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Bobby Dwyer

Despite losing the game by two points, Amar’e Stoudemire and the Knicks provided their fans with quite a show last night at the Garden.  Stoudemire led all scorers with 39 points, but his 3-pointer at the buzzer was actually after the buzzer and because of that, Paul Pierce’s fade-away jumper with .4 seconds to go proved to be the game winner for the Celtics.  As a fan of the Knickerbockers you have to be encouraged, they scored 116 points against one of the best defensive teams in basketball, but in the same breath they did allow 118 points, which is obviously a concern.  Boomer & Craig were both fired up with the Knicks performance, touting Stoudemire as the league MVP thus far.  Boomer was also pretty excited about the Rangers 4-1 win over the Penguins, but Craig curbed that enthusiasm pretty quickly, because we all know ‘nobody cares about hockey’ and Craigie wanted to get to day four of the Jets latest scandal, ‘Wall-Gate’ as it appears this story is not going away anytime soon…
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Plus, talkin’ basketball off the air and on the air before Jerry’s update, Brian Billick gives us a Head Coach’s perspective of ‘Wall-Gate’, Craig’s questions Stoudemire’s final shot and Boomer says ‘goodbye to yellow brick road’, Colin Cowherd embarrasses himself and AJ Burnett took notice, Santonio Holmes’ actions has Craig singing about the ‘Same Old Jets’, Jerry offers his highly anticipated Moment of the Day and an ‘Attention Grabber’ who is all inked-up…

carmelo B&C Show Blog & Audio: Oh So Close

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With the Knicks playing so well, naturally people are talking about them and saying good things, Boomer & Craig not excluded.  It’s funny though, I’ve noticed that a lot of the Knicks ‘talk’ is about how people are ‘talking’ about the Knicks, just an observation on my part.  Anyway, during the break Boomer, Craig and I were talking about the thriller at the Garden last night and how well the Knicks have played since Stoudemire arrived on the scene.  The guys carried the conversation to the air and debated whether or not the Knicks should try and trade for Carmelo Anthony now or roll the dice and see if they can acquire him via free-agency at the end of the season.  Then Jerry kept the Knickerbockers theme going, leading his update with their game against the Celtics last night before moving on to the Jets and their issues, the Giants and an annoyed Tom Coughlin and we learn what Michael Vick has on his Christmas list…
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brianbillick B&C Show Blog & Audio: Oh So Close

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When you want to get a no nonsense take on something that is going on in the NFL, you arrange a conversation with Brian Billick.  So that is exactly what Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes did, arranging for the former Baltimore Ravens Head Coach to come on and chat with Boomer & Craig.  Billick talked about ‘Wall-Gate’ and what practices are perceived as acceptable on the sidelines.  Billick also talked about the Giants and the big NFC East showdown they have coming up with the Eagles on Sunday and the game he will call on Fox between the Saints and the Ravens, which has all kinds of implications for both the Giants and the Jets…
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stoudemire 1 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Oh So Close

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Craig brought up an excellent point regarding Stoudemire’s attempted game winner from beyond the arc last night against the Celts…why was that the shot Mike D’Antoni drew up I the huddle???  By rule you can’t catch and shoot with under .8 seconds on the clock, so considering there was on .4 seconds left, you really do have to wonder what D’Antoni was thinking.  Craig poses that question to Boomer, which prompted the Blonde Bomber to start singing Elton John’s 1973 hit, ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’…
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divorce B&C Show Blog & Audio: Oh So Close

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Colin Cowherd took to the airwaves a couple of days ago and claimed that AJ Burnett’s struggles last year on the mound could be directly attributed to a messy divorce he was going through.  He went on to insinuate that he had inside information about just how messy things were, but the details were not suitable for the radio.  Turns out that might not be the case and Burnett and his legal representation are not happy with Cowherd.  Craig suspects this could end badly for the man who claims to have his own ‘herd’…
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santonioholmes1 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Oh So Close

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Some more fallout from the Jets loss to the Dolphins on Sunday as it turns out Santonio Homes, who was returning punts after Jim Leonhard suffered a season ending injury in practice prior to the Patriots game, reportedly told Rex Ryan he did not want to continue returning punts because Miami punter Brandon Fields was just too damn good.  Fields did punt the ball 10 times for 564 yards, but come on Santonio.  To Craig this is just a subtle reminder that until further notice, these are just ‘The Same Old Jets’…
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recklessmoment2 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Oh So Close

Today Jerry was rather impressed with Boomer & Craig after hearing the dynamic duo bust out a little Elton John, ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’, so much so that he made the recording his highly anticipated ‘Moment of the Day’…
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crystal 11 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Oh So Close

(MAXIM Digital – Special to WFAN.com)

***Now we get to one the Blog’s most popular features, the daily ‘Attention Grabber’.  We have teamed up with the folks over at Maxim.com and today we found ourselves in Orange, California ogling a gal by the name of Crystal.  Boomer & Craig are not fans of tattoos on women, but fortunately this is my ‘Attention Grabber’ and I’m rather fond of women who are inked-up, so there you have it…Hellooooooo Crystal!!!
(Click here to see the rest of her GALLERY)

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***This is a compilation of all the above audio in one nice package for your convenience…So go ahead and Enjoy!!!
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See you all bright and early when we’ll do it all over again, from 6am-10am Monday thru Friday, on Sports Radio 66 WFAN, in New York. Until then I bid you all a fond farewell…

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