B&C Show Blog & Audio: Giants Fail To Dodge Eagles

Bobby Dwyer

The Giants held a 24-3 lead over the Eagles at the half yesterday and a 31-10 lead with 8:17 to go in the fourth quarter, only to see it all slip away thanks to Michael Vick and company.  DeSean Jackson put a bow on the comeback when he returned a punt for a 65 yard TD as time expired.  When the final gun sounded the Giants were on the wrong end of a 38-31 defeat.  This folks is what you call a ‘loss of epic proportions.’  With said loss the Giants now find themselves in second place on the NFC East, trailing the Eagles.  Boomer & Craig offered their opinions on Big Blue’s collapse and talked about what’s next for the G-Men, who play the Packers in Green Bay on Sunday.  The Jets, loser of two straight, traveled to Pittsburgh, where they have never won a game, and escaped with a 22-17 victory over the Steelers and now control their own destiny as far as making the playoffs.  So a whole lotta football to cover on this Monday morning edition of the B&C Morning Extravaganza…
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Plus, The guys break down the Giants second-half and Jerry updates us all, Boomer fails to mention Craig’s name on the NFL Today and trades texts with Jerry Seinfeld, Craig admits to sleeping with a body pillow, Mark Sanchez tells his teammates to ‘Lean On Me’, Jets safety James Ihedigbo calls in to talk about the Jets ground breaking road win, Jerry offers a Moment of the Day and an ‘Attention Grabber’ from Florida…

michaelvick B&C Show Blog & Audio: Giants Fail To Dodge Eagles

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The Giants performance in the second half yesterday will be talked about for a very long time by Giants fans and Eagles alike.  Boomer & Craig broke it down prior to Jerry’s very first update of the morning…
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boomer red carpet B&C Show Blog & Audio: Giants Fail To Dodge Eagles

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Boomer waffled a little bit regarding his pick for yesterday’s Jets-Steelers game.  On Friday when the Booms and Craig offered their Picks-Picks-Picks for Week 15, Boomer picked the Steelers over the Jets, but after learning that Troy Polamalu was not going to play, he changed his pick on the NFL Today.  To his credit, Boomer did reference that he picked the Jets on ‘his Radio Show’, but failed to mention his radio partner.  Craig took this as a slight and then blew the whole thing out of proportion, as he tends to do from time-to-time.  Then Boomer talked about exchanging text messages with Jerry Seinfeld over the weekend…
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bodypillow B&C Show Blog & Audio: Giants Fail To Dodge Eagles

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Craig admitted to Boomer that he sleeps with a ‘body pillow’ and he has been doing so for some time.  It was clear that the Blonde Bomber was not thrilled to learn this, as he yelled at Craig and instructed him to ‘man-up’…
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sanchez lean on me B&C Show Blog & Audio: Giants Fail To Dodge Eagles

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The Jets answered many of their critics by traveling to the ‘Steel City’ and coming home with a victory.  Apparently the team was privy to a couple of inspiring speeches courtesy of their outspoken Head Coach and their young signal caller.  Sanchez’s speech has been dubbed the ‘Lean on Me’ speech and with that in mind, Craig broke into song…
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jamesihedigbo B&C Show Blog & Audio: Giants Fail To Dodge Eagles

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Jets safety James Ihedigbo wasn’t sure if he would be able to play on Sunday due to a bum ankle, but he ‘manned-up’, took the field and helped the Jets get a huge victory on the road in Pittsburgh.  This morning he joined B&C to talk about the game and the inspirational speeches he was witness to from Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez.  We also learned that unlike Craig, Ihegdibo does not sleep with a body pillow…
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recklessmoment2 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Giants Fail To Dodge Eagles

For his highly anticipated Moment of the Day Jerry had plenty of ways he could have gone and he settled on a Moment when Craig got a little tongue tied and Boomer found it amusing…
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karina 11 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Giants Fail To Dodge Eagles

(MAXIM Digital – Special to WFAN.com)

***Now we get to one the Blog’s most popular features, the daily ‘Attention Grabber’.  We have teamed up with the folks over at Maxim.com and on this cold December day we headed to warm and sunny Florida – Wellington, Florida to be exact.  Her name is Karina and she has it goin’ on…Helloooooooo Karina!!!
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wfan bc1 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Giants Fail To Dodge Eagles

***This is a compilation of all the above audio in one nice package for your convenience…So go ahead and Enjoy!!!
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See you all bright and early tomorrow when we’ll do it all over again, from 6am-10am Monday thru Friday, on Sports Radio 66 WFAN, in New York. Until then I bid you all a fond farewell…

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pixy B&C Show Blog & Audio: Giants Fail To Dodge Eagles
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  1. Book of Ra says:

    Ich merke gerade in diesem Moment dass ich newyork.cbslocal.com wesentlich häufiger besuchen sollte 🙂 – da komme ich wirklich auf krasse Einfälle

  2. kareen says:

    Memo to Craig… grow up you idiot..

  3. Joshua says:

    Boomer carries the show…

  4. Joshua says:

    craig your a loser…

  5. Bill Jankowski says:

    his loss made all players & fans sick to our stomachs as Desean Jackson Taunted us as he ended the Game In Giant Stadium . Everyone talks about forgetting this loss and moving on. I say rememeber this loss & picture Desean Jackson & Michael Vick every day at practice and every game moving forward. Use this anger to drive when you take the field with Greenbay & Washington. Always remember that the only way to get this sick feeling out of your stomach is to realize that these 2 teams stand in your way at redemption from the eagles. Do what ever it takes to get back on the field with the eagles. Take it out on the Packers and the Redskins. When you look in the mirror before sundays game you can keep your head down and lose to the packers and keep this sick feeling embedded in Giants fans & your memory forever, or you can look in the mirror and say as a man I’m going to do what ever it takes to get back on the field with eagles and get redemption. Both stories are Unwritten. Now it’s up to the players to determine the ending.
    Let’s Go GMen

  6. Dave from Lake Grove says:

    Boom even though i took a few shots at my girls body pillow following the Deshawn Jackson return, I must admit…the thing is comfortable. I think you would enjoy one if Craigy does decide to get you one for Christmas hahaha.Have a good one fellas. Thanks for taking the call.

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