Singing Santa Driving Union Beach, N.J. Residents Nuts

UNION BEACH, N.J. (1010 WINS) – Residents along Lorillard Avenue in Union Beach are in the holiday spirit, but not enough to deal with a 6-foot mechanical singing Santa that one resident put on display. LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney reports

Jill Patella said she put up the singing Santa because it was the last gift she got from her husband who died three years ago.

“This year was the time,” she said. “He would have wanted me to live life again.”

Meanwhile, the neighbors are growing angrier by the hour.

“It’s literally 12 to 13 hours a day,” Mark Dittman said. “There’s no consideration for the neighbors. We’re very into the Christmas spirit, but this is ridiculous.”


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  1. Jill Patella says:

    As I stated before, NEVER, NOT ONCE, have the Dittmans EVER knocked on my door to ask me politely to turn him down. They didn’t need to, he wasn’t loud enough to be heard inside their home anyhow! We don’t even get along, I was her “friend” at one time, but we had a falling out and I’ve kept to myself ever since. She was commenting not long before Christmas that it was so quiet over at my house, it was like a if no one lived here at all! My son also works nights and his bedroom is right above Santa, yet he can’t hear him, how in the world can the Dittmans hear him all the way across the street, with her windows closed, which they always are because it’s below freezing here. I haven’t even been playing him, it’s not worth all the drama, but last night a woman named Christina came by with her husband Joe..Christina has delivered Chinese food to my home on many occasion. She saw me on channel 12 news and told Joe that she knew me and said that I looked so sad, so they came by to let me know that she has NEVER heard Santa until she was almost to my porch..they then gave me a $25 gift card for #1 Chinese, she also wanted me to know that although this has caused some negative, and actually threatening comments, there are many people that are in support of me! They both hugged me, I put Santa on so her husband could hear him, and I thanked them for their support. It was so nice to know that there are people out there, good people, that will go out of their way to support others when it looks as if everyone is against you…Thank You Christina, Joe, and everyone else that took the time to step back, question this mess, and realize that there are two sides to every story..Thank You again for all your support, especially Steve Haven, that was a beautiful comment you made earlier and I deeply appreciate it ❤

  2. It's Sad says:

    What happened to a pretty wreath on the door and a string of accent lights on the house? Why do decorations have to move and sing? Just one more sign that this holiday season has become commercialized and taken the focus away from kindness and generosity. Merry Christmas.

  3. John Huston says:

    Baby sister — Tell your sister that calling the police over a singing Santa is going to end in this kind of upset every Time. Then, ‘the bubble-headed bleach blonds that come on at five’ are going to bring cameras and microphones out to try to pull in ratings, and pretty soon the whole Country is looking at your street.

    There was a time in our Country when we phoned our neighbor or walked across the street, and said, “Merry Christmas Jill! I love your Santa, but for some reason I can hear him too much. Is there some way we could put some cotton over the speaker and make it just a little less loud? I don’t want to be pushy, and I really do love the Santa, maybe just a little more muted?”

    1. baby sister santa says:

      John ,

      please read what i wrote my sister did go knock on the door and did ask to turn it down, I will not go into what happened next and the reply that my sister recieved as I am to much of a lady to repeat such language.
      My sisters last resort was the Police , my Niece is 17 and does require sleep for school the next day. We are not people that require such attention as you can see I am the one speaking on behalf of my Family as my sister is not one to make any attention especially negative attention draw to her.

  4. baby sister santa says:


    I am Tara Dittmans baby sister and right now i can not tell you how upsetting this whole mess is , talk about a one sided story!
    I was able to witness what the aftermath is like after a media story of this nature is released into our ever so bias community. Do you realize that my sister ONLY ASKED TO TURN IT DOWN! She did ask her (jill) to turn it off , she didn’t ask her to burn it, my sister didn’t try to kill Santa or the Christmas Spirit all she wanted was a piece of her day with out Santa! Now I ask that if such an article is to be posted , maybe both sides should be told!
    My sister and I come from a very festive holiday oriented family, if it wasn’t for my sister keeping traditions going Im sure our family would not be as close as we are . My mother passed when I was 11 and you know we have many pieces that belong to our mother that we swap between each other through the years because of the sentimental value , so I honestly am not taking all these scrooge comments lightly my sister is the farthest thing from a scrooge ! In closing, i would like to say that us as Americans are so egar to be the victim, stop being someone else’s cause and stand up for a cause that matters like world peace…don’t you think that’s slightly more important than a quarrel between neighbors? We are laughed at as a country because we put these issues on breaking news rather than whats really important!

    1. baby sister santa says:

      I apologize I made a typo what I ment to say was my sister “DID NOT ask her to turn it off”

  5. Texas with Common Sense says:

    The barking dogs during the critical neighbor’s interview were much louder and anoying than the Santa. Maybe he should be ticket for his barking dogs 24 hours a day?

  6. jojo says:

    i’m glad i live in a neighborhhod where my christmas lights and music are well liked. the music and lights run at least 6 hours. i’ve seen this Santa in person at a friends house and it did not play all the time. its the Christmas season grinches get over it. let the lady enjoy him and move on with her life.

  7. Steve Haven says:

    How the kcuF did this story about Santa get full-on associated with muslim comparisons? You people in the North East must have muslim obsession. Now, I can understand with the attacks and all, but try not to play into their hands, ok?

    1. Sgt Barrett says:

      Steve you need to stop making yourself look stupid. Put the keyboard away young man.

      1. Steve Haven says:

        Well now that’s an intelligent reply; perhaps more revealing of mentality than you had intended.

  8. Sgt Barrett says:

    Wow, there certainly are a lot of cold hearten people in this country now aren’t there?
    If the Santa was actually breaking any noise laws the police would have shut it down, so obviously it’s not. Is that neighbor Muslim or Atheist? We have lived around neighbors like that. The kind that can’t wait to gossip or complain about someone or something, jumping at the chance to cut anyone down to lift themselves up. Kinda like the negative people who are commenting here.

  9. I'm with You, Jill. says:

    To Jill Patella, I read the story and your comments. You sound like a very nice lady who had her comments taken out of context by the liberal news media. The tv crew/writers usually pick one comment that will get a rise out of everyone.

    Anyone who has suffered loss from a dear loved one knows how difficult it can be. I applaud you for your Christmas spirit. You took the time to grieve and are ready to step back into the world. Bravo to you, girl!

    I suggest everyone in the Union Beach area buy a Santa and leave it on your lawn just to annoy the neighbor grinch who complained about your Santa. I hope your crazy bah humbug neighbor finds COAL in his stocking.

    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you!

    (Next Year buy the reindeer with the blinking bright red spot light for his nose to go with the singing Santa.)

  10. Steve Haven says:

    This is NOT a story about a singing Santa. This is a story about one of those “News Teams” that will completely exagerate a minor incident to pump up their program and ratings. This is also a story about those kind of “neighbors”, of which I have experienced more than a few, who can’t wait to complain about everyone else.

    I support your Santa, Jill; and if you need further support just say the word.

    1. Why not? says:

      How about you buy the neighbors’ house so you can live there and enjoy it year after year? They get to move to a quieter neighborhood. Problem sovled/

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