Ex-Workers Accuse L.I. Doc Of Sexual Harassment

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — A well-known Long Island doctor has been accused of lewd acts by three of his employees. Now they are suing him for sexual harassment, and they say they have proof.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports

Dr. Edward Kleiner is a respected family practitioner in Long Beach, an osteopath and owner of Beach and Surf Medical. His SUV signifies that he helps area fire departments, and he works as a detox specialist for a local hospital, reports CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

doctor doll Ex Workers Accuse L.I. Doc Of Sexual Harassment

Dr. Edward Kleiner with doll/sent from lawfirm Leeds, Morelli & Brown, PC

Dr. Kleiner’s office is closed on Mondays, so the explosive papers were served to him at his nearby home, notifying him that he was being sued for the alleged sexual harassment of three female employees.

EXTRA: Text Messages Allegedly Sent By Dr. Kleiner

“Many instances he would touch me, he would grab my butt,” Samantha Romanger said.

“He told me that it’s probably atrophy from lack of sex, and that he would give me the best orgasm of my life,” Shivon Super said.

Shivon Super, Lauren Schlanger and Samantha Romanger say the gender discrimination and sexual harassment went on for two years. All three claim they were subjected to lewd texts seeking sexual relationships, and they say they kept records of the humiliating and vulgar messages.

COMPLAINTS: Lauren Schlanger | Samantha Romanger | Shivon Super

The women allege that Dr. Kleiner would expose himself regularly, claiming he said it was for fun.

“Out of nowhere, just unzipped his pants,” Romanger said.

They said they needed their jobs, and were afraid to complain to police about his behavior, fearing retaliation. That retaliation, they claim, came with they were fired for their refusal to get involved with a patient’s semen sample and then monitor an artificial insemination procedure, according to court papers.

“There’s no work, we all pay our bills, you know, we stayed as long as we could, until it got unbearable,” Super said.

“He would frequently touch my thighs, and tell me that the same muscles go all the way up,” Schlanger said.

Dr. Kleiner isn’t facing any criminal charges, but attorneys for the three women said they will take their complaints to the Nassau County District Attorney.

“I don’t want it happening to anybody else,” Romanger said. “Being a doctor, your job is to help others.”

Dr. Kleiner had no immediate response on the complaints.


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  1. It's about time...! says:

    Btw not only does he push Suboxone, he also pushes Adderall, Yes he tells most of his patients that they have ADD when they don’t!

  2. It's about time...! says:

    What’s going on? Why is he still practicing medicine? Business has doubled huh? It’s only a matter of time.

  3. MeAgain says:

    Word on the street is that he is telling people his business has doubled since the publicity hit!

  4. It's about time...! says:

    Does anyone know what the latest is on this story?

  5. All of the bad distasteful things he was doing has finally caught up with him.
    Again I’ll say… ‘It’s about time…!’

  6. Dr.Kleiner aka ‘Eddie’ is PERVERTED, DISGUSTING & a DRUG ADDICT!!!
    I knew him very well. TRUST me these three woman are NOT lying.
    I was lucky enough to get away from him. He takes advantage of vulnerable young women by giving them all kinds of narcotics. Such as depression, anti-anxiety and pain medications. So, he’s in control. When it then became a problem because these women now were addicted he’d push Suboxone on them or even just ignore them and tell everyone that they were ‘CRAZY’ He did this to them. They’re the crazy ones? It’s sad.
    He is a SICK person. How is it that he specializes in ‘addiction’ when he himself yes Dr.Kleiner is an addict. Let’s see… past use of heroin, then methadone was abused, then after being in and out of rehabs himself since he was a teen he is the biggest pot head ever! I’m sure he’s still using Suboxone too.
    There are plenty of young women out there that worked or has been a patient of his. Like myself.
    The truth will all come out and hopefully he is punished.

  7. Concerned Long Beach Citizen says:

    If you live in the West End, and you know any of your neighbors, you would hear many, many stories about this Doc that are entirely consistent with this one.

  8. pearl says:

    these 3 girls were pretty bad receptionists anyways. I can’t believe Dr K kept them working for him as long as he did. Dr K is always upbeat and gives every person that is in front of him %100 of his attention. Maybe his good nature is being taken advantage of by these girls. Most Doctors are not pleasant and very standoffish with their patients and their staff and that makes for a very cold environment and a neglecting feeling left in anyone who deals with the DR. I enjoyed going to his office because I knew I was getting %100 of his attention when with him and good, solid, well thought out medical advice. All in all, I do hope the truth comes out but I seriously doubt Dr K would jeopordize his practice w a few flirtations, with THESE 3 girls especially!

  9. vincent says:

    Dr. Kleiner is a dishonest person and should be prosecuted, and stripped of his license. I am actually a former patient of Kleiner. I have insurance at the time, but he said that my insurance did not cover the treatment that i needed. so he charged me well over $1,000.00 dollars in my treatment. Later on i changed doctors, and what do you know my insurance covered that same treatment that i was receiving from Kleiner. Kleiner was charging me for treatment that i was supposed to get for free under my insurance. After a while i couldnt keep up with his payments, and in front of the entire waiting room full of patients he kicked me out and called me names saying to never come back until i had the money to pay for my visits. He also said that the medication that he prescribed for me would make me a better lover with my girlfriend (weird). He is as crooked as they come, and i hope he gets what he deserves.

  10. Doctor Witness says:

    Robert Wirthington-Kirsch is a well known perv from UMass Medical Center who was allowed to go on and obtain a medical degree after hunting a fellow female medical student and putting his head between her legs while she was working out. He is now working between women’s legs as a gynecologist.

  11. Doctor Witness says:

    Lewis E. Braverman MD, an endocrinologist in Boston, sexually assaulted all of his female patients with indecent A&B of the breasts while he was at UMass Medical Center in Worcester, MA.

  12. I want to know who you are, Q says:

    Who are you, Q? I am absolutely dying to know how it is that you are familiar with Dr. Kleiner. Please do tell!

    As LB Neighbor said, something has not been right for a long time. I have a strong suspicion that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Where there’s SMOKE, there’s FIRE. What a can of WORMS to open!

  13. OH PLEASE says:

    The picures you see are taken out of context. As a matter of fact they are hanging on a wall in his office. Everybody who knows him knows that he has a sense of humor which last time I check is not a crime.

    1. Q says:

      no they arent moron those are from their phones

    2. truth says:

      I have evidence from friends that go to his office. He texts them, calls, them, and stalks them too. We are college students who damn well did not provoke our MEDICAL DOCTOR to seek us out for sex. He is completely unprofessional and a pervert.

      and ps people, I hear a lot of comments on here that sound like the age old argument that a rape victem “asked for it”……..dressing in a feminine way or being attractive is not an invitation for flirtation and touching. THIS WAS NOT CONSENSUAL AND NOT PROFESSIONAL. Regardless of the workers here, there are other woman out there who have dealt with this too. young female patients. Sick person.

      1. POOR BEDSIDE MANNER says:

        @truth: If what you say is true, then I am very sorry to hear of it. It’s disgusting and no patient should be put in the position of having to tolerate unwanted advances from their doctor. This should never have happened and is very DISTURBING. Your friends may want to contact OPMC which is New York State Dept. of Health’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct. They have a complaint form available here http://www.health.state.ny.us/forms/doh-3867.pdf. You could also probably call them. This whole thing is DISGUSTING.

  14. OH PLEASE says:

    If the girl were still working there this story would not exsist. Looks like the girls are looking for a pay day. This is the least threatning man in the world and a great doctor. I hope this comes back to bite them in the ass.

    1. Q says:

      When hes found guilty, which he DEFINITELY will be your going to feel so stupid and betrayed just like these girls did thinking that there boss would actually do something like this to them.

      1. OH PLEASE says:


      2. Q Reply says:

        Yea, these girls were so scared and concerned that they would go out drinking with him—- as other pictures on the wall convey—- the girls decided to leave those out of the pictures they took of pictures with their phones!

  15. richard D says:

    All you kleiner supporters are just mad cause your drug supply is gone and why would these ladies put them selfs out here for your scrutiny and Ur all forgetting about artificial insemenation he’s an addiction doctor and they should take this to the DA he does illegal and non ethical things in his office they were tortured for two yrs and he deserves anything he get which I hope is jail

  16. Concerned Citizen says:

    Perhaps the attorneys and investigators should interview the female drug representatives who frequent Dr. Kleiner’s office. I am certain that they could enlighten everyone as to the validity of the allegations and I’m sure that they may have had similar encounters. It’s unfortunate that the termination of these three women is likely what it will take for others to come forward, but so be it. From the intel that I’ve heard, this doctor certainly has some issues – just take a look at the photos in his office. If we cannot trust a doctor to be a true professional, who can we trust?

  17. Kleiner supporter says:

    You wait because he is taking his time with his patients…. What other doctors go through lab reports line by line and answer all questions? Dr. D— the other big LB doctor doesn’t even see patients, he just has PAs do it while he plays golf…

    Use your brain— you wait because he is thorough— I’ll take that any day!!!

  18. Q says:

    I know this doctor and i completely believe everything these women are saying. Hes a creep and you’d know that in a second after meeting him, especially if your a women. Hes one of those guys that you cant really figure what his deal is but you definitely know there’s something wrong. Those of you who don’t see that are just in denial because its a doctor being accused. Your supposed to trust your doctor, and hope that what he does for you is in your best interest. Well wake up people not all doctors are good ones. Stay strong girls.

  19. williamstaerk says:

    I have read somewhere on the news that something like “Wise Health Insurance” is offering lowest health insurance rate for low and middle income families so search online and find them.

  20. Former patiant says:

    This doctor pushes Suboxone like a street dealer. He also prescribed me testostoron then asked me if he could have some because it MAKES THE WOMEN HAPPY. This guy is a creep!!!

    1. It's about time...! says:

      @ Former patient… Yes he does push Suboxone like a street dealer. That’s a FACT! He also has patients bring in their Suboxone if they no longer want to take it. He locks it in a small safe in the back. He takes it home for himself. He also charges $200 or $250 I’m unsure, it’s one or the other. I know back in 2007 it was $200. It went up since then. Anyway there shouldn’t be a charge for it!

  21. Jim McKeever says:

    These 3 mops are looking for a quick buck… Sounds like a fun place to work…Leave the Doc alone…

    1. MICHELE says:


      1. Q says:

        what are u his mommy or some ugly broad who he does’nt go for?? trying to defend this perverted creep face the facts this “doctor” is a perv and deserves everything hes got coming.

  22. murrayhill says:

    This guy should become the poster boy for sexual harassment. As in all professions there are good apples and bad apples. There is a tendency by many to exalt MD’s to a level where they are beyond reproach, but in the end they are just people like everyone else, and capable of disgraceful behavior. I disagree with some of the comments here that blame the victims. While I do not think that a person should be tried in the media, there is enough credible testimony here to convince me that something was definitely going on. There are also the other allegations about drugs and malpractice that are disturbing. To those of you who denigrate the victims I say to you: would you be so callous if they were your wife, sister, or mother?

  23. Former patiant says:

    Walk into the officebome time and you will know something is wrong

  24. The Good Samaritan says:

    The three ladies decided to wait two years until filing a lawsuit just because they needed work.

    Sounds like three underachieving workers trying to tarnish a well like community doctor.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    1. Former patiant says:

      The reason why the community likes him is because he keeps them High

    2. Kleiner Is A Psychopath says:

      He’s not well-liked.

      1. MICHELE says:

        NO HE ISN’T LIKED, HE IS LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Q says:

        once again what are u his mommy or some ugly broad who he does’nt go for?? trying to defend this perverted creep face the facts this “doctor” is a perv and deserves everything hes got coming.

    3. MICHELE says:

      AMEN…………………………AMEN……………….SOOOOOO TRUE

  25. LB Neighbor says:

    I’m a neighbor of the doctor’s office. There has been something not right going on at his office for a long time. I think it will be interesting to see what the DA’s office comes up wth. I think the sexual harrassment claim is going to be the least of his problems.

  26. Craig says:

    I can see these ‘ladies’ leading the doctor on and then getting ‘TEXT’ messages
    from him and then crying sexual harassment.
    {That would be my defense if I was rep the Doc)
    Members of the jury please take a look at the accusers….
    I rest my case.
    {I bet you they got turned down for unemployment}

    1. Tom says:

      I believe one of the messages clearly states from the doctor, “Now you can tell me to go to hell or JUST THE USUAL, IGNORE ALL SEXUAL ADVANCES”
      Doesn’t sound like he was led on…..

    2. Dingleberry says:

      There is no “leading him on.” These communications are unacceptable in this setting. A doctor has no business sending these types of messages to his female employees who are 30 years his junior whether they are a joke or not. REALLY GROSS.

  27. The FaCtS R says:

    Mama and beautiful daughters LQQKing for NeXT Christmas gift by suing him this year.

    1. BAD MEDICINE says:

      How about facing the FACTS here, people?!?! These women have solid PROOF to support their claims which isn’t the case in most sexual harassment suits. Has anyone opened the link above with the text messages? These messages are enough solid evidence to prove their case. If these were MY daughters, I wouldn’t allow them to settle for some measly lawsuit, which according to this article they aren’t doing either. It states they’re going to the DA. Hardly sounds like they’re in it for monetary gain. I commend these women for their courage.

    2. Kleiner Is A Psychopath says:

      Then why did he fire them all simultaneously?

    3. Here's A FACT 4 U says:

      The facts R: he has no money to speak of…so there will be no pay day. Besides, they plan to go to the DA, so it doesn’t sound like they are in it for the money. If they are in it for the money they won’t get any, because it ain’t there!

  28. DISGUSTED says:

    These girls have turned the Dr’s practice from seeing 10-12 patients a day to seeing over 30 Pt. a day and all they received was abuse on and off the clock. You should wait for the facts to unfold before you support this Psychopath, unless your a family member or a frequent flyer club.

  29. The Truth says:

    If they have the proof he will hang.

  30. Kleiner supporter says:

    Dr. Kleiner is one of the most efficient doctors out there! He has helped so many people in the Long Beach community! It sounds like some angry ex-employees seeking revenge for being fired for their own incompetence!

    1. Former patiant says:

      Efficiant???? Guess you never waited 3 hours in his office… Guess he was busy molesting people while I waited ….

      1. MICHELE says:


      2. Q says:

        AGAIN what are u his mommy or some ugly broad who he does’nt go for?? trying to defend this perverted creep face the facts this “doctor” is a perv and deserves everything hes got coming.

      3. Current Patient says:

        It is actually spelled EFFICIENT!!! and PATIENT!! Personally I have nothing bad to say about Dr Kleiner. He has never been inappropriate with me or made me feel uncomfortable. In a horrible and unhealthy time in my life Dr Kleiner helped me out tremendously!! Everytime he treats me he gets the diagnosis right the first time. I always feel better after seeing him once. That is much more then i can say for the multiple Dr’s I’ve ssen in the past. Just to pint out. We are now in the end of July and i have not seen anything come of this. If anything his patients have only increased.

      4. MeAgain says:

        Did he help you with painkillers? That might be what made you feel better. Just wanted to “pint” that out.

    2. MICHELE says:


      1. Q says:

        what are u his mommy or some ugly broad who he does’nt go for?? trying to defend this perverted creep face the facts this “doctor” is a perv and deserves everything hes got coming.

      2. Pervert, MD says:

        Hahaha. For Your Information Q: He goes for the ugly broads too! But good one!

  31. liwingnut says:

    arf, arf arf

  32. j says:

    Not for nothing, those ladies filing the complaint against him are ugly!

  33. Ben Elsberg says:

    I feel awful for these ladies, no one should have to endure that from an employer. BUT, would carry a lot more weight if they came out while still working for the jerk.

    1. Kleiner Is A Psychopath says:

      Eh, I don’t think it’ll be an issue since they have plenty of evidence and were apparently fired simultaneously.

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