Bloomberg Delays Signing Of Sidewalk ATM Bill

NEW YORK (AP) — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has set aside a bill he was expected to sign that would have imposed steep fines regarding illegal sidewalk ATMs.

The bill would have let the city slap property owners with fines of up to $5,000.

Sidewalk ATMs are already illegal, but some lawmakers have said the law has not been effective.

Supporters of sidewalk ATMs testified at the bill-signing ceremony that the tough fines would hurt property owners financially.

They also said sidewalk ATMs are often the only means of electronic access to money in lower-income neighborhoods.

Bloomberg said he might not have received as thorough of a briefing on the bill as he should have.

The mayor said he was torn in two directions and needs to review the issue further.

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  • thomas owens

    leave the atms we need them at times they are better in price than the banks fees

  • BloombergSucks

    I think Josh hit the nail on the head!!!!!

  • Michael H.

    So why is it that these things are illegal? What’s the difference between it being out on the street or in the back of a bodega? Is it an issue of muggings?

    • Josh

      It’s an issue of Mikey’s friends at the big banks not collecting the fees, since they don’t operate the sidewalk ATM’s. You don’t think it’s about public safety, do you? :o)

      • Abe

        Today our esteemed mayor has shown his fairness by listening to the other side of the story, and has given a few more days to rethink if signing such bill is fair to small business owners.

        What the reporters are not informing the people is that originally there was a proposal of allowing ATM machines outdoor under certain regulations which would permit only ATMs in compliance with this legislation. There wouldn’t be any graffity. There would be security cameras for the safety of the people. Finally, its inteference for pedestrians is substantially less then newsstands and outdoor cafes which are also allowed.

        Under the original proposed legislation (not the current one), there would be both, safety and income to small business owners to the satisfaction of the entire community.

    • thomas

      you can get mugged inside a bank people watch banks for victims more than the neighborhood atm

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