Monsignor Defrocked In NYC Sex Abuse Scandal

NEW YORK (AP) — A Roman Catholic tribunal has defrocked a monsignor who once led fundraising for the Archdiocese of New York after deciding he had molested a teenage student in the 1980s.

The panel’s action against Monsignor Charles Kavanagh came eight years after a middle-aged man came forward and claimed that the clergyman had touched him in appropriately and climbed into his bed during a trip to Washington D.C. Kavanagh insists he didn’t do it.

His sister and lawyer, Ann Mandt, says the church’s decision was an attempt to cover up its mishandling of other sex abuse cases by cracking down on an innocent man.

She says her 73-year-old brother “will never give up his fight for justice.”

Kavanagh had been the archdiocese’s vicar of development in the 1990s.

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  1. canasie kid says:

    Holymen in most religions do get married right ? It does make sense the catholics who wants their holy men to never get married end up having all these scandals.

    1. hymi says:

      U never here about rabbi’s doing anything that terrible

      1. sharon wolff says:

        Rabbi’s are fortunate to have their acts covered up. I remember an expose on Ch2 news about Orthodox Men soliciting for extra marital affairs. Don’t give me that garbage that Rabbi’s don’t commit these crimes!

      2. KPMc says:

        Well… you never hear about Rabbi’s doing anything that terrible on CBS Local.

        I am still waiting for them to report on the story that came at around December 5th of Brooklyn Rabbi who, along with his sons, is alleged to have raped and sexually molested his own daughters. He and one son fled the country and he is still at large.

        He was married with a large family so that kind of shoots down the let religious men marry argument. Monsters are monsters regardless of religion or marital status.

        I read it at NY1, WNBC-TV and NY Post web sites but not here at CBS Local and I have been wondering why ever since. It strikes me as odd in the very least and disturbing if there is a different motivation for it’s omission.

        I would try to attach links but they seem to keep my posts from getting posted. I’ll try it in a separate one.

      3. AmericanCabbie says:

        Really? How about Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer’ of Monsey, New York, who passed herpes onto several infants on whom he performed a briss which included sucking blood out of the wound (that’s how the STD was passed). This happened waaaaaay back in 2005

        Google it and learn.

      4. KPMc says:

        And sure enough my post with the links is “awaiting moderation”

        Here’s what I wrote minus the links. I was wrong about the NY Post it was the NY Daily News along with the aforementioned WNBC and NY1 sites. Google it, around Dec. 5th 2010. 2 weeks ago.

        And just as I am posting Sharon backs up my worst suspicions and mentions the phrase “covered up”.

        I am not making it up or stirring up some anti-Semitic nonsense. Facts is facts, that’s all. Draw your own conclusions.

        Just wondering how this could go unreported?

    2. chris says:

      along time ago catholic prest did get married and had families…

  2. douchy says:

    Why don’t the catholic just allow the prest to get married like other religions allow ..if you never are allowed to have sex you probably will turn into a Perv

  3. carl carlson says:

    yeah they might just be covering larger crimes by this foray if it is that, which I doubt. these guys never get it even caught red handed they deny

  4. mezzomomma says:

    But was he excommunicated? NO!!!!

    1. NOE says:

      one is excommunicated for publicly and notoriously denying the faith. Please educate yourself before you post such ignorant and silly comments and if you’ve been molested seek help……….

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