere job at CBS. So you just blabber on inanely. What’s the matter? You can’t accuse your boyfriends of rape anymore?

        And using different handles. Shamed of your name? We don’t blame you.

      2. nathan says:

        Umm Dan? That wasn’t my post. I did post on this topic on another thread earlier today. Paranoid much broseph?

    2. Joke's in DanTe... says:

      From the smell of your hatred, we can all tell you haven’t had VAJAJA in quite awhile, or is it the SHABONG BONG you’re taking in…HA.HA..

    3. Flynn says:

      Dan Te: Proof that trolls don’t just live under bridges and in fairy tales.

  44. J says:

    Just like a woman to lie with a straight face regardless of whatever the lie is. Only in this case, it was one of the more horrific kind. That to me, is a sign of immaturity and a classic case of attention seeking! You go girl!

    1. KPMc says:

      Yes… because lying with a straight face is a strictly female trait!

      I suggest you look at every president and politician (both parties… I don’t want to hear partisan BS) in your lifetime and beyond.

  45. Steve says:

    Violent rape is a heinous, disgusting crime – this is something that this society STUPIDLY under-punishes . In some instances, we should execute these people, especially if the victims are children (and by violent rape, I’m not talking about 25 year-old females that have “consensual” sex with 15 year-old boys – those people just need couseling).
    However, I do not understand Ms. Jones – a nice career, a beautiful woman – what led her to make up such a horrible lie?

    1. KPMc says:

      What about 25 year-old males that have “consensual” sex with 15 year-old girls? Do they just need counseling or is there an acceptable double standard?

    2. louden says:

      What’s with the ‘beautiful woman’ comment from everyone? How the hell does that have to do with anything?

  46. Laelya says:

    She is blond!

  47. Michael says:

    Arrested for something far too many women do, and for which far too few women are made to pay any consequences. I really don’t feel sorry for her, and the fact is that, like most female offenders, she got off far too easy. I believe the sentence for falsely reporting a crime should be equal to the typical sentence of the crime falsely reported.

    1. Joe says:

      I assume you have some sort of facts or citation or statistic that backs up your assertion . . . .

      1. DanTe says:

        Since censorship at CtheBS blocks web links, just do a google search on “false rape claim stat”. It’s about 8% of rape cases.

        Here’s hoping you’re one of those 8%, meat head.

        In an age of easy access to info, and things like you continues to insist on being ignorant….. Have you considered dying off? Preferably before you had spawned and further infest the gene pool?

    2. Jen says:

      i agree Michael. She should do time in prison because she put someones well being in jeopardy.

  48. Marc says:

    I liked Heidi on the news. Its a shame that she resorted to such measures even if she had “personal” issues in her life. If found guilty ABC should fire her.

    1. Susan says:

      Fire her? She should be imprisoned for attempting to sabotage someone’s entire life!!!

  49. Frank McCree says:

    Poor Hedi. We saw her play in two charity softball games and is a very nice person.

    1. Devenio says:

      Poor Heidi? How about poor real rape victims whose cases weren’t handled because the police where out looking for a make believe suspect. She is a dirty rotten lying criminal. Poor Heidi needs to be locked up!

  50. Matt says:

    As the great Doris Lessing said “… that the most stupid, ill-educated and nasty woman can rubbish the nicest, kindest, most intelligent man and no-one protests..”.

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